When The world falls (Fallout 3/New Vegas inspired RP)

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  1. The year is 2049 and its been 200 years after the second cold war between the major super powers of the world and which ended with a nuclear winter that has drastically changed the world. People have survived the aftermath of the war in underground vaults in mountains for the last 200 years and now on the 3rd June 2049 the levels of radiation have been low enough for people to come out the vault though there aren't many people who were privileged to go in to a vault and half the worlds population were killed by the blasts of the first nukes hitting their targets as most people thought it was just another drill but this time it was real.
    despite the blasts there are people who were mutated by the radiation called Nuke Ghouls and then there are factions of survivors who are trying to rebuild the American Deep south where this RP Is set . The main factions fighting for control are the ANC(Arkansas National Republic) and the Golden Eagle Legion and the mysterious Brother hood of Steel who are more interested in Preserving what little remains of pre war tech.

    :Map of the Deep South:
    Please introduce your Character in the first post using the following format oh and ad a picture of your character if you want to.
    Vault Number or Faction or both or none:
    Oh one more thing
    Base rules
    No god modding
    Power Gaming(taking over someone else Characters actions
    (other than that ..Have fun XD)
    Name:Chuck Hanson
    Age: 18
    Race: Human
    Vault Number: 101
    Chuck Stepped up to the control terminal near to the vault door and pressed the button to release the lock mechanism and open the door. The lock mechanism moved forward and slotted in to place in the hole in the gear shaped vault door. as it turned the sound of slightly stiff machinery filled the room then the lock mechanism pulled the Vault door back and Disengaged from the lock hole in the door and returned to its position in a slot in the ceiling.The Vault door slid aside and let in the hot half Desert half swamp air. Chuck turned his nose up at the foul
    dry swam air. a man approached chuck as he was about to leave and called out "Chuck hey Come back your not meant to go out there not with out the right kit its suicide with out the proper gear" and hands Chuck a Pistol,Knife,Rad-away, 5 Stem packs and a bottle of purified water. "thanks" Chuck replies as he puts the Rad-Away and Stem packs in to pouches on his belt and puts the knife in to a sheath on the side of his belt. "Good luck out their Chuck Remember Stay safe and watch out for pockets of radiation" doc
    called out as Chuck left vault. after Chuck got out side the vault door sealed shut again.
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  2. Name: Hadrian Reid
    Gender: male
    Race: human
    Vault number: 105
    (( will add picture soon))


    Hadrian had only been out of the vault for one hour an had already collected enough supplies and materials to last a few weeks. He carried a sniper rifle and a rusty knife given to him by his father right before he died.
    Hadrian walked along the ruined, dust covered road passing several sinister buildings( or what's left of them). Every few steps he took he turned to see if he was being followed by some form of mutant or creature.
  3. Traveling the waste wasn't easy the rad scorpions were attacking every 5 miles as he head towards another vault with the supply he checks his pip boy's map and follows the way point but gets surrounded by some bighorns. "shoo shoo" Chuck shouts at the big horns but they charge and he dives out the way of the first of the two bighorns only to get hit by the other. his pip boy makes a ping and says "warning left leg is crippled seak medical aid". Chuck uses on of his stim pack and uses Vats to shoot the first Bighorner in the head sending 5 of the 9mm rounds in to the bighorns head and it fell dead at his feet. as the second one charges and he fires his last round in to it killing it spontaneously as he fired at near point blank. knowing it was out of ammo and it was the only thing he had he walked the last mile to vault 104 just outside of little rock.
  4. [​IMG]

    Name:Wilson Yordstorm
    Age: 29
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human(Augmented.)
    Faction: The Brotherhood of Steel
    Chapter: Kentucky Chapter, Camp Elle
    Position: Aviator, Paladin Branch.

    Well above the twisted, lifeless, and drained landscape of what was once the border between Kentucky and Arkansas, the twin turbines of a Brotherhood Vertibird droned, the heavily armored VTOL making it's way from it's former station, to what was hoped to be a place of refuge. Within, sat Paladin Yordstorm, the VTOL's pilot, and single occupant.. And for all he knew.. The only survivor of Camp Elle.

    Just hours before, everything had been completely normal. There had been no Intel of an incoming attack. He was even scheduled for a routine air patrol, crossing into the Tennessee border. Obviously, that didn't happen. Before anyone knew what was going on, half of the camp had been decimated by RPG fire. The compound had been breached. Initial reports suggested that the Elder in charge had been killed, along with the Chief Paladin, but no one had a chance to make sure. As soon as the first explosions rang across the airfield, Hoss rushed his squad to their Vertibird, knowing immediately that they'd do no good on the ground. The plan had been to provide close air support to friendly forces on the ground, but by the time they'd crossed the tarmac, each of them had been torn apart, by either errant gunfire, or shrapnel.

