When Two Worlds Meet (Storm Rider and Dark Disney)

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  1. Charlie had just finished getting dressed for the party and now decided to move onto her hair. The thick brown mass was at times frustrating to deal with. She wasn't sure if she should wear it up today or leave it down. Staring herself down in the mirror, she finally decided to leave it the way it was, though add a little extra curl to it. Her hair already had a natural wave to it so it didn't take much to get it to curl just a little bit more.

    After another hour had passed, a knock sounded at the door. Guessing that it was Julie there to pick her up, Charlie headed out the room and down the stairs. She called out to her parents to let them know she was headed off before opening the door and greeted the blonde waiting for her.

    "Ready to go?" Julie asked, smiling in approval at Charlie's appearance.

    "As ready as I'll ever be," she replied.

    The two walked to Julie's car and got in. Charlie had never been to a party before so she was both excited and nervous to be headed out to one. Hopefully it'd go well though and from what she heard, parties were a lot of fun. But she wasn't exactly looking forward to all the people that would be there. Trinity tended to have a lot of friends and since she was almost two years older than Charlie, had gone to college sooner and therefore had college friends coming along with a few other people that were in their last years of highschool like Charlie was along with just some other people. There was no telling just how many people would actually turn up.

    After a few minutes of driving, they pulled up to the front of the large house. A parking spot had been saved for them thankfully as there were several vehicles taking up space along the side of the road. With a nervous look at the well lit up house, Charlie got out of the car and went to Julie's side.

    "Relax, everything will be fine," assured Julie with a smile.

    "I sure hope so..."

    With that, Charlie followed her friend towards the house with apprehension of how this would turn out.
  2. The day was over now and Jax was out of class. Jax went back to his apartment and got ready for the party.He was told about it and decided he go. He knew the girl hosting it. He was dressed in a black shirt and jeans. He had black boots on and held a leather jacket. He grabbed his helmet and went to his Harley Davidson. The bike was black and sleek. It had many new modifications.

    Jax smiled and kissed his necklace as he pulled up to Julie's house. The house was nice and looked wonderful. He had met her in passing and her friends begged her to invite him. When the bike was parked and off Jax stepped off. He made his way inside and went to grab a beer.

    "Hey man. How you been?" He said to his friend. They got to talking. The party went on and he went out to smoke. It had gotten later and he sighed, Jax had left his friend to flirt with some chick. He hated patties like this nothing happened. He stopped when he heard something more like a girl trying to tell a guy off. Jax walked over to see a girl cornered

    " Hey sorry I am late babe." He slipped an arm over the young girls shoulder." You are?" The guy asked " Her boyfriend and will kick your ass if you don't leave the girl alone." He snapped. The guy looked at Jax's toned muscles and scampered off. Jax pulls his arm back and drank his beer." Your welcome." He said to her.
  3. Charlie didn't mind the party. It wasn't as bad as she'd expected but it wasn't that great either. And as they'd mixed and mingled, somehow she'd gotten separated from Julie. Now on her own, she made her way past everyone and decided to just stay at the edge of the room for the moment and watch the others. A beer was in her hand that she was sipping at little by little. She didn't much care for it but gave her something to hold and to do.

    When the guy came up to her, Charlie wasn't sure what to think of him. At first it was fine, they just talked for a bit. But then he started getting a little pushy. She tried to tell him to just go but he wasn't taking no for an answer. It was growing frustrating and she was getting rather mad at him too. But what caught her more off-guard was when another guy came up and put his arm around her.

    As he spoke, she glanced at him, wondering who he was. Though she probably wouldn't admit it, she was glad for his help as the first guy took off. Hearing the guy say "Your welcome" as he pulled his arm back, she turned to face him. "I could've handled that myself," she stated, a little annoyed he'd just come along and claim to be her boyfriend when she didn't even know who he was.
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  4. Jax looked at her." A thank you would be nice, I just got some guy who I am sure wouldn't leave you alone and you would be taken here or in a bedroom and no one would know. So as far as I see it. I saved you a world of hurt." He said. He put his hands up." Saw a girl in need and I helped.I am sorry for having manners. However your right I am the bad guy here." He sighed and turned to walk away. He grabbed his jacket and keys from the pocket off the railing. " You know I would examine where your priorities lie princess, you would never find a guy who did what I did. With how a girl like you looks." He said. He walked back to the steps.

