When time crashes together

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  1. Ever since man became smart enough to think, and begin to develop, the thought of time travel has been in their minds. Whether it is to experience what is was like to live then, or to see a future long past they will be dead, or even to fix a mistake or change something, the want has been there. Well for many years now, the government has been working on it. The reason behind it was unknown. The whole project, unknown to anyone without a top secret clearance, the few who were told by these people, before they were killed

    Now, in present day, the reason has been brought to light. There is a war about to break loose, that has been said for many many years, to end the world. And so, since the technology has been available, scientist began time travel to bring people from the past to come and help them. believing that certain people will be able to help stop it. They have brought into our modern world assassins, mercenaries, people with a blood lust so thick it should be relieved. They hoped, that they could control these people, bribe them, to help them stop this war from happening and save the world.

    But scientists didn't factor in the toll that traveling back and getting these people would cause, and soon, the time machine collapsed in on its self, and then the unthinkable happened. A small time vortex, something like what you hear about in books, came a live. Only for a short moment, gracing the world. People from all times, who were near the vortex were sucked in. People from our time, being sucked through to a before civilization, before Jesus was said to been born, and some sent into the future, when somehow the world rebuilt its self. Then people from past and present have come to our time.

    Nobody thought that the building of the time machine would be the reason for the war. And so, the war has begun, everyone is fighting for themselves, and fighting against the government, who wants to start nuclear wars, and who wants to eliminate 3/4 of the population, based off of selection. Looking at peoples genes to find the best. People must now fight in the ruins, and fight for their right to stay alive. Hiding from the government, and even from other people, who want to just go out and kill, making their chances of life higher.

    ne thing no one counted on, was that when the past opened to modern world, that the creatures of so called myth would be brought here. Making vampires, werewolves, and even dragons come alive in everyone's wildest fears. The world is dying, and there is so far, no hope in the light to stop it from happening. What will everyone do?
  2. Sayomi Chi

    Sayomi walked out of the burnt woods, and into the city. It smelled horrid , making her nose cringe. Her long black hair flowed about in the wind as she stopped to look at the chaos that was around her. Everything was ruined in some way, which was telling her that the government had come through the town . How recently, she wouldn't know until she got further in. She pulled out her gun, making sure that it was loaded, with an extra bullet in the chamber. Sayomi wasn't dumb enough to go out into an unknown city. There were chances of survivors, and of other demons and creatures like herself. Not all of them friendly. She gripped tight, then started her entry, quietly, and checking buildings for supplies or people. As she walked into a building, what it was before they came through, she couldn't tell. She heard a noise a turn quickly, aiming. There was a mother and her daughter, quivering. She pulled out a dry dinner from her bag, and tossed it to them, then turned and carried on her search.​
  3. Jakur grunted after a rough fall down a steep ravine. Now dirty and muddy, the veteran general climbed up the ravine again, his blue fingers digging into the muddy, ashen soil. Spitting dirt from his maw, he trudged onward for hours before entering a ruined city. A foul stench filled the air. The stench of death. He had smelled it often, and it was nothing new to him. He walked through the ruins, examining them thoroughly as he did so. Such architecture was odd. He had never seen it before. They were built from materials he had no idea what were. Not that it mattered. He knew little of where he was, but one thing he did know: this world had come to ruins by some wretched force. Jakur Aussir-Oth was sworn to protect every innocent and weak person of every race. Whatever happened here, he knew should not have happened. After walking for an hour, he spotted two females. Judging by their age and how they acted, he assumed mother and daughter. They stared at him as they ate their dry foods, their eyes wide with fear. They shrank back, but he smiled to them as warmly as he could. He reached into his belt and set down in front of them two red potions. Healing potions.

    "Drink these when you become sick and hurt," he said to them. An odd, foreign accent intertwined with his words, though he was very soft spoken and his sapphire eyes were tender as he gazed upon them. He clearly was not of this world. "They shall heal you and help you." With that, he bowed to them and continued forward.

    Soon, he spotted a lonely female. A hand on his blade grip, he approached her cautiously.