    Paladin Yordstorm made several passes of the camp, unleashing the nose-mounted Gatling laser into the converging forces which dotted the hills around the perimeter, but he knew it was no good. Without even knowing -who- had Slaughtered his Brethren, he set a course for the nearest Brotherhood base, which he knew was in the far side of Arkansas. He'd barely gotten thirty miles away when he felt the air itself shake around him, tossing his Vertibird from side to side. He knew it wasn't turbulence. It was the final "Screw you" of his Brethren, refusing to let their equipment, knowledge, and technology fall into undeserving hands, and thus detonating the Fission Reactor that powered their Camp.

    "Farewell, my Brothers. May you all rest in peace." He murmured. With that, he turned on his Bird's comm system, verifying that it's encryption functions were active. He then toggled his headset, and spoke
    "Copper Talon Four, to Little Rock AFB. I say again, this is Copper Talon Four, hailing Little Rock Air force Base, do you copy?"
    "Roger that Copper Talon. This is the Jacksonville ATC. We weren't aware of any flight itineraries inbound from Camp Elle. What's your reason for being airborne?"
    "Camp Elle is gon--" Hoss was cut off in mid-sentence by the Vertibird's sudden, and violent pitch forward. Immediately, he realized that he'd lost primary electrical power, taking the Comms with it. He'd thought his Bird had made it out unscathed, but clearly that wasn't the case. Glancing at his altimeter, he was slowly dropping, making his way down from eight-thousand feet. He'd never make it to Jacksonville, he knew. It was just on the other side of Little Rock, but that was just too far. He heard it now. The distinct whine of failing Turbines. It grew in pitch as the left turbine burnt out the last of it's Hydraulic fluid. the entire wing was spitting out smoke now, making a spectacle for anyone within eyeshot on the ground far below.

    Hoss had been in one crash before, and liked to think he'd get through this one too, but in reality, he wasn't certain. All he knew was that he'd have to ride it out, and do everything he could to make as smooth of a crash landing as possible.

    (((To clarify, no, nothing has crashed yet, nor is it quite obvious -where- it'll be crashing.. Not yet at least. :P )))
  5. Hadrian made his way over to the tallest of the ruined building and began to climb up to the roof slowly being careful he does not fall. Finally getting to the top he lay down on the strongest part if the roof, he was up there to shoot passers by so he could steal there stuff mainly medicine as he had found none while traveling.
    Hadrian watched but only saw the occasional bit of tumbleweed bounce past all he wanted was a sign of human life even if he was planning to kill the next person he saw. Hadrian placed his gun on the side of the roof so he could grab something to eat from a brown satchel that was at his side.
  6. after visiting vault 404 to deliver supplies chuck wonders off in to little rock picking his way through the ruined buildings and empty caravans that were dotted across the main street. he picked up from one an lasor pistol and some ammo and a caravan shotgun with ammo along with rad-away and a doctors bag and some caps one and two bottles of sunset sarsaparilla one with a blue star on its cap. chuck new that any more drinks he found he would either have to leave or drink on the spot as he didn't want to get to weighed down with to many items on him.
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  7. Eight thousand. Seven-fifty. Seven. He was dropping fast. He'd be on the ground in less than two minutes. Unless he acted quickly. He might've lost battery power, but he still had one turbine, maybe two, if the other one didn't burn out too quickly. The hydraulics were still functional. Flight controls were still responding. This could be salvaged. This could be survived.

    With the flip of a switch, the Vertibird's wing-mounted flaps were lowered by half, giving the ailing aircraft more lift, thus slowing it's decent. He then gripped the red T-shaped handle beside his turbine throttle controls, and yanked it hard. From within each turbine compartment came a loud hiss, followed by white mist, as the integrated fire extinguishers fired off. The left wing's smoke was now a light gray, and just barely. He'd given himself more time.

    With another glance to his altimeter, he breathed a sigh of relief as it read just above six-thousand feet. It was a controlled decent now, but ground contact was imminent. In the event of a flight malfunction, or failure, Brotherhood protocol mandated that friendly forces be notified at once.. But without primary power, the long-wave broadcasting system was out. His only option would be the short-wave AM transmitter, though it was unencrypted, and a long shot that anyone, especially the Brotherhood of Steel would hear it. Given his current situation, he didn't exactly have a surplus of options, so against his better judgment, he toggled the AM transmitter, and spoke again, clear, and calm, with just the slightest whine of the aircraft in the background.

    "Mayday, mayday, mayday. This is Copper Talon Four to B.O.S. recipients. Copper Talon Four to any Brotherhood of Steel recipients. I--.. We've encountered a moderate flight failure. We will not make it to Little Rock Air force Base. Requesting D.A.R.T. along flight path Seven Charlie.." After repeating his message once more, he flipped off his comms, relying on the Brotherhood to still have the flight paths mapped out. Of course, anyone within a five mile radius could just follow the plume of smoke, or dust, depending on his landing. He'd done what he could, as far as that went. Looking forward, out of his view port, he could see a collection of buildings, toppled towers, and ruins, the remains of Little Rock, he knew. He'd been out this way twice before, with his Flight Instructor at the time.. The area didn't look too different, since then.

