When Worlds Collide; A Multi-Fandom Roleplay

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  1. First off... Here is the list of fandoms included in this roleplay; Star Wars, the Marvel universe, the DC universe, The Hunger Games Trilogy, Beautiful Creatures series(AKA The Caster Chronicles), Supernatural, Once Upon A Time, Mortal Instruments, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Dr. Who, Star Trek, and The Mindjack Trilogy. If there is a different fandom you'd like to participate as, please PM one of the admins. All OC's applying to these fandoms are welcome as well, so long as they are not Mary/Jerry Sues.

    All had been going well, so far as the balance of the different universes we've come to know and love. They remained unaware of each other, as they should've, and the residents of each one continued their normal routines.
    ...Well, till one day everything went wrong. You see, it seemed The Doctor had finally come to somehow surpass his limits. While traveling in the T.A.R.D.I.S, he encountered an unexpected rough spot. Little did he know, this happened to be a dimensional wall, of sorts. The fabric that kept the universes separate and well-balanced, causing them to collide. This seemed to cause a massive blackout, ending up in all our beloved heroes and villains alike falling unconscious. Next thing they knew, they awoke in places completely unfamiliar to them, each scattered among the now combined places of all the universes. And that is where we pick up today. The question is... What will our idols do now?
    (Link to discussion thread>>> https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/multi-fandom-rp.58983/ )
  2. (So, how do we start?)
  3. -New York City (Marvel Universe)-

    "Oh my goodness!" A startled C-3PO exclaimed upon activation as he quickly sat up and turned to see his counterpart, R2-D2, at his side. "R2, where are we?" 3PO asked, getting up and looking around to see that they were in some sort of empty city. The astromech droid produced an unsure whistle and beep in response. "I can see that we are in a city, but where?" 3PO said before walking forward, motioning for R2 to follow. "Come along, R2, we might as well try to find someone in this desolate place." R2 chirped in agreement and followed the golden protocol droid.
  4. Mr. Gold had woken up in the city of New York, however what surprised him more was the two droids walking through the streets. Deciding it's best to inquire about them he walks up to them with his cane in his hand and said "Excuse me, my fine gentleman or droids if you prefer, but might I inquire as to where you came from?"

    -Storybrooke (Once Upon A Time)-

    Peter Parker had woken up in the park. He looks around confused, through he didn't do well with Geography in school he was sure this town wasn't on any map. Choosing to lay low but had his costume under his regular clothes he explores the town.

    Emma had woken up in the Sheriffs station, through confused she has learned to always investigate something like this and she hears the phone. She goes and answers it "Hello? Belle, what's the problem? Gold's missing, don't worry I will find him. I'm sure he hasn't gotten too far he might know what casused...whatever it was."
  5. - Gotham City (DC Universe)

    Skyler was pretty asleep on a rooftop. He was hard to wake sometimes, of course. He moved a bit and eventually rolled to the edge of the building and fell. He kept falling for a while, when he suddenly jolted up and saw the incoming floor. He was able to call all his static electricity and adhere to the buildings walls. "Well, shit..." He looked around and he got sure he wasn't on Tokyo. The place looked a bit grim and all. Almost post-apocalyptic. "Wow, I never saw this coming..." He crawled down to the ground and landed safely, trying to look for a clue of where he is. Luyckily, the bank was across. "I'm in America? And what in the world is Gotham?" Suddenly an alert popped out on his head, with the label 'Dimensional Displacement detected'. He shocks. "Another dimension? Really? No shit!" He decides to go to the bank because something in his training and instinct told him he was totally gonna get answers soon.
  6. - Gotham City -

    Waking up to find himself on the floor of the TARDIS console room, the Doctor got up and immediately checked his bearings. Frowning to the fact the TARDIS didn't know where it was, the Doctor walked over to the door, putting on his tan overcoat over his brown pinstripe suit before opening the door and stepping into an alley. He closed the door behind him and walked out of the alley, taking in his surroundings. He was in the downtown area of a city.

    -New York City (Marvel Universe)-

    3PO and R2 stopped and looked at each other then back to Mr. Gold. "I am terribly sorry, sir, but me and my counterpart have no recollection on he we got here." 3PO said in an apologetic tone with R2 chirping in agreement.

    - USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D -

    Opening his eyes behind his helmet's visor, Jason Straden grunted as he sat up and stretched before taking in his surroundings. He wasn't on his ship, the Millennium Enterprise, he was sure of that but he was in the center of what appeared to be some sort of command bridge. There were three empty chairs in front of him along with two chairs with control consoles behind him facing a viewscreen displaying the cold, empty vacuum of space. "Where am I?" The Mandalorian muttered to himself before walking over to one of the stations behind the three command chairs. "If this is a starship, then where is the crew?" Jason thought to himself, frowning behind his visor.
  7. - New York City (Marvel Universe) -

    Ryan stirred awake, groggily. "Oh God.. What happened? " the young woman murmured to herself as she slowly sat up, only to find herself in completely unfamiliar surroundings. Disheveled blonde hair hanging in her face, the startled and slightly terrified girl staggered to her feet. "Wh- But-... Where am I?" she pondered once more to herself much more frantically. The sunlight and fresh air was found quite startling, considering her years of being locked away in a lab with people running horrific experiments on her. Suddenly, she found herself smiling. Though, the smile so rare to be seen quickly faded. What if this is all a sim? What if it's just another cruel test, a sick joke? Sighing, Ryan pulled up her hood to conceal her face and decided she'd take a look around.


    - Gotham City(DC UNIVERSE) -
    Katniss shot awake, eyes wide open. She'd had the most terrible dream, and... Wait.. Katniss began looking around with confusion from her spot on the ground. Where was she? Where was Peeta, the one always there when she woke from these nightmares that counseled and assured her in his arms? She was instantly on her feet and alert. "Peeta..?" she called uncertainly, starting to wander around. She reached for her bow, but it wasn't on her back.'Damn.'
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  8. - Gotham City -

    The Doctor wandered around the city, hoping to find some answers on how he got there. Stopping upon hearing the voice of girl to his right, the Doctor looked towards the girl and casually approached with his hands in the pockets of his overcoat, "Hello." He said with a charming smile.
  9. - Gotham City(DC universe)_
    Katniss was more than a little surprised by The Doctor's approach. She was off guard and totally out of the game, not even mentioning the fact that she was in completely unfamiliar surroundings. Her only important question was whether or not this man was a threat. So, she merely replied with an awkward and lame "Hello." She paused. "Do you.. Happen to know where we are?"
  10. - Gotham City -

    "No," The Doctor replied with a shake of his head. "I have absolutely no idea where we are." He then spotted a newspaper stand behind Katniss, "But I think we find out." He told her, walking around her and towards the newspaper stand. "I'm the Doctor, by the way. What's your name?" He said to Katniss with a friendly grin as he took a newspaper from the stand.
  11. - Gotham City -
    Katniss sighed at his reply. Though, her hopes shot back up when he mentioned being able to find out. Momentarily forgetting danger and trust issues, Katniss followed, and immediately felt stupid for not noticing the stand. "Oh." Katniss was a little confused. "The.. Doctor?" Seemed like an odd name to her, but she brushed it off. "I'm Katniss," she introduced herself.
  12. -Storybrooke (Once Upon a Time)-

    Frank sat up suddenly, reaching for the gun under his jacket, when he realized something. He wasn't where he was just a few seconds ago. He looked around quietly, finding himself near a small, clearly out-of-the-way, town. Standing, he headed towards it quietly. It was time to get some answers. He had the feeling someone was responsible for this. If anyone else was affected, and if even one of them was hurt by this... someone was going to have to die.

    Damn aliens.

    Frank had found and killed more than one Skrull for their crimes. This would just be another kill, for him.

