When two strangers meet

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  1. A fair skinned girl sat in front of her mirror, brushing out her long, black hair. It was smooth, and shiny, no hint of grease, and no frizz. Most girls would die for her hair. Even though the tangels were long since out, she kept brushing, not sure of what else to do. She began to comtimplate what she should do that day. Should she go outside and enjoy the sun. She shook that idea. Her skin was so pale, that any prolonged time spent in the sun would result in a burn. As much as the girl loved to be outside, she hated burning, and until she could suck it up and get a burn to darken her skin, or get it more used to the sun, she would not be able to stay in the warm bask of the sun for very long. She out her brush down on the table, and looked herself over in the mirror. Her lips were natuarally a rose color, and her eyes the color of grass or emralds. As she watched the reflection in the mirror, feeling as though it was not her, that the person she was looking at was someone else, she decided to go loose herself in a book. She stood up, glancing at the reflection once more. Before she took more then a step, her mother came bursting into the room.

    "Sayomi! My child, what are you still doing dressed like that! Have you forgotten that we are going to meet, with the kingdom of Martision, so that we can discuss better trading routes with them? We need these trade routes. Without being able to cut around them, or through them without being taxed or having to pay a portion of our goods, our people will surely starve!" Her mother stated to her. Her mother was over dramatic, and was a very loud person. She had her mothers lips, and hair, but her fathers eyes, and a lot of her personality. Just as the young women was about to argue, a group of maids came in, some holding a dress, others holding shoes, and one, was holding a corset. Once Sayomi's eyes hit the corset, she looked at her mother.

    "I am not wearing that! Why do I even have to go. You and daddy have never made me go before. Why must I go, and get dressed up? I won't have anything to do. I don't want to sit and talk politics with you guys." She turned away from her mother, and crossed her arms over her sleder figure. She didn't want to go to a place that she didn't know. With people that she didn't know. Before she could argue anymore, her mothers voice got stern. "Do not make me get your father. He is stressed out enough." Her mother didn't say anymore, but just left the room. With a sigh, she turned and looked at the maids, who almost looked like they were going to enjoy tormenting her. "Alright. Let's get started..."

    Before she knew it, she was almost naked, sitting back down, trying not to be pulled back as they pulled the string on the corset, tightening it. She didn't need it to be thinner, she was already plenty thin. She wasn't deathly skinny, but wasn't chunky either. She was the perfect weight, or at least that was what she though. As they pulled for the last time, she let out a small gasp of pain. The maid loosened it up, and tied it. She stood up with a look of agony on her face. "You know Eliza, I hate this with a passion." she said to her maid, who just smiled. They brought in her dress, and she slipped into the dress. It was not like her mothers. It was not poofy or lacy. It was a fitting, floor length satin dress. It was a deep red, almost the color of a rose, and hugged her body in all the right places. Or at least that is what her father told her. She wouldn't let them put any make up on here, and only let them give her naturally straight hair a slight curl at the ends.

    After she was done, her mother came in and smiled. "Was that really so hard? You look stunning. But why won't you ever let them put make up on you? Oh nevermind it. Your father told me that instead of 'talking policitics' with us, you can join their son. Maybe go outside. By the time we get there, it will be sunset, so there won't be so much sun out." her mother brushed her daughters face with her hand, the took her arm and turned to walk out. Sayomi said no more, but before they left the room, she grabbed her bag. Which held jewelry she will probably have to put on, and a book to read on the way, and when she got there.
  2. The young prince covered a yawn as he looked over at his tutor. Ever since he was a child his parents continually insisted up a proper education. It wasn't like they had a hard time paying the teacher, which were hard to come across these days, it was that sitting in the Library for hours on end followed by ettique lessons and ballroom lessons wasn't exactly thrilling. He was bored and his parents didn't let him any farther that the castle grounds. He was old enough to care for himself but with protective parents, children learned of nothing but a proper world order and how to run the country when his parents dropped dead. Alexzander wasn't looking forwards to ruling over these people. What if he messed up? Made the wrong decision? The heavy weight was just waiting to crash down on him at any given time. Plus he was getting to the age where his parents expected him to start courting a young woman from another royal family. Not for love but for the sake of a clean bloodline, to keep his families blood in the Royal line, order of things. His teacher gave him an assignment to accomplish by thier next lesson and Alexzander paid the teacher. The teacher quickly gathered his things and the two went seperate ways. After the teacher disappeared he sighed and stood up, fixing his shaggy dark brown hair. His silver eyes moved to the doors as his dear mother walked through them. His parents were strict but his mother, from who he had inherited her eyes and personality, was more laid back. Alexzander smiled softly at his mother and met her halfway across the library.

