ROLEPLAY When to tell your partner you are done?

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  1. One of my partners has several roleplays with me, and we play all different characters. At first, it was fine because the person tagged me very often, but shortly after December the replies became nonexistent and I find myself bored.

    I keep my inbox tidy, I delete roleplays that are no longer valid and delete messages that are longer than a month between replies for regular messages.

    I've told the person a few times that I am more than fine with dropping a few, if not all but two of our roleplays. They refuse to drop, but they also refuse to tag.

    I feel like low key leaving the conversations and if they says anything, I'll just tell them I'm done waiting.

    I feel like they feel guilty but dont want to be an asshole, but I'm okay with it lol
  2. Okay. Here's the thing. Roleplay is a hobby. It's meant for fun. When you're no longer having fun, it becomes a chore. At no point should you ever be making yourself uncomfortable about wanting to drop something if it's not working out.

    I'm assuming you gave it your best shot and that you discusses possible changes to work out the kinks... If that didn't work than you're well within your right to tell the other player you're gonna call it. They can keep posting if they want, but in the end they can only really reply if you do. Eventually, they'll figure out that you were serious and move on.
  3. The only problem is that we are more than just roleplay friends. We talk on discord frequently, and he mentions that he will tag me or he is working on it. So, idk.
  4. Sounds like you need to just be as honest and straight forward as possible. Tell him you aren't feeling it and that you'd like to drop the entire thing. Explain that it's not something you wanna pursue again or pick up later and you won't be replying to it anymore. It'll probably hurt his feelings... I've been there, myself... with friends, too. But eventually you get past it.

    Is it a case where you could start something else to maybe soften the blow?
  5. We have like 8 roleplays together, lol. So, that's why I offered to keep our longest ones.
  6. And he's only replying to those right now? Or all of them?

    Or is it that you're wanting to drop them all, now? Sounds to me like he's really just not respecting your wishes... As long as you were clear, I see no reason why you can't tell him outright that it's not working. And if he continues to push, just gotta stop replying and remind him you said you weren't going to anymore.
  7. He doesnt respond to any of them, when he does it takes over a month and some of then I haven't even bothered to reply to due to lack of interest and knowing it will take him over a month to reply.
  8. Might just be a case then where he'll get it eventually, but it'll take until there's nothing left to reply to. If he asks, it's best just to tell him the truth about why you stopped responding and go from there.
  9. Good luck :-p Hope it works out for ya!