When You're Injured

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  1. and need to find something to do other than your hobby.

    my wrist tendinitis flared up and to avoid using it I'm using one hand, but it's annoying when I can't do what I really want. Because it hurts too damn much.
  2. Go on a furious jerking spree.
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  3. Are you just venting or is this more of a "What do YOU do instead of your usual hobbies when you're injured?? Post your answers in the comments section below~!!" type thread because I can't tell.
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  4. Read! I always read when I'm sick or too hurt to do anything else. Makes time go by faster, and if you get a crappy book, it'll put you to sleep so you don't have to deal with the pain without resorting to pain meds.
  5. actually it was more of a thread where people shared their stories of injury that barred them from regular hobbies
  6. I stupidly injured my right hand a while ago, it was too painful to really do anything with, typing hurt like crazy too. Mostly I watched movies that I had been planning on watching for a while but never actually did. Aside from that, I read a whole lot too.
  7. I been playing more video games than not and just trying to RP one handed
  8. You're much more industrious than I am :o Kudos to you!
  9. I had a hunting accident when I was younger when I thought wearing camo in a free-range area was a good idea and took a .22 to the shoulderblade. It was only a microfracture, but the location I was in (and my complete lack of knowledge for self-aid) meant that blood loss turned out to be a big issue.

    I spent two days in the hospital on a drip, and in that time I swear to God I did the most homework and writing I ever did in my life. I mean, holy shit, not being allowed outside makes me productive.
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  10. lol.....industrious.....
  11. Well when you compare it to me lounging in bed staring at a screen... yeah :P
  12. hahahah
  13. My tweaked knee ensured I could not pursue Handball. :I
  14. Really enjoyed martial arts. Dislocated both knee caps. That ended any hope of going anywhere serious with it. (Even something as simple as a work-out, if it's focused on the legs and involves bending my knee constantly, puts me in fits of pain after a solid 20 minutes. Cold snaps can fuck my day too.) Kind of surprised I can still walk to be honest. :ferret:
  15. One time I died so I couldn't do anything at all.
  16. I was in a motorcycle accident that fucked up one of my knees. I'm kind of in the same position from time to time, especially with the cold.
  17. The better question with me is what doesn't hurt?. One day it's one thing, another it's a different part. I've just learned to deal with the pain. The only thing that really gets to me are my knees. I had to drop all sports I was in, so I mostly do less active activities. I'll do sports here and there, or be a little more active some days, but I usually pay for it later. *shrugs* it's life.
  18. I amputated my thumb off a few months ago in a workplace accident. They managed to re-attatch it, but I've lost any feeling beyond the line of the scar, my thumb can only be wiggled back and fourth, and me pointer finger can't curl up completely.

    Video-gaming on a counsel is no longer possible for me, not that I'll miss it. However, I can no longer write, one of my real passions.

    And private activities are a little harder now, considering that the left hand needs to do all the work.
  19. Broke my arm end of 2nd grade into summer.

    That was the year I began slipping out of energetic and skinny kid into relatively lethargic and slow teenager.

    Other than that almost no injuries besides scrapes, bruises, and probably other boo-boos I've acquired and long forgotten.
  20. I've got Cerebral Palsy and it primary affects my legs. I'm pretty mobile all things considered, but I fall a lot. Like to the point where I learned to fall properly by the time I was five just because I'd done it so often. I have a scissor gait and my knees are permanently fucked up. They pop out of place all the time. It's gotten to the point where it doesn't even phase me anymore, and I'm pretty sure my right knee cap is permanently a few inches from where it should be. My hips are also another thing that are messed up. Cold, and winters especially, are the goddamn worst. Ignoring the fact that snow and ice make going outside incredibly difficult when you use mobility aids, the cold screws with my joints like nothing else. I'm pretty much stuck inside from November until mid/late April.
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