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When you're so tired that...

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Levusti, Nov 1, 2014.

  1. So I just worked a graveyard shift after working all day the day before. Needless to say I am tired.

    But the weirdest thing happened to me.


    I think I physically feel a third leg growing from like my right thigh.

    Yeah, I think i need some sleep.

    Besides the general going-loopy stages everyone gets to during the phases of sleep deprivation, what weird things happen to you when you're suuuuper tired?
  2. No but I've been so tired that I felt like I was already asleep. I had stayed up with my cousin all night and by the time morning came we had to keep talking just to stay awake. I felt better after I had a big meal a little while later. XD Also I sometimes couldn't hear what I was saying. It was like my ears were filled with water or something.
  3. If I don't get enough sleep, my skin feels like it's got something crawling on/in it. I say "on/in" because sometimes it's one, sometimes it's the other and sometimes it's both. It only really applies to parts of my body that aren't clothed, though, as if my body is making up a sensation for my skin to feel because it can't feel any material against it.
  4. Yes

    The third leg is my penis

    It is not useful for walking however

    So when I am that tired I usually just fall down

    Because my third leg fails as a tripod
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  5. I've sometimes been so tired, I stop being tired. It's like my brain says "okay, you passed your deadline for going to sleep. Now you're awake again." I feel like crap during it, my eyes are heavy, but I don't feel the need to actually go to bed.
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  6. I know the exact feeling. My family has labeled this phenomenon as being "Over Tired", and we all go through it.

    Because WHO NEEDS SLEEP?!

    Other than that, sometimes, if I don't keep moving while I'm over tired, I can start to feel my body go numb. Starts in my fingers and works its way up my arms, legs, and if I leave it long enough it gets to about my neck. And then I freak out because it feels like I'm starting to lose those limbs that went numb D8
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    But for real. Apparently sleep deprivation leaves you more prone to cancer or something.... my friend is writing his BARP (big ass research paper) about it.
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  8. A semester in these dorms is going to kill me then.
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  9. I hate when at first I'm quite active and then suddenly I feel bored and tired, like some mood swings. I can sleep for hours but it makes things even worse (with actual headaches). And sometimes I don't want to rest until late night to discover that I didn't sleep enough (usually in the mornings).
  10. I've been so tired I felt like I was walking in the ground. I know that makes no sense at all, but that's the best way that I can describe it. I've also been so tired that I felt drunk. But a third leg, can't say that's ever happened. o.O
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  11. Completely losing all sense of time and having a difficult time figuring out what's real and what isn't real. It's like being drunk and high at the same time but not nearly as fun as it sounds.