    "Good afternoon mother..." He said as she reached out and took her sons hand from his side.

    She smiled up at him and they went out to the balcony overlooking the gardens. The aging but yet still young and beautiful looking queen looked out across the garden. His mother had always been this way. Gentle, loving, quietly intellegent, but yet still fussed at him and disaplined him when he did something she deemed too improper or wrong. After a few quiet moments she looked over at him and spoke. He voice smooth and elegant...proper for a lady of her status.

    "Alexzander...my only child. I'm glad to see you are doing well today. I expect that your studies went well today...but your father has a message he wants me to pass along to you personally. Tonight the royal family from the Kingdom of Cassinia is coming here to discuss trade roots and work out a few issues with our kingdom. They are bringing along thier daughter Sayomi. We expect you to keep her entertained seeing as neither of you are required to attend meetings such as this. Be a gentlemen and treat her well. Your father and I do not wish for any other problems to arise. I have arranged for special clothing this evening for you. Just remember Alexzander...We dress to impress. It is proper and expected in such affairs. Now I must go and so must you. Go dress and meet your father in the room near the front doors where we serve tea. You'll wait there until you are called for."

    His mother turned and left the room without another word. He had learned from experiece that arguing with either of his parents we pointless so entertaining a princess this evening was going to happen. The young prince had not expected it but surely it must be better than going to classes. Alexzander went up to his room where clothing was laid out on his bed. He stripped down into his under garmets and pulled on a fresh white button up dress shirt. He buttoned it and pulled on pitchblack dress pants, followed by black dress shoes. Last was a Tail Coat, black also and white gloves. He pulled back his shaggy dark hair into a loose ponytail and out of his face as not to hide his almost metallic silver eyes. AS instrusted he went down and waited in the serving room for the guests to arrive.
  3. The ride to the other kingdom was full of bumps and turns. It was bad enough having to sit in the carriage for so long, but then when you add in the bumps, it only made the young girl hurt even more. She didn't mind the ride as far as the time because it gave her a chance to read. It was a book that she had only read once, compared to the others that she had read multiple times, and had multiple copies of. After awhile she knew that they were getting close to the other kingdom. They were running out of light, and as they went around a hill, she had almost none. But she still squinted and tried to read. Sayomi was not going to close the book at the moment. It was too good to wait till the next time that she would be able to pick up the book.

    As Sayomi read, a hand came over the top of her book, and pulled it out from under her nose. She looked up, shock on her face, only to see her father's smiling face close to hers. She gave a soft smile, her white teeth showing. She gave her father a hug. She could tell that lately there had been something bothering the man. In the last couple weeks, his blonde hair turned more grey then ever. "Don't worry daddy. Everything will be alright." her smooth voice cooed to him as she pulled back. Her father held the girls soft hands, still smiling.

    "I know my flower. I am just thankful that you came along without any trouble. I know this is not the most exciting thing, and it is nothing like those books you are so fond of, but I love to have you with us. You are my princess. And one day, you will be a Queen. You will need to learn to put on a face of acceptance, and just do what needs to be done. There is good and bad that comes out of this. I promise." He let go of his young daughters hand, and pulled out a small blue box. He opened it up, and there sat a small ruby necklace. The gem was not big, neither was the chain. It was a thin square chain, with a small ruby, her birth stone. "I know how much you do not like things big and expensive and flashy. So we got you this. Something to add the final touches to your beauty. I think it will compliment you very well." He pulled her close as she pulled her hair up. He clasped the necklace around her neck.

    Sayomi looked back at her father, with a smile as she felt the gem. She loved it. It was small, yet beautiful. It was something that she would actually wear on a normal basis. "Thank you daddy. I love it." Just as she sat back into her seat, they had arrived. It was already a beautiful place. They had different flowers there then they did back at her home. The grounds looked enticing, and the grass called to be ran through with bare feet. But she knew that she would not be able to do that here. She might be able to explore the grounds with the prince, but no running with no shoes for her this evening. She made sure she was put together before taking a deep breath, getting ready for what might await. She had met some other princes from the east, but they were not people that she would wish to see again. "Do not give prince Alexzander too much of a problem like you gave the last prince, please darling." her father whispered to her as he got out of the carriage.