    "Who be you?" he called out, his voice loud this time and firm. "Speak, I know nothing of this land, and trust comes hard in unknown territory!"
  4. Sayomi Chi

    Sayomi jumped again, as she turned gun raised towards the man. She smiled, or more of a sneer
    "You know, it's not smart to bring a sword to a gun fight.." She said, her reddish brown eyes looking over the man. She had never seen any look like him., but then again she hadn't seen a lot of things. She didn't lower her weapon as she kept her eyes locked on him. "If I saw me, I wouldn't trust me either." Sayomi said with a cold laugh. As she was about to speak, she began to cough, little spurts of fire coming up from under her feet. The only time she lost control of her powers was either when she was sick, or very unnerved. After the coughing stopped, she put the gun away. "I am afraid that I cannot help you. I do not know much of this land either." Her voice rang out, sultry and soft. She wasn't about to tell some stranger her name. She wasn't that stupid.​
  5. Jakur sheathed his blade after she put her gun away. She did not appear too hostile, so he was not going to threaten her any longer. He approached her gradually, each of his steps deliberate.

    "There is something frightening about a soul who would not trust even themselves," he said philosophically. "You are different from the others of this land. You have abilities. Do you know of what has happened to this world? Or how I may return to mine own?" he inquired.

    The blue Draconis was caked in mud and dried blood. He had not been here long and he had already gotten himself into a fight to the death, by the looks of it. Despite the grime and gore, Jakur was an exceptionally handsome creature, very appealing to the eye.

  6. Sayomi Chi


    Sayomi gave a soft laugh "Yes, well I know what I have done. And its not the best of things." she explained. She ran her fingers through her hair as she was able to examine him better the closer he got. He was very much a looker, which usually would fluster most girls, but Sayomi knew that she wasn't the pretties, far from it in her opinion, and just made peace with it. "What century are you from?" She inquired. She was very curious to his story. Finally, she went to him, circling around him, examining everything about him, trying to figure out what she could on her own. She was surprised to see how tall the man was. She stood at five foot nine inches, and he had nearly a foot on her. Also about a hundred pounds of muscle more. Sayomi was tall, and slender, she wasn't stick thin as most girls she had run into, but she wasn't chubby. She was the perfect weight, and though she didn't like it, she had muscles on her, a very good amount. "No gun, only a sword, and a dagger in your boot. We will need to find out a gun, and teach you." She felt obligated to help people, which was usually why she did. Though the young and old, she truly did want to help.She reached into her bag, and pulled out a piece of red ribbon, and a bottle of water. She handed the water out for him. "You look like you could use this. Drink it and save it, or drink it and wash a little of yourself clean. I can get more." She stated as she pulled her hair up and tied the ribbon to hold it up. ​
  7. "The Maker forgives us all," he said softly. He watched her encircle him several times using his peripheral vision. He kept his head forward. He stood tall and proud. A soldier, that was for sure. A veteran. The scars on his face and hands alone showed that. "A female warrior. Interesting," he said aloud. "I am from the year 10236, and I hail from the great nation of Numinor, on the beautiful world of Drakur. I serve my king, Alexhandr Ral Denthanor. I know not exactly how I got here, but I have been upon this planet for a week in time now. Folk flee from my sight. I have met none that could be called allies. Only feeble, frightened civilians and hostile soldiers. Keep your gunpowder weaponry," he said politely. "I do not need such contraptions when I am a cyromancer."

    With that, he flicked his hand forward, palm spread out. From it shot a three inch long ice spike that stuck into the ruined wall in front of him, puncturing through the other side. "Magic does not fail you if you know how to wield it. And thank you," he replied, taking the red ribbon and bottle of water. He opened the bottle and poured it all over his face and arms, then proceeded to use the red ribbon to clean the dirt and gore off of him. After five minutes of cleaning, he was still filthy, but not nearly as much as he was earlier. Jakur was even better looking cleaned, though his scars were more easily seen.
  8. Sayomi Chi


