When was the last time you saw a Anthro RP on here?

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  1. I just recently made a furry/fighting RP in jump-ins because it didnt seem like anyone was posting a furry genre anytime soon. It got me wondering "When was the last time you saw/played an Anthro RP on here?"
  2. I've never seen one!
  3. Seriously! D:
  4. There was a big trend of them a long time ago, but I don't think I have seen one recently. O_O

    I myself, was never able to get in to playing non-human characters. D: I've tried a few times, but I guess it's just not my thing.
  5. Q~Q it's not that different from playing a superhuman.
  6. I've seen bunches, but nobody can seem to agree on what 'anthro' means and how being anthro works enough for them to ever really take off.

    Also I like mint ice cream and my favourite anime is not on the list >={
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  7. I have one going on. I enjoy it. It's through PMs though.
  8. I see. I have one going on in Jump-ins.
  9. Ill add lucky star :P... In three months
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  10. I see that. by the way, your avatar is adorable!
  11. Thank you! For that you get a cookie! *takes a bite* A half-eaten cookie! I meant a half-eaten cookie!
  12. Does playing an Anthro count?

    Also, I dislike all of those anime. Will not vote.
  13. lol. And No that would not be an Anthro based RP. TBH I know its pervy, but Anthro is best in saucy RPs
  14. I love me an Anthro role play.. When I mention it everyone is like, "WTF is that? or " Um, sounds too weird to play" I had that impression too, but my friend Emon on another side got me into it and now I want more XD . I need another Anthro role play.
  15. Then make one. We will bring the Anthropology genre back to life ¤°~°¤
  16. But... Anthropology is the study of humans. And Anthro means human to begin with..

    You're looking for Anthropomorphic. Which just means giving human characteristics to a non-human.
  17. Feel free to hit me up for some of that too! I've only done like two rps but still XD
  18. I have a plot in mind, I'll make it a small group. I just say anthro because I'm too lazy to type all of that all the time If you're in PM and I'll give you a few details.​
  19. Um last time I played in anthro... AH! I got two posts in on one in the... year(?) I've been here. Anthro is where I got my roots so I have been craving it but... Lemme tell ya why you might not see as much anthro. There is a stigma surrounding it, mainly when you say 'furry'. My own experiences in the furry fandom were horrifying and pretty much made me stop looking for anthro role play forums.

    For me when I look for an anthro rp I refrain from saying 'furry' simply because of the stigma and my own personal experiences. I also look for someone who wants to play them in a story or adventure. Aka not a yiff/smut fest because that's not the type of role play I'm into. Romance is fine! I'm just not a straight up sex role play person.

    In any case I am TOTALLY up for role playing anthro. I always play them as races, like the khajitt in the elder scrolls games and tauren in the warcraft games. Just... ya know my own races. :3
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