When Worlds Collide

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  1. It was Raku Tatchibana's first day on the second world, Earth, and well...he honestly didn't want to be there at all. He wasn't a big fan of the city he lived in either, Tokyo was a loud and bustling place even though he lived well on the outskirts in his family's mansion. "Master Raku, wake up you bloody youn'in." Grumbled a voice and the young devil heir felt something slap the side of his cheek and he groaned in return. "Rosa...go away. Don't...wanna go...." He mumbled then dozed off again until he felt himself be lifted up and placed on his feet. When the young devil slowly opened his eyes, he was met by the fierce gaze of his mother like maid; Rosa. "Now you see here, it's your first day here and of school so get changed and head down stairs to get something to eat." The old woman stated in a deadly tone before walking out.

    Usually Raku never listened to anyone but himself; Rosa on the other hand he was scared of and quickly obeyed. With a sigh and groan he changed into his new school's uniform then fiddled with some infernal thing called a 'tie'. The blasted thing seemed more like a torture tool then a piece of clothing; humans were an odd bunch. He pondered the thought of allowing his wings to show but thought it would be better to keep them hidden so they wouldn't cause unnecessary attention. While rolling his shoulder blades he made his way of the bedroom and down the stairs towards his dining hall. Laying at his usual seat was his favorite breakfast but he didn't have much of an appetite so only half of the meal was consumed. "Well, I'll see you all after school." The devil grumbled as he grabbed his new school bag then walked over to his limo while his staff waved at him with smiling faces as the car drove away.

    It only took around thirty minutes to arrive at Hibiya High School and once the car stopped he already saw people staring his way. He resisted the urge to glare at them and instead moved some hair away from his face before closing the car door and made his way toward the entrance without looking at anyone. Right now he really didn't want to converse with anyone or be asked a tone of questions. The headmaster presented him with his class schedule when he arrived at the office then directed him to the location of his new homeroom. Walking in the room, it wasn't much to look at; just some desks, windows and a white board. Seeing how he didn't know where to sit he just picked a random desk that didn't have anyone already there as he heard students whispering and glancing at him. Whenever his teacher arrived he'd probably have to introduce himself and would be assigned a new seat but for now he simply folded his arms and looked at the board with an expressionless face that could intimidate most people.
  2. By the first ray of sunshine, Mai was already up and was doing some early morning cleaning. Her home was tiny, smaller then most homes, and it did have some damages here and there, but she made do the best that she could. It wasn't easy living on your own, especially when you had no other choice to do so. Making herself a light breakfast hard boiled eggs she made last night, toast, and a glass of milk she settled down to eat. She glanced to the outside, a small smile on her face as she welcomed the noise from her deaf defying house. Once her meal was over, she hummed to herself and went to get dressed. "What should I wear today?" she asked to herself. "Just kidding school uniform it is!" she said as she started to slip it on.

    Looking at the clock hanging on the wall, she cringed a little. "If I don't worry now, I am going to be late." she whispered to herself. Doing a quick brush of her hair, grabbed her backpack, and ran out of her bedroom. Sliding on the wooden floor in black socks, and stopping at a small wooden table in the door way. Upon it, it had a picture with a small bowl of fruit beside it. Clapping her hands together, she gave it a bow. "Goodbye, I will see you when I get home. Please watch over to me to day. I love you guys." she said, before slipping her shoes on and running out of the house.

    It was a good run to the school from her house, though she was use to it, seeing as she has done it almost every day. Once she reached the gates and walked in, she could tell something had changed. The students seemed to be gossiping more then before with one another. Confused she shook it off before walking to the school and into her class room. Walking in, she didn't seem to notice someone was in her seat until she started to put her backpack on the desk. Stopping, she slowly looked the boy in front of her.

    Giving a kind smile she nodded her head to him. "You must be new here, I am sorry to say this. But this is my seat, would you kindly move. Please?" she asked. Her voice was kind and caring, but it wouldn't last too long if he decided to push her.
  3. While he sat there just waiting for the bell to ring and for the dreadful class to begin he noticed that the whispering seemed to be growing louder and slowly making its way toward him. Should he release some of his magic and maybe shoot a fireball at someone or possibly send them to the moon? No, that wouldn't be a wise way to make a first impression; though he would enjoy doing it. So Raku did the next best thing, he simply shut out all the noises around him then closed his eyes while his fiery red hair cascaded around him. He much would have rather liked to use his wings to block him from their view but sadly they would bump into the desks and could also very well rip holes into his new clothes. As much as he didn't like this place he didn't feel like being destructive yet.