    Alexzander.. she found that name to be very interesting. As soon as Sayomi's mother got out, she followed behind her. She remembered everything that she was taught, keeping her head up, and stepped elegantly. Picturing herself walking on eggshells. When the sun that was left hit her skin, it caused her to pause momentarily. It was warm, but nor burning. It felt good against her pale and sun deprived skin. She raised her green eyes, looking forward to look at anyone that came out to greet them, her facial features soft.
  4. Alexzandar sat back on the love seat, a coffee table made of marble infront of him. The maids had served him Tea and he drank it happily. Caria one of the younger maids made Earl Grey Tea perfectly. The other maids did just fine but Caria was young and full of energy, fresh. After he finnished it he grabbed his books from the coffee table and went to work on the work his tutor had given him. By the time he finnished it the sun was starting to get low in the sky. The sky lit up in a gorgeous sunset of yellows, pinks, and purples. It wasn't often that sunsets like this happened...atleast for him. He was usually in lessons late into the night, depeneding on how much he applied himself. Usually he didn't see sunrises, not being roused from his sleep by the maids till after sunrise then he dressed and went to breakfast, lunch, and supper, then back to lessons and then to bed long after it had gotten dark. He smiled softly watching it. People in the town a few miles from the castle probably took the simple joys like this for granted. It made him envy them...sure they had to work for thier income and food but they got to have the simple pleasures all around them. They didn't have much money but they did have a real family...and knew what it was like to experience the world and explore. He sighed and set down his lesson books and picked up a book of Grimms Fairy Tales. His mother used to read them to him to scare him into being good.

    He started to read the true fairy tales of Little Red Riding Hood, The Pied Pipper, and finally Finnishing with Sleeping beauty before Caria poked her head into the room again and smiled. She informed him that company was here and that the king and queen wanted him within Ear shot. Alexzander nodded a thanks and got to his feet. The prince saw his mother dressed in a silvery gown that was a bit full on the bottom but nothing that wasn't flattering to her looks. Her beautiful blonde hair tumbled into ringlettes around her face and down her back. His father was in kings robes that made him a sight to behold. His mother looked healthy and happy around his father and he the same to her. It was luck his father had recived his mother as his wife. They complemented each other wonderfully. His father was wearing a big smile. Alexzander's father had always had a happy disposistion, full of life but very, very scary when he got angry or annoyed. He had always been firm with Alexzander, shaping him into the proper king that he said would rule better than he. Alexzander doubted that though. Even after all his classes the prince didn't think that he would ever be ready to be the king.

    The silver eyed prince waited within earshot and out of sight of thier guests. He did however hear them greet thier guests, introducing themselves as King Alistair and Queen Lydia. Then in her gentle tone his mother called out for him. Alexzander walked out of a hallway just beyond the entrance and the visitors became visible. He came over to his mother's side and gave a polite bow.

    "My name is Prince Alexzander. It is a pleasure to have you here King, Queen, Princess of Cassinia. Please do enjoy your stay."

    He smiled warmly and charmingly, straitening himself out. His silver eyes shifted over to the young princess. She was quite a beauty. Her skin was a pale color and her long dark hair was curled at the ends. The princess wore a striking red dress that complemented her figure in all the right ways. He noticed also that her eyes were a pretty green color...it reminded him of an emerald that his mother had on her wedding ring. Alexzander waited patiently for his parents to finnish talking outside then as they walked off excusing themselves, he offerd her his arm, a friendly smile on his perfect lips.

    "If I may Princess...? It's not often I am graced with such a visit."
  5. As the introductions were given, Sayomi stayed quiet like she was taught. When she heard her father say her name, she bowed her head slightly. She taught to never fully bow, and never do a full curtsy to another king or queen, for they were for maids, and bowing was for men. When the prince came into the picture, she could see that he had his mothers stunning eyes, and his fathers darker hair. She stood straight, her head help up, and her body language held no hint of hostility. Though she found the entire thing rather pointless. For she knew that the two kingdoms had at least met once. But she also though about how long ago it might have been. And since herself and the prince were not involved. She knew nothing of their names, and nothing of their son. While they were talking, her mind wandered at a mile a minute. She looked over the Queen, and noticed how stunning she was. She thought that her mother was beautiful, but this lady passed even her mother. Her grey eyes gave something to her beauty. She had never seen grey eyes before, and she wondered if it was because of the ancestors of this land. The maids that they had back at her castle had mostly a honey brown eyes, and blue. Green was rare, but it had been seen. One of the maids daughters that had come when Sayomi was a child also had green eyes. They grew up together. And now Eliza was her maid, and best friend. They do not talk as much as they used to. They used to say that maybe they were some how realitives, but once she was officially turned into a maid, and Sayomi a princess, they grew apart.

