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  1. We all have those times at work or at school when there's nothing to do. Sometimes during these times, even browsing the net won't abate your boredom.

    So, what do you do? Read? Write? Chat? Make origami out of random bits of paper?

    I actually tend to do all that. ^_^ As well as doodling and spamming family/friends with my 'art'.
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  2. Mmm. "Nothing" to do? Whenever I get some downtime at school or work, I'm pretty much always going to have some other work I can be doing... be that schoolwork or just roleplay-related stuff. In fact, assuming I'm in an awake and focused state, I'll actually get somewhat annoyed/anxious if I have downtime and no work I can be doing, so I pretty much always have that sort of thing in mind whenever I'm packing up my backpack or whatever. If I somehow don't have anything to work on, or I'm in a situation where it wouldn't be easy to do (like, standing in a long line), then I'll probably whip out my phone and check my email, maybe poke around Iwaku a bit, or check Pokemon Go -- although I pretty much always have that on throughout most of the day, unless I'm going to be sitting in one place for a while and/or I'm really trying to focus on something.

    Meanwhile, if my "boredom" comes more from the fact that I'm spacing out and therefore getting work done in my downtime feels kind of pointless because I would keep getting distracted and zoning out again just in the steps it takes to get everything out of my backback and start working on it? Well then I don't really need to find anything to do, because, whether I like it or not, my mind will drift off and I'll spend the next half-hour thinking about that Sonic cameo in Wreck-It Ralph and wondering whether or not that was supposed to be a reference to those awkward PSA's that the Sonic cartoon did way-back-when or if I'm just overthinking it and perhaps giving them too much credit. ...Although, if I'm waiting around bored for an exceptionally long stretch of time, then I'll also probably start poking around at my phone or something. Just depends on what kind of mood I am and what level of spacey I'm at, I guess.
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  3. In all seriousness though?
    When I'm stuck at home I'll spend it either shit posting hear, chatting on Discord, dumping hours into a game that I'll only restart later, marathoning some show/anime, or spend hours on YouTube.

    When outside of the house though?
    Well, either I'm killing time at college clubs or I'm already meeting friends so there's plans to stop me from getting bored.
    Or if we rewind a bit to when I was still in college? I often made D&D characters in class, my ECE years taught me more on D&D Min-maxing than it did on Education.
    Then again ECE is a shit program to begin with.
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  4. I have a terrible habit of just clicking all the links on my bookmarks bar in rotation, hoping something interesting will happen. It never does. Eventually I remember I can, like, do other things, so I'll turn on some music and pull out a colouring book and zen out, or actually draw something myself for once.

    At work, I don't have that freedom, so there's a lot of 'write random sentences as neatly as possible' (or other challenges) and 'doodle stupid things' until something interesting happens.
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  5. I really can't remember what it's like to be bored... for an extended period of time anyway. In those short moments I have nowadays I make plans for the weekend in my mind, look at Facebook to see what's up with others, or take a nap.
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  6. I wish I had more time to be bored. When I do have that chance, though, I pull up Logic Pro X and make stuff ...
  7. I usually browse iwaku and click around to random threads, or I go on youtube and watch top 10 videos or other stupid videos I can't stand and don't really want to watch. It's a maddening experience and I really should learn to occupy myself without simultaneously aggravating myself.
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  8. Vegetative state? Vegetative state. That's what I do.
  9. I usually don't really get bored, there's almost always something the catches my interest. If I do hit the state where literally everything isn't doing it, I'll take a nap, put in a movie, or go walk the dog. Even going for a quick walk is usually plenty to shake the cobwebs, as it were.
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  10. Self destruct.

    On a more serious note, I don't get bored because I've always got something to do. But if I do ever get bored, I'll go on a run, play a game, or boot up netflix. Read, maybe. In extreme cases, where I just want to pass the time, I'll nap. Naps are always good.
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  11. Ya know, I think I may just start doing the nap thing.
  12. I make googly eyed abominations.

    Read bad fanfiction.

    Pull pranks on my neighbors.

    Super shout Lydia off High Harothgard.

    Pester Iwaku with idiotic threads.

    Scar children for life as I make horrific puns about dead characters on their favourite shows.
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  13. I sleep or surf the internet when I'm bored. yay I reached 500 posts
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  14. When I get bored at work I have my choice of options:
    1. Do my actual job! Surprisingly I generally have several projects waiting for my time
    2. Read fanfics online
    3. Talk to people in IMs or chat
    4. Skim the forums I'm in for posts where I can make pithy replies
    5. Read Cracked.com
    6. Read some subreddits
    7. Read the old Gawker subsidiaries and wonder when they'll post good articles again
    8. Work on personal projects
    9. Go bother co-workers
    10. Go to lunch
    11. Go home (And do any of the above that don't involve coworkers).

    The first choice is the least common.
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  15. Say that I'm bored before I take a nap or watch a season of some show or write.
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