    Jax saw Julie and hugged her." Your friends over their. Thanks for the invite girl, nice party, I am gonna take off." He said and smiled. He walked for his bike and started it as he drove off and went to his apartment. When the apartment door opened he pet his dog jasper." Hey dude yeah let me feed you " He said. Jax opened the cabinet door, and grabbed the dog food. He fed his St. Bernard and went to his couch to sit down and drink." This is why I can't find the right girl they are all like that 18 year old no manners."He said to the dog. His dog lay down and groaned at him. He laughed and shook his head.

    Jax woke a bit later and looked at his phone it was 9 am. "Mmm off Jasper school time." He said. Went to shower and dress for school. The shirt was tight it was black and the jeans were clean and dark blue. His boots were black as black can be. He nods tof his dog after feeding. " By bud." He said and walked to his bike.

    The sleek black bike pulled into the college parking lot. He got off and went to meet up with his buddies. They were outside and decided to talk to them. They were all talking about the night before. He rolled his eye's not wanting to re live it."Trust me not the best ever." He said walking backwards
  5. Charlie huffed a little when the guy started talking again but then soon stopped as he continued. She hadn't meant to offend him like that. She was just still going on adrenaline from the annoying guy who'd been with her first and she feeling a bit of the effects from the beer. She watched as he started to walk off, a little stunned by everything he'd said. It took a few moments for his words to settle into her head and when they did, she tried to go after to him to apologize and tell him she hadn't meant all that. But before she knew it, he was gone from sight.

    She'd searched for a bit but couldn't find him again and gave up. After a little longer, she'd gotten a ride home. Her parents were already asleep by the time she got there so she quietly made her way inside and up the stairs to her room. Exhaustion swept over her as she stripped and flopped on the bed. Snuggling under the covers, she yawned and was soon sound asleep.

    When morning finally came, Charlie got up, had a shower, and was feeling a little sick from the bit she'd drunk the other night. She got dressed in a plain t-shirt and jeans along with light blue hoodie. Putting on her sneakers, Charlie brushed her thick hair and pulled it back in a ponytail before heading downstairs and getting breakfast. Her parents were already gone so she just got everything ready that was needed before heading off to school. Today was going to be different since her class would be headed a college for a bit of a tour. She was thinking about going there when she graduated so it was nice to be able to go take a look at it already as well.
  6. He was talking and smoking as he walked. They went to their first class . When he was done with class Jax walked out to go smoke. He was walking backwards as he talked to someone behind him. He tripped slihotly on someone. His hand went out and caught the person he ran into." Oh sorry that was my ba...Bad." He finished when he saw it was her." Yes that was my fault I know I apologized." He said and stepped back putting his hands up. He sighed and ran a hand through his hair as he finished his cigarette.

    He watched her." You lost or something?" He asked her as he put out his cigarette and lit another. She didn't seem old enough to be here. She looked young and he was curious. A girl came up to him." Jax are you coming by later?" She asked with batting eyes." Yeah Jade I will be at the garage." He said ignoring her look as he watched the girl from the Night before." Who's she?" Jade asked him annoyed. He shrugged "not sure, but I think she owes me a thank you." He said. He shrugged Jades hand off." You can go." He snapped at Jade. When she left he sighed. "Damn girl won't get off my nuts." He muttered he didn't like Jade. She was always all over him.

    "Sorry about her crazy woman, can't seem to get rid of her." He blew out the smoke away from the girl and watched her with raised eyebrows.
  7. Charlie had been glancing around at the college as her class was led down a hall. There were so many different doors and rooms that she wondered how in the world she'd ever manage to figure out which rooms were for what. Hopefully she'd have some friends that'd help her or get lost with her so she wasn't on her own. Despite preferring to be a loner half the time, she still had moments where she hated to be on her own or get lost on her own as things got boring quickly then and it just felt a little more awkward to be asking for help on her own than if she were with someone else.