    She didn't realize that after so long, she had been staring blankly at a wall as she thought about all the laughs the two girls had. She mentally shook it from her head. She was able to start thinking when she heard her parents introduce themselves as King Joesph and Queen Lylexia. She loved her mother's name. It was so beautiful. She glanced past the prince for a moment, to notice the sun setting. Then she was brought back to him. The black from his clothes mad his eyes pop unlike any other. Though the colors and the clothes were almost the same as the other couple of prince's that she had met. He was the best looking, and pulled off the colors and the clothes the best. To her, he almost reminded her of some of the prince's that were written about in the books that she read.

    When he offered his arm as their parents left, she took it. She was able to feel the warmth through his coat.It was odd feeling heat against her own skin. "Please, call me Sayomi." She said with a gentle smile on her perfectly pink lips. As she looked around, she thought it would be nice to stay outside and looked around. "I hope that it does not seem rude, for I do not know what you have planned. But do you think that we would be able to walk the grounds?" She asked with a soft voice, as she looked at him with her green eyes. "It is rather beautiful out, and the plants here are much different then our own. I would find it very nice to look at the different flowers." She tried not to use words that explained any of her emotions, and didn't go too indebth about herself, as taught.
  6. His silver eyes widened a bit in suprise when she took his arm. To have this contact with a woman like this was strange for him. He had always just greeted potential suitors before, perhaps have kissed their hand but to be this close flattered him a bit. He smiled When she gave him her name. Sayomi...an odd but very beautiful name.

    "What a beautiful name if I may say so...Sayomi. I've never heard it before. The names here in this kingdom tend to run more old fashioned."

    Then she asked politly if they could stay and walk out in the garden. That thier gardens did not boast these kinds of flowers and the weather was nice. By her pale skin he could tell that she wasn't exposed much to the sunlight so if she went out this was probably the time. The time where there was still sun in the sky but it was setting. The vast, colorful sunset was still in the sky so he nodded with a smile.

    "Of couse we can. Whatever you would like Miss. Sayomi."

    Gently he lead her into the garden. It was a vast area spreading for the next couple acres. The path was cobble stone and the grass surrounding them was a deep green. Planted and Mantained by about fifteen servents-Gardeners there was a wide varity of flowers and plants to be seen here. This garden was home to about one-hundred types of flowers alone. They had all sorts of colors and varities. Most of them were wild, however the bleediing heart flowers and several other flowers were transplated to this soil. The Flowers were all beautiful and bright, arranged just so, so they would look stunning. There were also trimmed hedges, marble statues and a pond near the middle of the garden. This place was serene and beautiful. Even during the day and at night. During the day the birds chirped and flew about, adding to the beauty of this place. Ceasar walked her around the garden awnsering any questions she had to the best of his ability And stopped only to watch the ripples in the pond from the arched wooden bridge over it. He looked down at his own reflection then to hers. From the blurred refections he could almost tell night would soon be upon them and asked her if she wished to return to the castle or continue in the gardens.
  7. As they walked, she admired the flowers. They were unlike anything she had ever seen before. They were all sorts of colors, and shapes. She soon found herself wanting to pull him off towards them all like a child. She wanted to touch and smell all of them. She wished that there was a book about the different flowers. There was one that they had passed that she couldn't help but reach out with her long thing fingers and touch it. Her nails painted with a pink tint, and the color of the rose made the tint look darker then it really was. She didn't know how to react some of the flowers. They had a few imported flowers "Mother believes in embracing what our kingdom has to offer. We have a few of the same flowers imported as you, but for the most part, they are flowers found from ever corner of the kingdom, which some of them, I have not seen here. We have one, it is grown in the mountains, mostly in caves. It is really a marvelous plant really. It only blooms once a year, and only for a short time." She thought of the purple flowers of the plant.

