Where all the gardians are

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  1. The young woman ran through the long blades of grass, carrying a weapon through her dress, a needle a little longer than her arm. Meet Ayla Marline. Shes a little person. Little people are the size of your pinky, they live in the forest and create things to survive, they have no wings until they can earn them. Faries are the gaurdians of the forest. They have 1 of 4 elemental abilities.

    Water - They can control water
    Wind - They can control wind
    Garden - They help trees and flowers bloom
    Light - Can redirect light and hold light in their hands
    Animal - Talk to animals

    (Do not create your own element for your fairy)
    (Little people have no powers yet)
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  2. Vanessa was sitting on the tippy top of a huge daisy that had bloomed. Vaness loved the garden elementals and watching flowers bloom was her favorite thing to do. She was quite the bubbly girl and watched the other little people go about their jobs. Vanessa stroked the stark white petal and felt the silky smoothness between her fingers. God how she envied the fairies, how their wings twinkled in the sun and how they could feel the wind carry them to new heights. Vanessa stood up and closed her eyes, sticking her arms out and pretending she was flying though the air. "W-wo-Woah!" She screamed as she fell off the petal and crashed onto the ground. "Ugh.." She sighed and blew her Blonde hair out of her face.
  3. Alya kept running, something big was chasing after her. It was a cat, and he was hungry. The young girl didn't know it but beyond the backyard she lived in and across the river, there were little people like her too.
    Faries and Little People were becoming extinct. They would get caught for experiments by humans or squished. Sometimes they would even get eaten by cats. However, the humans that would not harm these creatures rarely get to see them because the creatures hid from all humans for survival.
    Alya saw a small bush and hid in it. The cat started freaking out, clawing at the bush and trying to find her.
    "Mr. Fluffykins!" someone called out.
    Ayla peeked from the trees, it was a human! A woman! Ayla curled herself in a leaf and stayed very still.
    The woman picked up the angry cat, and scolded him. The young person was terrified, trying not to shake in the leaf. The woman walked away with the cat and Ayla jumped from the leaf onto the ground. With a sigh of relief she looked up and saw a flash of twinkling in the sky, along with a huge breeze of wind behind them. It was a wind fairy. Ayla looked at the fairy in awe and amazement as if flashed away. She had never seen a fairy before, or anyone else like her for that matter.
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