    However, by getting lost in her thoughts and peering through a doorway of an empty classroom, she lost sight of her classmates. "Well this is great," she muttered sarcastically to herself and started walking, hoping to run into them again. She'd heard something about them having to go through an area outside at one point and one of the doors she opened led to an outside area. Walking out there, she glanced around in the hopes of spotting some of her classmates when she felt someone crash into her.

    Turning around, she spotted the same guy from the party who'd helped her. Figured she'd have the luck to run into him again. She was about to say something back when another girl showed up. As they spoke, Charlie thought about just walking off but knew she needed to correct things with this guy and thankfully she didn't have to stand there quietly for too much time before the girl left.

    Charlie turned her attention back to the guy, "Look, I'm sorry about last night. I didn't mean for it to sound like I was calling you the bad guy," she said, glad to have that finally said. "And yes, I am lost. I came with my class to have a look at the school but I managed to get myself lost," she added, knowing that of course she had the special luck of loosing sight of her classmates and that it was her fault.
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    Jax looked around and at the girl" Alright come on I can take you to your class or you can take the better tour with me. Also I still did not here a thank you in their but I will take it. I am Jax." He held out his hand to her and shook her hand. He started to walk as he waited for her to answer. The direction he was going could lead to her class or away it was up to her.

    He put out his cigarette and stretched as he looked at her."So want to go here then I see. Trust me it doesn't seem so big after 4 years go by. " He led her to the roof top a building." Tallest building on campus. He said and went to sit at the edge. He showed her every building and just pointed He spoke gently and then grabs her quickly and hides her against the brick your class is coming and well being up here isn't exactly allowed. He said and took her down the back steps." Well go on their is your class. Will talk later I am sure." He said he had slipped his number into her pocket. He leaned in the wall and watched her go. He smiled and walked away to his next class. Not that he really went any more but maybe just maybe his luck would change and her class would come to his to be mentored.

    As he sat down teacher announced no class for the day all were excused from their classes but they had to show a high school student aroumd. He nods as the class is walked in. His eye's went to her," So go on pick your partner college students" Their professor said. he walked up to her." If this isn't fate." He joked.
  9. Charlie wasn't sure what to think of this guy yet. "Charlie," she replied when he introduced himself and shook his hand. He was something different, that was for sure. Perhaps it was just because he a college guy instead of one of the guys in high school. Either way, it kept things interesting. Whether or not that was a good thing, she had yet to decide.

    A part of her wondered if she should just go find her class but in the end, decided to just follow him around the place. She glanced up at the building as they entered it and nodded her head a bit at his words. When they made it to the roof, she sat with him at the edge, liking the view and wasn't one that was scared of heights. But he did catch her by surprise when he pulled her against the wall to hide her since her class was coming. With everything that was going, she didn't notice him slip his number into her pocket and headed back with her class, mulling over how all that had just gone.

    When her class walked into another room that had students in it, she glanced around at the people there and was a little surprised to see Jax there. She smirked a little at his comment about it being fate. "Seems that way," she said as everyone else got their own partners.
  10. " Come on I am supposed to show you around." He said.He took her with him and showed her a few places but went to his favorite hang out. He stopped in a field and walked for a tree to sit down. " favorite place to sit and watch the world pass by. Good place to do work and think. Life is just one big misunderstanding if you don't look at the simple things and enjoy what life has to offer." He offered her a cigarette as he lit one and exhaled. He waved the smoke away from her and looked at her." So tell me about yourself." He looked at her and put his arms around his knees." Like what do you want to do? why you coming here for college. why not get out of the god forsaken town" He asked her.

    Jax was a nice guy if you talked to him and actually talked to him. If you just wanted something from him he was kinda of a ass. Jax enjoyed sitting and talking with people. He actually like to have a conversation. He was talking with her when he lost track of the time. He got a buzz and looked at his phone. he had not once been on his phone while talking to her. He sighed."Shit, Hey got to get you back, come on." He said. he stood."actually ever need anything just text or call. He grabbed a sharpie and wrote on her hand his number and name. Jax walked with her to the auditorium. He stepped in and let her go to her class as he sat in the back his feet up as he talked to his friend with a small smirk he spoke quietly. He nods as Charlie walked by and he winked at her."Yeah later man." He stood and walked out to go for his bike. he wasn't staying for his last class. It didn’t matter to him he was a head in that class.
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