    Finally a few students steeled their nerves and walked over to the devil that was lounging around and blatantly ignoring them. The girl of the group cleared her throat but Raku didn't even bother to twitch, until a blonde stepped up and thumped a hand against his own chest. "Hey, I'm Jiro. This is Miko, and the girl is Sari. What's your name?" Jiro stated with a friendly grin while Raku opened an eye to glance at them and see if they were worth his time. They didn't see like bad people so the devil opened his other yawn and yawned while moving some hair behind his ear. "Raku Tatchibana." The red head stated and rolled his shoulder. Jiro, Miko, and Sari started talking while Raku added something in every once in awhile before they were called over by their other friends; probably interested in what they learned about the new kid. So he simply closed his eyes and dozed off.

    He was actually having a nice nap until his ears heard a pair of footsteps heading directly for his location which woke him and he opened his eyes. Clearly this girl was a klutz or a complete air head if she hadn't noticed a fairly big guy with long ,red, hair until her bag was close to the desk. Raku met the girl's eyes with an indifferent expression yet his eyes seemed very bored to be here. When she was finished talking her examined her as if searching for something for a few more moments before grabbing his bag with a small snort then stood up and walked away. There wasn't many other places for him to go to so he just walked over to a wall and leaned against it while holding an aura to keep people away.
  4. When he snorted at her, the smile strained on her face and her eye seemed to twitch. "How funny you sound like a little piggy." She told him, an annoyed under tone clearly heard in her voice. Mai was normally a very sweet girl, though there were times where he cooler be a little devil as well.

    She didn't seem to do to much and was soon taking her seat once again. Sighing softy she opened up her bag and started to pull out her notebook and pen.

    The school itself was made one of the top public school. That being said it was rather expensive to go to, and the entrance examie was just as hard. More then half of the students were very rich, very smart, or even both. Mai on the other hand didn't have much money at all, though she was a very smart girl. She got one of the highest scores on the entrance examine, and held straight A's in her classes. She seemed alone for the most part until one of her friends came rushing in to talk with her.
  5. Being notorious for the title of "Highschool's delinquent", students and teachers alike had avoided Luna like plague; No one wanted to be at a 5 radius metre from her, which had rendered her friendless. She didn't mind though, she knew that even so, she was not alone. She had her books, and the bond she had with them, it cannot be surpassed by this so called "love" between a girl and a boy. It was much deeper than that, the bond that was much more special than any gem in the world, it cannot be described in words, but it is one of the best feelings she had. She thanked them, honestly, those that avoided and despised her. Without them, she would never have found this connection with her books.

    It all started a year ago, when on that very unfortunate and gloomy day, the student's council had decided to conduct a random, out of the blue, checks. They had found a "porn" in her back, and they were as startled as her when they pulled it out. Whispers started to fill the hall then as she was reprimanded. She did not know how it got there, but she knew it was her brother's, judging from the pics of foot fetish. With no evidence to back her up, however, she endured her punishment of washing the toilet silently, not wanting to create more trouble by causing a ruckus. The situation escalated the next day when she found her locker door to be filled with writings, "Slut, SMD, BITCH!" And so many else, she kept quiet as every eyes turned to her, as though waiting for something to happen. She opened her locker door as she raised an eyebrow when a glob of white paint hit her. They all laughed and started to taunt her but she curled her fingers into fists and endured it silently, as she went to the toilet to clean the mess. Her locker was destroyed and she was issued a new one, the school didn't even bother to ask much, but gave her it when she had requested for it.

    The taunts had went for a few days untill one day, when a male student had came to her and feel her up in public. She socked the guy a good punch in the groin and he howled in pain while she stood there and chuckled darkly, chuckles that turned into a plain hysterical laughter. They all became scared of her then, and she would grin amd bared her teeth at them. They were all suddenly screaming and shouting and she waved those away, walking out from the cafeteria and went ahead to the library. That was when she found her books then. They were here haven, her escapade and she would have been insane if it was not because of them. They were her anchor to sanity, her saviour.

    Adding to the fact that she skipped class and slept during them, she became notorious with the title. The school couldn't do anything about it, for they were afraid of her father; he was one of the biggest contributors to the school. She was also the highest in her class and the "brightest". In all honesty, her classmate, Mai, was way smarter than she was. But because Mai had to fend for herself, she fell second place. Luna pitied her, but she did not approach Mai, nor made any attempt to befriend her. Her egocentric nature prevented her from that. She was the "talk to me and I'll talk to you" type of person.

