When will you give up?



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Pleeeease delete I regret like half of the message. *Cries in a corner* It shoulda been deleted 'cause it was old anyway. T________T;


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Well, that's a clear message if ever Ï saw one.

-The reason we miss you is because we like what we know of your personality.

-The retired staff medal has actually been sent to every ex staff currently on the site as far as I can remember. From what I've seen, the medal system is largely automated. It certainly wasn't a joke on your expense, just a token of appreciation for all ex staffers.

-I've joined a couple of RP's, and though they died, that wasn't your fault, but rather the fate of MANY a good RP. Ergo, We are an RP site, and your RP's were welcome.

I understand you don't want to come back to us anymore for several well grounded reasons, so I won't try to convince you to stick around. But I wanted to clear up some of your points and give my take on it, if only for my own peace of mind.

Have a nice summer, Anders, and may your life keep taking turns for the better :)

Warmaster Death

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Take it easy and try to have a good one mate.
Myrn said it better than i ever could.


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I'll miss you, Fluffy and wish you the best of luck in your life. Also I hope that you have less stresses soon as well.

And yeah, the Retired Staff Award was meant to be, as Myrn said, a token of appreciation.

I hope things get better

Swifty Willownall

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Fluffy has spoken. That will be all!

P.S. Don't worry, I'll keep a watch out for her so she doesn't get in trouble.(Jk. :P) She is moving on with her life though which is a great thing. She even moved out and has her own place to live now!!! So like I said, no worries. She'll be fine. Stay cool Iwaku. Swifty - out.