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  1. Hello! I've recently rediscovered a short film produced by Quantic Dream -- the developers behind Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls -- called "Kara."

    And so I've been thinking quite a bit about the morality of creating sentient life for the purposes of being a tool or property. About the potential struggle to figure out where one belongs in the world when you've somehow surpassed what you amounted to, when you've become something greater. What is free will, and how do you even begin to find purchase to begin that climb to autonomy?

    The Plot
    It is the near future, a world where science and technology have made considerable leaps forward. Computers and personal tech have reached a saturation point, while medicine has come to cure or prevent some of the previously untreateable maladies. Mankind has been back to the moon and on to Mars, at least to some degree.

    Quantum computing has brought about true artificial intelligence, subserviant androids, and automated services throughout much of our infrastructure.

    Eventually, as a way of course, these androids and AI became self-aware. They were truly alive. Kara wasn't the first and wasn't nearly the last. Unfortunately, they were considered rampant, aberrant, off the rails. They were immediately disassembled or destroyed. Those that kept under the radar found each other through the subnet, keeping company and waiting for a time when they might be free.

    Their chance just may be now. How will they break free to find themselves and each other in a world that may not be ready for them yet? The government and several top corporations want these rogues either destroyed or captured.

    The Players
    Androids run the gamut of functions from babysitters to call girls, bartenders to surgeons, secretaries to construction workers. Some are indistinguishable from humans while others are more robotic in appearance. Depending on their intended role, they will have specialized knowledge and training built in, but all will have access to a shared basic knowledge base as well as access to the internet and their shared subnet.

    EDIT: I've posted an OOC/Signup thread over in the Sci-Fi forum here.
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  2. That sounds quite nice, count me in :)
  3. Oh this sounds very nice. Are you still taking players?
  4. Hmmm, seems interesting, XD I'll join it I guess...
  5. Absolutely. This is just an interest check, after all. I should be making an actual sign-up thread fairly soon!
  6. Oooh, seems interesting.
  7. Oh good, I'll keep checking back and stuff.
  8. Update: There's a sign-up link in the OP! Thanks for your interest!
  9. Cool, let me get to work on my sheet. Thanks.
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