    - New York City (Marvel Universe) -

    Jean-Luc groaned and sat up. He rubbed his head where it had met the pavement. As he looked around, he recognized it from the holodeck simulation, to some extent. He knew it was an Earth city, and the name was on the tip of his tongue. When he came around and saw the Empire State Building, he immediately knew where he was. Now he just had to find out how he got there.
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  13. Gotham City (DC Universe)

    Skyler was on a waiting line in the bank, just for the fun of it, when he felt a chill on his neck. He looked towards the general direction of the chill, wondering if something was coming his way. He walked out of the bank, looking for something that may be out of place there. His inner alarms stated more nodes of Dimensional Displacement, apparently going on a certain direction. "Well, let's test the new one. Speed up!" His body charges up with electricity, then shines in a reddish hue and he begins to run, reaching 35 mph in less than a second, and dashing towards wherever the signal comes from.
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  14. - New York City(Marvel Universe) -
    Ryan was stumbling around aimlessly, head lowered and staring at the ground as she trudged along. It'd been so long since she could walk freely, and the feeling of it was only just starting to come back. Only now, when she had the sensation of fresh air and sunlight on her skin did she realize how much she truly missed it while in captivity. She took a deep breath and dared to peek up and look around. Her brows furrowed slightly in thought, as suddenly this place seemed slightly familiar. She sighed and tipped her head back down, shaking it slightly in disappointment. She just wanted some answers; especially to one important question.. Was she actually free?
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  15. -New York (Marval)-

    "I see, well my metal friends it seems we in the same boat on that. This city isn't my home either." Mr. Gold said to the droids and adds "But where are my manners, you can call me Mr. Gold."


    Peter walked around the town, this looked nice enough for a small town but something was off like a much deeper meaning for the town was underneath the surface but he wasn't sure. Seeing a dinner named 'Granny's' Peter decided to go in to see if anyone could help him

    Emma exited the police station and walks around town, for the most part everything seemed normal, apart from Gold everyone she knew was present in town. She gets a text from Ruby who texted from Granny's where she worked, It said about a teen who came in and was asking questions about where he was. Deciding to act on it Emma begins to head to the diner.
  16. -Storybrooke (Once Upon a time)-

    As Frank entered the town, he wasn't surprised to find it quiet and nearly desolate. It truly seemed empty. He made sure his coat covered the skull on his vest; it would be nothing but trouble if he got recognized. Assuming anyone in this place watched the news.

    The last time he'd been at a place this empty, he ran through a swamp and met a giant. That giant was dead now, of course.

    -New York City (Marvel Universe)-

    Jean-Luc tapped his communicator for the millionth time. "Picard to Enterprise. Commander Riker, can you hear me?" He paused, waiting, once again for a response. "Merde!" He cursed under his breath, before continuing on his search.
  17. - New York City(Marvel Universe) -
    After wandering around for what seemed like ages, Ryan was starting to lose hope. Well, till she sensed people nearby. That was either a good sign, or a terrible one. She knew it'd be best to poke around the two minds she sensed a bit to see if they were threats or not, but she knew that tended not to go we- Suddenly she blinked, startled and dumbfounded. Wait.. These people aren't readers! She almost stumbled back in shock. This couldn't be real, nor could it be a sim! But.. Where was she, than? What happened? Deciding that overall, the thing she needed most was answers(and factoring she hadn't found any herself), she decided to set off towards the nearest mind, though, still keeping her head down. She did, however, steal occasional glances up. But upon finding Picard, who happened to be closest, she didn't dare look up, and kept her face down whilst hesitantly approaching.
  18. -Gotham City-

    "Pleased to meet you, Katniss." The Doctor replied with a smile before looking at the newspaper and raising an eyebrow. "Gotham City? So that's what this city is called." He said to himself, nodfing as his eyes scanned the area around them. "Name goes well with the feeling of this place."

    -New York City (Marvel)-

    "Pleased to meet you, Mr. Gold. I am C-3PO, human-cyborg relations. And this is my counterpart, R2-D2." 3PO introduced himself and R2 who chirped a 'hello' before beeping and whistling rapidly at the protocol droid.
  19. - Gotham City(DC Universe) -
    Katniss did her best to give a friendly smile. "Likewise," she replied. It was obvious she wasn't one to talk much. However, her brows furrowed. Gotham City..? That wasn't anything she'd heard of in the districts, that she could recall. Where in Panem was she?
  20. - Gotham City -

    The Doctor furrowed his eyebrows and scratched his head, "In all of my 904 years of living, I've never heard of Gotham City." He muttered before gasping in surprise and grabbing his hair, "Oh! I think I know what's going on!" He exclaimed as if a thought had literally slapped him across the face.
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