When You Can Kill Hitler

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  1. [I'll admit I'm new, but here is a few rules that I've set up for this particular roleplay-
    -Adult content should be stuck to personal messages (or does this site not have IM?)
    -You can jump in at any time, but your first posting should include a character description or link to character picture
    -Please! Make friends and change history!
    -Be active! Nobody likes a sleeper :(
    Have fun! Just jump in! New time travelers can literally 'pop' into existence to any group or activity of people.

    Charlotte Pond tucked her car keys into her pocket and slipped into a cellar. She waved at people chatting. She suddenly felt something change, and information shifted in her mind.
    "Alright, who let one of the Titanic survivors drown?" I called. A young boy instantly appeared out of nowhere, and guiltily raised his hand. She sighed and sat down, placing her attention on anyone else. Charlotte heard the boy yell an apology and go to fix it. When her mind clicked, she was relieved. But she still waited for someone to actually provide social interaction to her.

    [Charlotte; http://www.sevenstylish.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/suzy-miss-a-2012.jpg]
  2. Nikki smirked as Allen once again had to go fix something She spun her chair and jumped up to her black sneaker clad feet and walked up to Charlotte. Casually sitting against the edge of other girl's desk, she raised her eyebrow.
    "So," She asked." How are you?" She jammed her thumbs into the pockets of her jeans. "When do you think Allen will get the hang of things?" She gestured to the reappearing boy with a nod of her head. She shifted a little bit, restless already from sitting still.

    [Nikki Nyte: Six foot tall, has a nifty six inch scar on her right arm, but otherwise: http://molinadesign.com/wp-content/...012-for-women-2012-fashion-trends-393x525.jpg ]