    Sayomi looked at him, fascinated, and without a flinch, his ice melted. "Fire, not always visible." she promptly told him. Though she could not mold things with her fire, she can make it hot enough to not see, and can do something like teleporting with it. She gave a delicate laugh, a mixture of amusement, and of bitterness. "I am not a warrior per say. I am an assassin. But that is not my only job. I am also a scientist. And it seems that this maker of which you speak has brought you to me for some answers." She explained a little about herself, the things that can't come back and bit her later. "You though, you are a warrior of the past. You are a general, or something of higher ranks. Only they hold their heads so proudly to someone who might try and kill them when they least expect. Because they know that they can handle whatever the situation is. And because you put your weapon away. Most soldiers won't do that due to lack of experience." she stated what she thought was true to this strange, but interesting man. Once again though, she started to cough, her fangs clearly visible. They weren't as long as when she had a need to feed, but still much longer than normal human teeth. Once her coughing ceased, Sayomi looked back to the stranger. "How about you come with me, and help me look around the town. Then if it becomes night time, I know a safe place to sleep, with running water. I will also answer any questions you have. Which my answers should be more than what you are hoping for."
  9. "A pyromancer, assassin, and a vampire. How intriguing," he stated plainly. "And aye, I am a High General. I command my liege's entire force if he desires me so." He was proud of his heritage, this much was certain. He cocked his scaled head to the side as she coughed, and then looked at her with a benevolent, caring expression on his thus-far blank scaled face. "You are ill, my lady," he said. "I know of some Light magicks, and could heal you, depending on your ailment." He bowed low as he offered his assistance. Draconis were taught to offer help to those who required it, and to be polite and humble when asking for permission to assist.

    After several moments of deep thought, the Draconis general bowed again. "Aye, m'lady, I shall accompany you. Two warriors are better than one, and you are the only one in my journey thus far who I can possibly call an ally. Fret not, for I am not an inquisitive creature. I will not barrage you with nonsense questions. If you wish to tell me about yourself, then you must do it on your own accord. You may however, ask me a questions, if your curiosity is strong. Know that some questions I may deny answering."
  10. Sayomi Chi


    Sayomi gave a soft laugh. "It's boring to just be one thing anymore. Just as you , you are some sort of dragon, or lizard, but dragons are much more fascinating ." She didn't apologize for staying that, even though if he was a lizard, it wouldn't be the greatest thing to hear. Though her Sayomi's facial expressions changed, her eyes stayed distant and cold, something that she had to teach herself. "I am not interested in the magic that you speak of thank you. Either I must fight though it, or die trying. Plus, I have had this sickness for awhile." She stated simply. She did hate coughing, but she didn't want the help of others. . She was too stubborn for it. "As for answers, I didn't mean about myself, though you may ask, and like you, there is certain things that I will not answer, and I will ask you to respect that, even though I am sure you will. But the answers I speak of, I meant your questions of how you got here, why, and all of those. I know almost anything to do with this matter. Now, let us be off." She stated as the sun hit her smooth, pale and flawless skin. Nothing on her body showed scars, even though there should be multiple. It was something about the demon in her. She turned, black silky hair twirling behind her, and started back on her mission of finding more supplies, even though she had another big military style bag filled with them hidden in the woods. They needed to get going before the sun started to set, since that is when militia and other demons were to come out.​
  11. "I am a Draconis," he informed her, keeping his tone benign and not condescending. "We are descendants from the mighty Dragons. A few Draconis may harness the ancient powers and return to their feral forms at will. But, as I said, only very few can accomplish such a feat." He unfurled his beautiful sapphire wings to her, looking majestic as he walked beside her. His wings were scarred though. Nasty gashes and cuts were scattered all over.

    "Do not let foolish pride become your demise, my lady. I can heal you if you so wish. I will not force it upon you, but I do pray you change your mind. None should suffer so when they need not," Jakur said softly. "As for why I am here, I know not. I was inspecting a company of soldiers when I awakened upon this world, away from everything I love. Why I am here, I believe it is the Maker's will. I have a purpose upon this plane, so I will carry onward."