    On that particular day, she was asleep when whispers erupted. She looked up to see what was the commotion about only to find a new guy. She groaned, not understanding the big deal on the situation. He was just a new guy, well, that was untill she heard Mai's voice. She rolled her eyes and focused her eyes on him, waving to him to get his attention, he pointed towards the empty seat beside her. "You're welcome to seat here, unless you are afraid to catch my 'disease'" she lifted her hands to quote the word, chuckling at her own joke before looking back at him with a raised eyebrow, as she awaits his answer.
    She didn't know why she did that, why she hat taken the first step, but it felt like something possessed her. She didn't know why but she pushed that question aside,sending him a small smile, suddenly feeling nervous. She gulped as beads of sweat started forming.
    She chided herself and cleared her mind before looking back at him. She believed in fate. Fate is never cruel. All the hardships it sent upon everyone was because it knew that person could handle it. And there is always a reason for everything. Thinking that, she calmed herself and send him a toothy smile. "What say you? Mr, whoever you are."

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  6. When Raku heard her comment he gave her a look like 'really? That's the best thing you had to say?' then he mumbled a few words in his native tongue before glancing out the window. And that's when he remembered one crucial thing, wasn't paying attention and forgot to grab his boxed lunch his loving staff had made for him. Great, he was really looking forward to eating it too; just when he thought all was lost he heard light yet quick footsteps enter his classroom. "Master Raku, you forgot your lunch at home you air head." Came a teasing voice of a young woman as she raced over to him with a smile. "C-Charl? What are you doing here?" He asked with a surprised look as he turned to face her. Charlotte puffed out her cheeks then held up a box wrapped in a cloth. "I brought your lunch you big dummy." She stated while she handed it to the young devil. Raku sighed then patted her head with his free hand and smiled; something he rarely did. "You didn't have to but thank you for bringing it. Now you should head back to the house before Rosa gets worried." Charlotte giggle happily as her master stroked her head before she nodded then placed a kiss on his cheek and walked out of his class room.

    Well, if he ever wanted to hide the fact that he was rich it was ruined now. With a subtle yawn, he actually glanced around the room and saw that most of his fellow students were now looking at him as the whispering grew louder. Just great now they had more to talk about and to possibly bug him with; at least Jiro, Miko, and Sari were just simply smiling looking at him with a smile. He guessed they could be considered the first friends he made here.

    Luckily for him their teacher walked into the room and slammed her books down. "Pipe down will ya? I have an announcement to make, we're supposed to be having a new student arriving but I can't find him." She stated while looking at each and every student before her gaze rested on Raku. "Oh there you are, why don't you come up here and introduce yourself before I give tell you where your seat is?" Raku let out an inaudible sigh but nodded and picked his school bag on his way up to the front. "I'm Raku Tatchibaba, age 17 and a devil as you can tell by the ears and the hair." The young man told the class while standing there. Their teacher nodded then pointed to an empty desk that was around where he was sitting before; more like right beside it. "You can sit by Mia, Mia could you please stand up so Raku here knows who you are?" She asked and when the girl stood Raku fought the urge to snort so instead he simply walked over to his new desk and placed his bag down once he was seated.
  7. "Mai did you hear about the new student that is joining your class, it's pretty exciting isn't it?" she asked her happily. "I heard he is really cute too." she told her with a giggle. "You mean Mr...Pig face Mcgee?" she huffed as she sat there. "Yeah I met him, he took my seat. And when I was nice enough to be nice to him. He snorted at me. Snorted Rin! The class of some people!" she half hissed loudly and glared at the new boy for a moment. Rin followed her gaze and looked over to Raku, and then back to her friend before starting to laugh. "It seems like you two will make good friends." she told her kindly.

    "I have to go now though." she said hugging her friend and giving her a sisterly kiss on the check. "You be good now. I don't want to hear you getting into any heated debates with the new boy." With that her friend took back off out of the class room. Mai watched her go before letting out a sigh before opening up her study book and looking over her English paper, Math paper, and History paper. Wanting to make sure that it was all right and that she would get a perfect score on it. Though her little study was interrupted by the scene that was playing over by the wall.

