When Worlds Collide (IC)

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  1. [BCOLOR=#000000]Many years ago, dragons and humans engaged in apocalyptic battles over their many differences. Fire poured from the heavens and blood darkened the very earth they walked on. To the humans, dragons were seen as untamed beasts that would only bring chaos and disorder, as stated in many different religious prophecies. To the dragons, humans were seen as vile, greedy, and horribly close-minded, choosing to attack and kill what they do not know and yet terrifies them.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000] Neither one could outmatch the other... Centuries of this behavior have passed, until over half the world burned in the ruins of chaos, and nearly both races have slaughtered each other to near extinction. This caused both races to flee into hiding, avoiding any further conflict for fear of destroying their species.[/BCOLOR]

    All was still in the decades to come...

    [BCOLOR=#000000] Many more years have passed before both humans and dragons alike have rebuilt their population, growing again into the prosperous races they had been before.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000] The peace was not to last... and old habits returned from their ancient tombs.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000] Two different individuals: a dragon by the name of Veng, and a man by the name of Bartholomew, very quickly rose to power. Both very skilled, and very ignorant leaders who would do everything in their power to make sure the opposing race dwindled into nonexistence.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000] However, there was hope of peace between the two. A boy just shy of fourteen met a dragon while on a hunting trip. The two were unsure of each other at first, but soon grew to trust one another as time passed. Eventually, they had formed a bond that was unbreakable, and a pair that was inseparable. One was never seen without the other, and nothing could harm one without the other there to protect him. They began to tell members of their race their new outlook on each other, and tried to persuade others to accept their differences.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000] It was not long before Bartholomew had caught wind of the bonded pair. After gathering a group of men, they pursued them... and captured them less than a day later, and the boy was declared a traitor and sentenced to be executed.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000] The boy was beaten to submission, and slowly consumed by flames at the stake... while his beloved dragon friend was forced to watch in horror as the child burned to death... Hours later, Bartholomew ordered the dragon to be beheaded, and have the dragon's head placed on a pike as a warning to any dragon who tried to "Manipulate innocent people into doing their bidding".[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000] Yet, still hope remained alive. Before the pair were killed, they had each gathered followers from both races, all of them intent on putting an end to this meaningless war...[/BCOLOR]
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  2. The cold mountain air nipped at Sebastian's face, sending shivers though his body. This hunting trip was horrible, there was no proper game anywhere in sight, and his own personal supply was beginning to run low. With another shiver, he pulled his thin coat tighter around him. If he didn't build his food supply back up soon, it was likely he wouldn't last the remainder of winter.
    That is, if I don't freeze to death first... He thought, adjusting the strap that held his crossbow, and quickly stuffing his cold-numbed hands into his pockets.
  3. Fire wanders around nearby, Shivvering, disliking the cold, noticibly shaking. "this is bad, I'm a fire dragon, Lost in human territory, and I'm stuck in this gods forsaken snow... I need to find a way out fast..." continues wandering, The sound of Crunching snow audible, and almost seems louder due to his silent environment *
  4. Seb paused, hearing a second set of footsteps that were not his own. Very slowly and carefully, he unsheathed his sword, scanning the area, though he was unable to see much through the thick snow. He cautiously approached in the direction he heard the footsteps.
    "H... hello? Who's there?" He called.
  5. Stops, Squinting, looking in tbe direction of the voice. CThat would depend, Good Sir, Are you a friend, or are you A hostile? " Glances around, trying to locate a good hiding spot. after all, this high up the mountain, if theres One human, Theres bound to be mote nearby, right? takes a few steps closer to a tree. Reckless, he forgets to cover his paw prints, which are by now somewhat iced in
  6. "If you don't attack me, I won't attack you." He said, getting closer to the source of the voice. As he studied the ground, he noticed the large footprints in the snow, leading to a tree. He could tell without a doubt that the prints didn't belong to any of the animals that were normally on the mountain. With a sigh, he sheathed his sword and approached the tree.
    "I'm not stupid enough to attack a dragon, anyway." He called.
  7. Hesitates for a moment, before stepping foreward as well, Coming into view. "then we are in agreement. I hate this fighting, Our rulers seem hell bent on wiping both of our races out, so... We need to be cautious..." looking around, he glances back to the human. "What say you we get off this blasted mountain before continuing our little chatter?"
  8. Sebastian hesitated for a moment when the dragon stepped out, but tried to remain calm. The dragon didn't seem at all very hostile, yet it never hurt to be too wary.
    He nodded at the dragon's suggestion. "I'd say it would be a good idea." He replied. "Though, I don't expect it to be much warmer at the bottom of the mountain, considering that it's the dead of winter. We might have to find some sort of shelter."
  9. Fire nods a bit and sighs, muttering aloud to no one in general. 'I hate Winter. I guess being a Fire dragon has its disadvantages.' Looking back to the little human, he sighs. "you might think im barking mad at this, but, Get on. I can fly us down faster than we can walk." Crouches, trying to make it easy. besides, you have that sword. if I try to do something you disapprove of, you could use it."
  10. The offer caught Sebastian completely off guard. The dragon was offering him a ride?! He sighed, he did make a very valid point. If he tried anything, Seb could easily defend himself.
    With a sigh, the boy approached the dragon and carefully climbed onto his back in between his shoulders and neck.
    "All right, um... just go easy, okay?" He said, it being his first time flying.
  11. Fire nods a bit and smiles* Hold on tight, Taking off will be the most difficult part, landing is easier, but still worth holding on. the rest is relatively alright, after all with someone inexperienced as you must be, doing complicated actions would be bad." he smiles, slowly spreading his wings. "oh, if you have either goggles or earmuffs, nows a good time. Be aware that itll feel colder for a period in time as the wind rushes by, but there wont actually be a temperature difference, its all in your head." Fire seems to be giving the little human the basics of flight, both so he doesnt fall off or get worried, but also to try and earn each others trust. Fire knows how dangerous befriending a human can be for both involved, after all he was a good friend of the dragon that was decapitated for duing just this, however It is not in his nature to simply let a creature likr that freeze to death. for better or worse his kindness is a dangerous thing nowadays.