    As he walked with her, the scars on his face became even more apparent. Jakur was lucky he had been blessed with good looks, because the mutilation upon his figure was quite much. A testament to his battle prowess above all else.
  12. Sayomi Chi


    Sayomi marveled at his wings, they were like nothing she had ever seen, she had to stop for a few seconds to actually get to look at them. They were scared, as was the rest of him, which would have told her, if he hadn't already, that he was a great warrior. The scars made her think about how magnicifcent he looked before all of them. Once again, she walked. "I am sorry if I said sounded rude. I do not know much about different creatures, there is some that I know about, some that I know a little, and others, like you, I put common sense to use. Most of my time was spent in other fields, mostly science and math." She apologized, which was something that almost never did, but she didn't feel like trying to conqure this city alone, so it would be nice to have an Alli to help. "I do thank you for your offer, but I can get over it, no matter how long it takes. You should have your talents and the such for people that actually need it." Besides her fire, and science smarts, Sayomi didn't have much other talents. Unless one was to consider that she could be out in the sun. But that was no mistake. Her father had mated with a human, figuring that it would make her able to be out in the sun. It started out he wanted a minion of sorts, but like any father, started to care for his daughter. She then decided to offer some sort of help to him. It didn't help him much, but most people would adorn the chance. "I cannot offer any magics, or the like, but I can offer to get rid of some of your scars." Once more, she reached into her bag, and pulled out a bottle of a strange looking liquid. "This here, is something I made myself. It heal wounds of the surface, and fixes scaring. Much like my own body does." She explained to him. The liquid was actually something that was made from her blood and genes. She was able to find the isotope that made her skin heal quickly and scar free and was able to change it to a topical ointment. She was going to show the other scientiest when everything happened. "Your questions as for why you are here, will take some time to explain. And it started out, not as your maker, but the humans, and some help from others. They made a machine that made it possible to travel back in time. But that must have angered something, for it imploaded, causing people to go every which way in time." She gave him the simpelist explinatin that she could muster at the moment.​
  13. Aida finally awoke and slowly sat up, noticing a mess around her. She was grimy and it did not help her mood in the slightest bit. "Bloody- seriously? What a brilliantly wonderful way to start my day," she muttered sarcastically her slight British accent popping through. She had spent years controlling it, but when she was mad enough, it did shine through.

    She reached to bring her hand to her head because it was pounding, and found herself all matted in mud. "This is IT!" she yelled, not caring if anyone heard her. "This is the last straw! Seriously, what just happened?" She then working on calming herself down. This was not proper, nor was it a good thing to do. She needed to keep her head straight. She then focused on using her good hearing to see what was going around her. She just didn't want to see anything right now. Especially how bad she looked.

    She caught up on possibly two people conversing. She tried to keep her mind steady and focused to hear what they were saying.
  14. It was a couple of days ago when the werewolf had woken up in this strange and new world. It was a place of destruction and stone. Not the grassy, forested area where he was stalking his most recent prey for his next paycheck. Everything that had happened was still fuzzy, and no matter how hard he tried he couldn't remember.It bothered him but there wasn't anything that could be done. Rowen had founf a few survivers here and there. More recently he discoverd a mother and child hiding away in a strange stone structure. They had looked frightened so he showed them a mercy by bringing them food a few times, whatever food he could spare. But he had to move on, staying in one area too long had proved to be dangerous in this world. As he moved along he caught two scents.

    One was recognizable as a the stench of a vampire...the other was a strange scent he had never smelled before. Rowen slowly followed the scents, watching where he trod and stayed hidden from anyones eyes. Suddenly his sensitive ears caught the frustrated yells of a young woman. The werewolf went in the direction of the voice and found a woman sitting up; surrounded by a mess. He just watched for a a little while from the shadows. She became alert, listening carefully. Thinking that he had been detected he growled a bit under his breathe and silently lunged forwards; fishing a nasty looking dagged from his boot. He knelt behind her and pulled her against him, covering her mouth with his hand so she wouldn't scream. Rowen leaned in closer so his shaggy blonde hair brushed lightly across her face. His grip remained firm as he spoke to her in hushed tones. His voice was a bit husky but firm and with a strong british accent.

    "If you keep yelling like that your likely to die out here very quickly...so keep yelling and I'll stick you. Cause I don't want to end up dead...."

    He sighed and realized how hard he was being on the woman and tucked the dagger back into his boot with one hand.
  15. Aida was surprised. She must be losing her touch if someone was able to sneak up on her that quickly. She mentally kicked herself because she was acting like a newbie, when she has really been living for a long time. She just got so used to acting like the others that she looked like that she started to behave like them naturally. Then she whiffed and caught his scent.... werewolf. Bloody hell, she was caught by a werewolf. She was truly losing it. She knew he might not be able to hear her, with his hand over her mouth and all, but it was worth a shot.