    Slowly she turned her head over to see Raku talking with a seemingly innocent maid. The pencil she had in her hand made a slight snapping sound as she increased her thumb presser, a small glare coming onto her face. She looked away though and shook her head as she put her nose back into the book. "The Cat Ran up the Tree....The cat is now in the tree..." she read over her English paper in a low mummer. Though once the teacher walked in, she placed her books down and gave her, her full attention.

    She listened to Raku introduce himself and suppress the need to glare at him. But what the teacher said next shock her from the inside out. 'Me...he has to sit by ME!?' she thought over and over again. It was then the class could hear her pencil snapping in half. Being the good student that she was she listened to her teacher and stood up. "Of course, it's lovely to meet you." she said, though her voice was slightly strained. But most people wouldn't be able to pick up on it.

    When he sat down and the class started the smile fell off her face, and she turned to look at him. "Listen here Snort McSnorterson. I don't know who you are, nor do I care. But so help me, don't you dare interrupt my lessons. School means more to me then life itself." she hissed in a whisper before looking to the front of the class once again.
  8. Maybe this school wasn't going to be so bad after all, he already found something to entertain himself. Raku usually wasn't a mean guy but with the way this girl ,Mia, was acting he was going to enjoy making her school life hell. He noticed that the class was even divided between humans, gods, and devils though there were more girls then boys. "Hm...so you're one of those people who are at the top of their class and act like they're fine with someone when they're really not? Just the type of fake person I need to sit beside." He bluntly stated which caused all the students to laugh and cheer him on. At least now he had ninety nine percent of his class now on his side and eating out of his hands; they really were pathetic, no one even bothered to stand up to the girl's defense which made him a bit agitated.

    Once he was seated and the girl turned toward him he simply stared at her with a bored expression while he barely listened to her words. When she was finally finished and yawned then fixed his collar with a sigh. "Let's get some things straight here you lowly human. It wouldn't be wise for you to threaten or continue to insult me; one little push of a button and I could have this world destroyed, it doesn't mean much to me. Or since your school life is so important I could simply have you thrown out of this school and make it so you can no longer go to any school in the nation or world." He whispered back with a cruel smirk then leaned back against his chair. "You're choice."

    As their teacher prepared their lesson he just sat there with an amused look as he reached into his bag then pulled out a book. Raku flipped through a few pages, mumbled some things, and closed the book shut before he placed it back into his bag and hung it off his desk. "Out of this whole classroom I'm stuck with some girl who isn't even cute in the slightest or even acts like it. Just my luck." He said softly to himself while fixing his hair and his ears twitched. He felt something poke his shoulder so he turned and was greeted by Jiro's face being too much in Raku's personal space. "If your last name is Tatchibana does that mean you Ishmael Tatchibana's son and heir to his company that holds the greatest influence over Tokyo?" He asked. Raku cocked his head to the side and nodded. "Yeah, that would be my father. Good ol' send your son to the human world so you can interact with humans; so far I feel like just reducing a few to dust."
  9. With his comment back her being fake, her face started to turn an angry red color. "At least I don't have to show my money around to get people's attention." she said with a sickeningly sweet smile. She didn't seem to mind the fact that the other students were laughing at her, and cheering the other boy on. Who needed their opinions? Not her, not when she could throw herself in her studies and work hard at the grades she tried to keep up for so long. It was one of the few things she was actually proud of.

    She had glanced back at Raku when he started to make his threats against her, and it wasn't long until she let out a small snort herself. "Yeah okay." she whispered as she sat there in her seat. She was starting to take notes down as the lesson's went on and pass up her homework. Most of the books she had being complete in months in advance. To the point where there were some subjects the teacher hasn't even gone over yet, but she still manged to pull out a perfect score.

    Her listening was soon disturbed as she heard his mutter about her being uncute and how upset he was he had to sit by her. Though she would usually play the words off, it did hit a part of her that made her feelings hurt. Though instead of getting angry about it. She reached her leg out and kicked his. "Pay attention." she hissed at him. "This stuff is important, it will be on the test, jeez." she muttered as she sat there and was taking down notes once again. "And trust me sweet heart, I am sure there are some humans here who would love to dump some holy water on you." she muttered as she kept her eyes on the board and continued to write.
  10. "Yeah, yeah waving money around, that's what I'm doing." He replied in a perfect mimic of her voice; tone and all. At least unlike the other students this Mia girl had more of a back bone and stood up to him. That was more than he could say since even most demons didn't out of fear thinking he'd vaporize them into nothing. Raku mumbled something to himself before he turned back around in his seat and faced the board once again. He just stared blankly at the bored for a few moments before he looked back at the board and finally over at Mia.

