Where All The Angels Go [Closed]

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  1. Where All The Angels Go
    Roleplay about zombies, teenagers, people and stuff like fights.
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    Six years ago, humanity met a new foe that exceeded the boundaries of it's modern socio-economic stressors. Some people called it a parasite. Other dubbed it as a virus. But whatever it was, it was spreading... and fast.

    On April 12, the grand anniversary of the newfound threat, very little of humanity was left unscathed. Worse than any atomic bomb or bullet, the disease spread from it's humble roots of simply high fevers at a record speed. It pushed bodies to murder their own brains. It took control and morphed cells rancorously out of shape. It killed the living...

    But stayed to haunt the survivors.


    So if hell is now on Earth, then what shall humanity do?
    They'll go.
    They'll go to where all the angels go

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    Some stray things to take note of...

    The virus - Originally identified as "Sylvetica", the virus was first noticed five years ago in third world countries as a strain of mutated nonlethal cranial bacteria. However, roughly a month after it's discovery, the humanity took a turn for the worse. In combination with it's rampant spread, the disease took on a new nature.

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    The mechanics of this roleplay (mainly for Seihou) will be laid out here. The roleplay has a heavy focus on plot, however, there will be dice-formatted combat that occurs in relation to the plot.

    Both of our characters will start with a base stats of 37 points between HP and SP, and 18 points between ATK, DEF, and SPD. These points can be distributed as needed at the beginning of the roleplay and will be built on later as the characters fight and the story progresses.

    Stat guide:
    • HP/Hit points - How much life you have in a numerical value. This number fluctuates as you take damage and heal. When you hit zero, your character will either be fatally injured, fainted, or dead depending on how much of a difference there is between the attack and how far below zero your hitpoints reach.
    • SP/Stamina points - Your stamina in a numerical value. You expend a certain amount of stamina every time you use an attack.
    • ATK/Attack - An offensive proportion. All of you attacks will be multiplied by this number. The higher the number, the harder the hit.
    • DEF/Defense - Your character's defensive capability. For simplicity's sake, in this roleplay, we're just going to subtract the enemies' attack by this number. If the power of the attack of your enemy is lower than your defense, it does no damage.
    • SPD/Speed - How fast your character can attack. Once again, for simplicity, it only has two functions. 1) To determine the order of who attacks first and 2) A condition where if your character's speed is at least double the speed of the opponent, then your character can attack twice come their turn.
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  5. Name: Jabril Valentine
    Age: 17
    Appearance: [Will add later]
    Personality: Somewhat gullible, despite himself, Jabril can be prone to be absentminded and uncouth at judging people. However, he is kind at heart and calm in nature. In stressful situations, he he can display a higher level of functionality and aptitude.

    1. Monday revolver
    2. Lily knife
    3. Water
    4. Herbs
    5. Monday revolver
    6. Lily knife

    Base stats:
    - HP: 24
    - SP: 13

    - ATK: 7
    - DEF: 6
    - SPD: 6
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  6. Name: Rael Wright
    Age: 17
    Appearance: (I'll put it on here eventually)
    Personality: She seems very mean and cold. Harsh towards others and has high expectations for herself, that doesn't mean that she's all ice and rocks. Her mean attitude hides a soft spot for friends, especially for her partner in crime Jabril. She would stop at nothing to protect her friend, and stop zombies while she's at it.

    1.Hand Grenades
    2.Stink Bombs

    Base stats:
    - HP:27
    - SP:10

    - ATK:8
    - DEF:4
    - SPD:6

    I'll finish this soon, 'cause I'm super tired T^T
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