    "If you don't mind, could you please get your stinking pa- I mean, can you take your hand off? You're making it hard to breathe."
    She stated calmly, controling her accent and making it sound American. She knew he was right and that she had over reacted, but seriously, did he not as well? "To be honest, I hadn't noticed you. I just heard others conversing elsewhere. And was trying to hear what they had been saying. She then thought about her situation, and was surprised he hadn't fully attacked her. She had heard that there were some conflict between some Vampyres and werewolves, but he hadn't fully went out to hurt her. She was unsure as to why such conflict existed, as she was not raised with others of her kind, but it was a rumor none-the-less. Maybe the rumor had been wrong.
  16. Sayomi's mind stopped working as the breeze hit her and she smelt something. something the young vampire hadn't smelt in a long time. Long since after her mother withered away as a human, and only seconds before her and her father came to this time. It was a werewolf. Without thinking, she started off, attempting to find the creature. Her mind was concentrated on one thing, as she was taught. To find and eliminate the beast. As she ran, the red ribbon slid off her hair, and landed on the ground. If she had noticed, she would have stopped and picked it up. It was her mothers. And though she many others, that one was special to her. She could get short burts of smell, meaning that he was in a building. But where. After a few minutes of exploring, she found the general area. The creatures scent bouncing between two buildings. She crouched, and hid in the shadows. Though her green eyes pierced through the dark. They were unlike any vampire's before her, and were sure to be some of the only after her too. As the pale skinned girl crouched in anticipation, she held back coughs, causing her chest to feel like it was on fire, and small sparks to burst out every now and again. She just hoped that it looked like light relections off the cans around her.
  17. Alex Hendon


    "Shit" Alex muttered as he awoke from what seemed like a lifetime of slumber, he felt like a there was an earthquake inside of his head, "Where the hell am I!" he said in his head, "Okay, I need to get my bearings" this was his militant, rational side kicking in, he immediately looked around to find the nearest newspaper "Riots all over the world as Government attempts to hide truth behind Time Travel device", really? Alex knew he was in deep now, no matter where he was. He was about to throw the half burnt paper on the ground when he realized the date! It definitely wasn't 2032, what the heck? First priority, find out exactly where he was, find someone, anyone! He loaded his Magnum and left the crumbling building he was in.​
  18. He moved his hand and in doing so the smell he had ignored before came to him. She was a Vampyre...A growl rose in his throat but he couldn't kill her. Even back home he had never took a job that required a woman to be killed. Rowen stood up and looked down at her.

    "And I didn't know you were here until you shouted..."

    He listened to her speak and nodded.

    "I know...I've smelled two different scents...Who you heard was probably who I smelled..."

    Suddenly everything went dead silent and his senses kicked in. Somthing was off and he put one of his fingers to his lips, silencing the Vampyre next to him. Slowly he reached down and pulled the ugly looking Dagger from his boot. He readied it. Rowen's body twitched in anticipation as he smelt the scent of the other Vampyre coming closer and closer. A smirk slid across his lips; his body ready to move in anyway he needed to, even shift if that's what it ment. He spoke to the girl behind him nearly silently.

    "Looks like we have a guest...Get ready."
  19. Aida was surprised and glad that he had understood her. She took in his comment about two different scents, and kept that at the back of her mind. That only confirmed two others, which was useful information. When she was getting ready to respond back to him, he put one of his fingers on her lips, meaning to silence her. Letting her old self sink back in and try to erase the new instincts she had developed to fit in with today's youth, she took this as a warning, and tried to use her senses to figure out what he had noticed.

    There was another coming near them. The smell of the werewolf overrided her sense of smell, so she didn't try to use it. Instead, she tried to focus on her hearing, and nodded to acknowledge that she had heard him. She crouched preparing to attack if she needed to. She wasn't going to be caught off guard again. She let her eyes scan around them to see if she could notice anything different.

    When she saw the sparks. "There," she whispered, pointing.