    From the sapphire dragons back, Seb would likely feel a definitive heat seeming to radiate from his scales. It must be true that Fire is indeed a Fire dragon, but, in which case, why is he blue? an enigma even the dragon doesnt know the answer to.
  12. Sebastian listened closely to the dragon's instructions. He seemed to know quite a bit about these kind of things, which was quite interesting. He didn't have any goggles or earmuffs, so only his eyeglasses would have to do. With a sigh, he pulled his hood up, his chest pounding in both excitement and fear. The heat seeming to radiate from the dragon's scales surprised him at first, but quickly seemed to sooth his mind. He couldn't figure out why...
    "All right, I'm ready..." He said, taking a deep breath.
  13. Fire nods a bit, Crouching further* Remember, Hold, On, TIGHT! " Just then springs vertically and gives a powerful downward flap of his wings, lifing into the air. from there, he continues to flap his wings, raising gradually higher, but not going too hie as he tilts gradually, allowing the wind and the laws of heat and physics to turn thr two back towards the base of the mountain. aside from the tilting the ride would smooth out and it wouldn't be all too difficult for the little human to retain his grasp. tilting forewards slightly, he slowly starts to descend the mountain, much faster than if they were on foot, but doing his best not to push it too far, as his current rider seems vary inexperienced. After a time the two would grow accustomed to the wind, and almost be able to communicate again, though itd be harder for Fire to hear then it would be for Seb, due to the directions of the howling wind. "you doing okay up there?" Fire gives a single eye glance back to him, keeping his other eye up front in case of any nasty surprises. even at their lower height, the view would be incredible.
  14. Seb yelped as the dragon launched them into the air, the wind howling past them. Without thinking, he grasped tightly onto the back of the dragon's neck, the wind easily blowing his hood off. As he looked down, his stomach lurched a bit, making him a bit queasy. Through the howling wind, he heard the dragon ask if he was okay, which he replied with a nod, unable to speak at the current moment.
  15. seeing this reaction, Fire slows even more, reducing the wind speed and almost feelong as one would in a modern day car with a window open. Safe, Stationary, and wind being present. Once they get to the base of the mountain, Fire shoots back a warning. "We're going to be landing now, Please make sure you have a good grip." Landing not too long afterwards, he tilts his wings so the edges touch the ground, forming a sort of Ladder-ramp sort of hybrid to help Seb off. "You wanted to find a shelter? I am a young dragon, So I may fit in some, but you know what your kind thinks of us. we either need me inside or we need another idea, unless youd rather just part ways now. Its up to you, though, I do remind you that the chance to speak to a dragon in a diplomatic, peaceful, friendly way doesn't come around all that often." He smiles weakly, not intending to Scare Seb, but trying to make Seb feel more comfortable around him. besides, What harm could having a dragon as a friend cause?
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  16. "Yeah, that's true." Sebastian said, stepping off of the dragon's neck, his knees a bit unsteady. "To be completely honest, I'd much rather you stick around. It is nice to have a friendly conversation every once in a while. That, and you did just help me off the mountain..." He said, shivering a bit. He thought for a moment, thinking of wear they could go, then he had an idea.
    "When I was younger, I used to explore an old cave in this forest. It shouldn't be too far away, I think. And it might be big enough for you to fit inside." He replied.
  17. Fire nods. "Sounds good. you supply the campfire? ." Snickers a little, after all he is the dragon of the two, and is only giving a little friendly teasing to Seb. "Oh, and I'm FireDrake, or Fire, as most end up calling me." offers a paw for a handshake, before waiting on Seb to show him the way. "Its nothing I wouldn't have done for anyone not trying to murder me. it wasn't anything special."
  18. Seb chucked and too the hand/paw shake. "I'm Sebastian, or just "Seb". I don't mind being called either one." He said, before looking off in one direction. "I do believe it's this way. When I was younger, I used to know it like the bach of my hand, but then again it's been a few years..." He said with a nervous chuckle and began to walk in that direction. "It's nice to meet you, by the way."
  19. "I know what thats like. I used to live near a volcano, from what I remember. loved it, but I had to move away because it wasn't safe anymore, I forget why. I'm sure you'll recall enough to keep us out of thr way and undetected while we talk." He smiles, looking around before following Seb. "If I may ask, Why were you on the mountain?"
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