    Once he asked if she wanted to go inside, she thought about it. She looked around for a bit, trying to decide whether or not if she wanted to keep looking in the gardens, even though it was getting a bit cold. Or if they should go inside. She wasn't sure why, but she got the feeling of being watched. She figured that her father was up in a window, watching her. He was really good at that. She decided that they could go inside and sit and talk, or something. She wasn't sure what there was to do around this kingdom, but she thought that it would be nice to find out. "Let us go back inside, Mr. Alexzander." As soon as she said his name, she remembered that it was her father that had told her his name, not the prince himself. She mentally slapped herself. It was such a simple mistake, how could she make it. "Do you like to read?" she asked him as they walked back. She was curious what all he read. She also wanted to ask him if there was somewhere to by and Plato or Aristotle around his kingdom. Since their didn't seem to have a copy anywhere. Her's was too worn to even read most of the words anymore.
  8. As they walked through the gardens he watched her admire the flowers. When they encountred flowers she had never seen before it looked as if she wanted to reach out and touch them...smell them, look at them closer. The prince liked how she seemed to have a greater love for simple things in life. It was an elegant trait and one that brought a small smile to his lips. Then they approached a bush of flowers that were a combination between a "Birds of Paradise" flower and a rose. Sayomi reached out her long pretty fingers and touched it's delicate petals. This flower was called the Queen's Crest. His father's gardeners had spent years patiently perfecting this flower for his mother. Then he listerned to her talk about this flower that bloomed in her country once a year. The way she described it, it sounded wonderful. And the flower wasn't the only thing that sounded wonderful. Sayomi's voice was beautiful...like a song he had never heard before and regretted not hearing any sooner. Then when he asked her if she wanted to go inside and she carefully considered her two choices. As she thought about it, he felt as if he was being watched. The prince chuckled a bit as he thought of his brother. Well...Really he didn't have a blood brother but his attendant Ian. He had long brown hair and deep blue eyes. Ian usually kept his hair loosely pulled back and his personality in check. Most of the time anyway. He was outgoing and friendly to everyone he met even if they weren't so kind to him. Ian was a few years younger than the prince so he was like a little brother. Ian's eyes probably peered out at him from his quarters on the top floor. Though it was a cramped space up there, Alexzander would not deny the view was spectacular...especilly of the Gardens. He wondered what Ian would think of this little commitment tonight. He would have to ask him tomorrow morning at breakfast when he saw him next. Then he finally recived his awnser as she said they would go back inside. He nodded and proceeded to escort her inside. She suddenly asked him if he liked to read. He looked over at her suprised but nodded happily.

    "I do love to read. With our family's extensive, lavish library there is still books that I, a book worm have not gotten around to reading yet. From Arosital to Aseop to Plato even Grimm's Fairy tales, we have a lot of books here. I can take you to the library if you like or if there is anything else you might want to see let me know. I'd be pleased to show you around anywhere else if that is what you desire Princesss."

  9. Sayomi smiled to herself when she saw the prince's smile. It was definatly something that he should wear more often. She noticed that the longer that she spent with him, the more she realized how good looking he actually was. He was a very handsome young man. She felt slightly bad because she didn't believe that he would be so good looking. The other princes that she met were unattractive, and were too full of themselves for it to matter whether or not they looked good or not. But so far, Alexzander was a gentleman. When he told her what all he enjoyed reading, she found him even that much more stunning. Any other male that she had met had always said that reading freely was for either boring people, or people who were not royalty. The one that didn't say that. As they walked, she paused long enough to pull the small book out of her bag. The cover was so faded that the name could not be read. That was how she got it from her father. She had never know the name of the book.

    "I always have a book on me I am afraid. I have been told that it is unladylike, but I cannot help it.. I am afraid that it is a weakness." She knew that she shouldn't have said such things, but she felt like he someone that she could actually talk to. But, her judgement wasn't always right either. Though she wished that maybe they could talk after this visit, since he listed two of her favorite authors, it would not kill her if they did not. "As Much as I would love to see your library, I am afraid that I must decline. You might find me hidden in there weeks after you have thought that I have left." She said with a soft laugh. "I have read out books multiple times. It seems that lately, books have been something hard to come back in our kingdom." The pale girl said with a gentle shrug. When she glanced out a window, she could see the stars, and for a moment, what appeared to be a man. But when she blinked, he was gone. She figured that it was just the odd shapes in the garden that she wasn't used to.

    "You must have something that you want to do. Or at least an idea. I am only a guest. This is your house after all." She said with another laugh.