    "Hm....look who sounds like a pig now. I guess it would suit you since most humans are swine anyway." He replied as he watched her jot down a few things and pass up papers, homework perhaps? She must have been one of those students who had a very small social standing and life so she shut herself away at home with books. That's what he thought at most, maybe she didn't like to read at all. "I know this probably seems like an odd question but, do you by any chance like to read for fun? And if so have you read Homer's original Odyssey?" He asked curiously as his eyes shone with a hint of enthusiasm. Raku actually enjoyed reading most ancient and classical stories instead of the news ones that were produced today.

    Then he faced away from her when he heard their teacher say something interesting and started to listen. That was until his friendly neighbor decided to kick his leg and hissed something about him needing to pay attention. The young devil looked back over at her with an icy look and stayed quiet for a few moments as his eyes bored into her. "In my world, devils mature half as fast then humans so I've already learned most of this stuff and could easily pass any of these tests or college entrance exams without even bothering to try." He told her in a matter-of-fact tone. Then when she mentioned about some humans(her) wanting to dump some holy water on him he chuckled. "That a misconception you humans make, devils are different from demons and high devils from regular devils. Since I'm a high devil holy water would be an equivalent to a small water gun filled with hot water; it will irritate me but it won't hurt."
  11. "Har har har." she said glaring at him when he made a comment about her sounding like a pig as well. She rolled her eyes and continued with the lesson. Though her interest was perked when her asked about Homers odyessey. She stared at him for a long moment before speaking. "Well, you know 'Dreams surely are difficult, confusing, and not everything in them is brought to pass for mankind. For fleeting dreams have two gates: one is fashioned of horn and one of ivory. Those which pass through the one of sawn ivory are deceptive, bringing tidings which come to nought, but those which issue from the one of polished horn bring true results when a mortal sees them.' " she quoted from the book. "As for reading for fun, I read what I can." she said softly.

    When he made the comment about the holy water only being enough to irritate him, an almost cruel grin fell on her face. "But it will still irritate you." she whispered as she sat there. It couldn't off been an half hour into the lesson that her stomach gave a small rumble. She shifted in her desk for a moment. Hunching over and continuing with her writing. Acting as if nothing ever happened as she ignored the noise.
  12. He met her glare with a continued amused look, at first he wasn't too fond of this girl but his opinion was slowly changing. Finally, someone who was scared to glare or even insult him; it was something he had been waiting a long time for. When she started to recite a quote from Homers odyssey she also got a smile from him but he managed to suppress it. "Interesting...most humans don't like reading such old material like Homer. It's been a while since I've heard that quote and it was probably the one I find the most favorable." He replied then listened carefully when she answered his second question. Raku's expression actually softened for a moment before it became on of indifference as he extended his arm then lightly tapped his index finger on her desk. He did this a total of five times and on an empty space of her desk appeared five books he thought she's possibly like based on his thinking. "Those are lost stories of Homer and other story tellers from his era, I've read each one about fifty times and I figured it was time for another to see them." He replied while withdrawing his arm.

    Upon seeing her grin he wasn't sure whether to be impressed or slightly fearful that a human could make such an expression. "Yes, it would but then I'd find something to torment you with." He whispered back and fixed a strand of lose hair in front of his face. Then he heard a peculiar noise and that's when his brain realized it was the girl's stomach growling; she must have been hungry. He quietly snapped his fingers and a purple ,small, square appeared on her paper. "Chew it, it's something that fools your brain and stomach into making you think you're eating. It should hold you over to whenever your lunch is." He replied but turned his gaze back to the board. He had no idea why he cared that she was hungry or why he was even acting a bit courteous or nice to Mai.
  13. "Well I am not like most humans." she told him softly. "I enjoy reading, it keeps me company from time to time." she told him softly. "We also had to study it before in class. It was only a small chapter, but I manged to get my hands on the book in the public library." she explained as she sat there. Though when he started to tap her desk, an annoyed expression fell on to her face. "Can you please stop that?" she muttered. "It's rather annoying and distracting." Though he would catch her eyes light up and widen as she saw the books on her desk. "Really?" she whispered as she reached out to run her hand along the spine of one book.

