When will group creation be reenabled?

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Kino, Jun 24, 2014.

  1. As the title suggests, I'd really like to know at least a general idea of when group creation will no longer be disabled. I would really love to make a new group for the new Initium Novum RP that we just made sign ups for, as it would really help with organization.

    Any word on this?
  2. I'm afraid I don't have a good time estimate. :( It'll depend on how quickly I can get the new system tested and some of the bigger bugs fixed. We don't want anyone to create a group in the current system and put all that work in to it, only to have to re-do it all over again a week later.
  3. I'm quite eager to create a group as well. But I'm new, so yeah. Iwaku has lots of nooks and crannies, and I want to explore all of them. lol
  4. Any news on this yet?
  5. There is still bugs involving profile tabs that are affecting other regions of the forum, so it'll be a little bit still.