    Though it wasn't long before her expression quickly changed. "Thank you but no thank you." she told him finally as she sat there. "It will take time away from my studies if I were to read them." Though there was a look on her face that was hard to read. It was like she wanted to keep the books to read them, yet something was holding her back from doing so. Even so, her finger was idly tracing the spine of the books, as she glanced over at them every so often, and she didn't bother to put them back on his desk. "Okay, maybe one." she muttered as she went to put the first book in her backpack. "Though if I finish that one early, I can read this one...and this one looks a bit shorter, so I should take this one as well. And before he would know it, she would have all of them safely stuffed in to her backpack.

    "Thanks...for the books." she muttered to him, a slight blush on her face as she did so. She looked up as the purple cube fell on her paper, and she gently moved it off. "No, it's okay. But thank you for the offer." she said softly as she focused more on what was going on in the class room.
  14. Raku glanced back at Mai as she spoke and intently listened for now. "I can see that, you're very peculiar; but in an interesting way." He replied and nodded at his assessment of her. It was very rare to find someone like her, and he was naturally very curious of those he deemed interesting and worth his time. The young devil really wasn't sure what to make of the girl sitting next to him, she didn't act like the others but he guessed that was the reason why he tolerated her presence. When she asked him to stop he didn't apologize like someone would normally do, he just simply looked at her with an amused expression. He thought of it as some pay back for the holy water comment. "Of course, I believe they'd be better used by being read by a new pair of eyes and experiencing their tales for the first time." He replied while watching her touch one of the books' spine.

    When she denied the books he was about to make them disappear until he noticed the odd expression she was wearing. So instead he just allowed them to stay on her desk, if she didn't truly want them because they would mess up her studying she could move them to his desk. While she was pondering about what course of actions to take about the books Raku looked back over at the white board and watched as their teacher jotted down a few things as she spoke and he listened half-heartedly. As much as he enjoyed school and learning, they were on a subject he learned at the age of four and just seemed like mere child's play to him. Then he heard Mai start speaking again so he glanced over at her with a curious expression as she placed all five books away into her schoolbag. It seemed she really wasn't that honest with herself sometimes and that caused him to lightly chuckle.

    "No need to thank me, if Homer and his friends were still alive I'm sure they would want their stories to be read." He replied then fixed his tie which had come loose. "Blasted thing, how on earth you humans put up with these I'll never know." He added in a low tone as he tried his best to fixe it. When she rejected his offer he frowned while eh fixed his tie then glanced back over at her for a moment before resuming back to messing with the piece of attire. "You should really eat when your stomach tells you to, it's unhealthy to ignore the urge."
  15. She rolled her eyes slightly when he scolded her for not eating the cube on the table. "What are you my mom." she asked as she looked over at him. "Your fidgeting is even worse then your damn tapping." she told him, though there was a small grin playing at the edge of her lips. She grabbed him by the tie and pulled him close to her. Moving her hands as she fixed it. "For real, a guy that doesn't know how to tie a simple tie." Mai whispered. "What the maid spoils you too much, can you even button a shirt?" she asked playfully.

    When she let him go and pulled away from him, his tie was neatly made. Almost as if she had been doing it for years. "There." she whispered. "And I guess you are right, Homer and his friends would want someone to read them. I will return them to you once I am done." she whispered to him. She soon turned in her desk to listen to the teacher. Though some of the students around them, were watching their interaction after she pulled him by the tie.
  16. "Uh...no, last time I check I am indeed a male." He replied as he momentarily looked up from fumbling with his tie. When she mentioned about his fidgeting being worse than his tapping a small ,mischievous, gleam could be seen in his eyes for a brief moment before it disappeared. But seeing what could have been a smile on Mai's face he was surprised, he honestly didn't think she'd ever around him with how she was talking before. When the girl grabbed Raku's tie then pulled himself close to her before she started to fix it, he studied her face for a few moments then looked down to watch her hands work. "In my world, I didn't have to wear a tie; so this would be my first time trying one on." He replied with a low tone. Then he puffed out his cheeks faking a pout while he looked back up at her. "Charlotte? I've known her since we were kids but she didn't start working for me until today. Of course I can button a shirt, I'm not that new to human attire."

    Raku pulled himself back over to his seat then glanced back down at his tie; it was way better than the way he had it. The corners of his mouth arch up lightly, revealing a small smile, as he gingerly touched his newly tied tie. "Thank you." He said softly while he looked at it for a few more moments before looking back up at the board. "You don't have to return them, keep them if you'd like or even give them to a publisher to spread the works throughout the world." The young devil replied then leaned back in his seat. Once their little tie fiasco was over he could feel their eyes on him and could make out what some whispers were about. It seemed after class some of his fellow classmates were going to approach him.
  17. She grinned as she sat there. "No need to thank me. Can't have a slob sitting beside me. It's a bad look. "she whispered as she sat there. "I hope you could at least button one. God I would hate to see you if you couldn't." she told him. "Maybe your friend then will have to help you out more on some of this stuff. Honestly, it's like your a child." she laughed with a small grin, before going back to her studies. "I might be a little selfish and keep them for a while then." she whispered again. She was listening to the class, it seemed like it was drawing on forever, most of the students seeming to get bored and restless. It appeared even some of the student's weren't paying that much attention either.

    Though the lesson was coming to an end, yawning the girl beside him leaned back in her seat and started to stretch her back and hands. "Well that was a good lesson." she said leaning from to side in her seat. Raku was right though, there were some students already crowding his desk and asking him questions. Wanting to know who his dad was, and what he did for a living. To asking if he would sit with them at lunch, or join their after school club.
  18. That was Raku's turn to roll his eyes and chuckle at her comment. "I suppose it would make you look bad to have someone looking haggard beside you." He replied then combed a hand through his hair. The young devil got the urge to make his wings appear and spread them but quickly fought the urge back down until it faded into oblivion. Then he looked at her with something that was a result of him trying to suppress a smile as he tried to be serious. "I think after watching you I can put a tie on sufficiently enough so I would pollute your image. I'd use my magic to do it but in this world it's hard to control and regain after using." He replied then raised an eyebrow with a small pout when she said he was like a child. "I'm not a child, it's my first day on Earth or the Green Land as we call it and I'm still not familiar with your customs or traditions." He replied then shrugged about the books. "Feel free to keep them as long as you'd like, I don't mine." Raku then added and yawned softly.

    "She has an odd way of teaching, even though I have already learned this she still somehow made it interesting enough for me to pay attention." He told her as a slight breeze came in through the window and blew his hair. He was about to say something else to the girl sitting beside him until he was suddenly surrounded by a large number of students. Odd, he was just a new student but they were already curious of him. Was it because he was considered 'hot'? What ever that meant. "Uh, my father is Ishmael Tatchibana, he owns several companies in Japan and America." He said, answering the first two questions. When they asked him to sit with them during lunch he nodded his head, "Sure, I'll join you at lunch. I'd like to see what other clubs there are before I choose to join one." He added.
  19. She laughed a bit as she sat there. "You are a child, you can't depend on magic all them." Mai looked to him as he talked about the teacher, nodding her head. "She does, I guess this is all child's play to you?" she asked. She looked over at him when he was going to say something and gave a kind smile as she sat there. She was listening to the other students as they talked to them, a small smile on her face before she got up and went to stretch her legs.

    "Really you dad has companies in America?" On student asked as they stood there. "Have you been to American then?" asked another. "Have you been on trips there, what is it like?!" nothing student asked excitedly. Mai was out of the class room and wandering around the halls a bit. Digging into her skirt pockets and trying to find some spare change. "Maybe I will have enough for lunch today." she whispered to herself. She pulled out what ever small change she had, a frown on her face, before it slowly turned into a smile. "Alright, enough for a drink at least!" she said happily.
  20. Raku managed to look through the group at Mai with a glare that wasn't mean, it was simply childish and playful. "I don't need to rely on magic all the time, I'm not some spoiled rich kid." He replied then glanced at their teacher when she did. "I guess you could consider it that, I was only sent here to learn how to interact with others; I've been isolated from others around my age for about all but two years of my life." His voice sounded a bit sad and wistful as he replied. Then he glanced at Mai before looking back at the students as they continued to ask him questions.

    "Yes he does, I think it's twenty to be exact." The young devil replied. "'Officially speaking', no I haven't but, 'unofficially' without my father knowing I've snuck over there for a few moments." He then added then glanced at another student as they asked a question. "It's almost exactly like here expect their cities aren't as packed and they have different ideals to live by." The young devil continued and noticed that his neighbor had left. Though he talked about his magic being hard to use, he figured this was a special occasion; out of no where a boxed lunched appeared then landed into Mia's hands with a small note. The small note read; 'Don't bother trying to give it back; think of it as a thank you. -Raku'.
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