    Just below the throng of buildings on the horizon, he saw a long, winding open field. He'd knew there used to be a large river going into, and through Little Rock. He'd guessed this was it. Plenty of room to land, whether he tilted his rotors up, like a helicopter, or kept them horizontal, like a plane. He was on his final approach now, quickly descending to gain more speed and thus, more control. He then made sure his harness was secure, as well as grabbing his helmet, and locking it into place. His impromptu Landing Zone was less than two miles out, with the buildings and all being another three, at the most. He could always seek shelter there, while awaiting rescue, he thought to himself.. But first.. He'd have to land, which'd be happening in less than two minutes now.
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  8. Name: Ryan Castellen
    Age: 38
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Vault Number or Faction or both or none: Vault 39, an abandoned & disused vault that
    Appearance: http://www.solar-fissure.com/te-mod/GDI1.jpg
    Current Vehicle:

    The walker stomped over the ground, the gait shifting the structure from side to side. His target was simple; bombard Little Rock to cause a great ruckus. A truck behind me carries extra munitions and energy cells.

    As I slowed down from a fast, mile-eating walk down to a slow, one-foot-at-a-time walk, I reach over to the cannon control joystick, pulling it back to make the cannon raise, until it's raised to a 51 degree position. I reach to a slider on the opposite side, and push it down, and the cabin of the walker is flooded with red light, and a very low, but a very resounding klaxon sounds, warning anyone in a small radius around the walker. A shell automatically slides into the specialized auto-loader, and it slams it home. Then the Autoloader locks in, so as to keep the shell inside and able to allow the explosive gunpowder to push the round out, and not just explode out the back, and a small green light turns on in the cabin.

    I take hold of the cannon control joystick, and push the red button on the top, which fires the cannon, giving the ground another shiver, a very loud Boom, that would no doubt carry to many ears, and a thin stream of smoke that follows the slug as it arcs up and away.
  9. Name: Jakl Krimm
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human (Augmented)
    Vault Number or Faction or both or none: Vault 000, a Hidden Crimson Dragoon Facility

    After years of training in the hidden Crimson Dragoon facility, Vault 000, Jakl had finally defeated his holographic master, earning the right to be the first to leave the Vault in over 200 years.
    Along with this honor, he was granted a set of stealth armor to upgrade as he saw fit, as well as the right to forge his own blade from the few remaining materials left over from before the war.
    After testing out his new gear on the practice ranges, he left the Vault with Klaw, a talking robotic radscorpion, that usually stays attached to his back or arm, to seek his fortune in the Wastes.
    Several months later, he joined a caravan that assisted him in ridding a gorge of a Deathclaw infestation, which he is now en route to deliver a package for.

    After walking for several hours, Jakl happened upon a small town and decided to rest.

    "What're you doin' sittin' around here for, we've got a job to do, ya varmint!" Klaw chided as Jakl sat down to review Klaw's built in PipBoy to see what supplies he needed to acquire while in town.

    "I'm merely reviewing our inventory to make sure we've got enough to make it to the drop point." Jakl replied, sighing as he checked his meager inventory for something he could sell for a few extra caps. "You don't want to have to walk their yourself do you?"

    "You've got a point there pardner, but nothing that won't fit in my storage compartment! I'm still achin' from last time!"

    "You, my friend, have a deal."
  10. Leaving little rock Chuck intended to see if he could sell some old B.O.S armour he found in a old shack with skeleton in the armour. it looked important so he though he better look for The brother hood of steel and return the favour after all they saved his family and the vault from being over run by rad scorpions when chuck was only 2 and ever since he saw them as heroes.
  11. As Jakl scrolled through Klaw's inventory, he found:

    Inventory (open)
    Jakl's Fang, his self-made, specially designed Katana and Saya, which he always keeps at his side
    A Modified Laser Pistol, retrofitted with a Microfusion Breeder
    A Glock 86 Plasma Pistol
    A 9mm Pistol with an Extended Magazine and Scope
    Small Energy Cells, totaling to 64 charges, including those present in the weapon
    9mm Clips, 20 rounds apiece, totaling 60 rounds, including those present in the weapon
    4 Stimpaks
    A package of RadAway
    2 Bottles of Rad-X
    4 bottles of Purified Water
    3 food sanitizers

    A bag containing:
    Broc Flowers
    Xander Roots
    Small pouches of Healing Powder

    437 Caps

    "I can probably sell the sanitizers, since you've already got one built-in, but would you rather see if we can find some animals to eat instead of risking out few caps here?"

    "Pardner, you've still got plenty of room in here, and you can afford to spend a few caps, but if you're willing on waitin' 'til we get to the next town, I'm all for leavin'."

    Out of the blue, a Vertibird was plummetting out of the sky, heading in the direction of the city.

    "Klaw, can you calculate where it's most likely to land."

    "Way ahead of ya, pardner. It'll crash not far from here, and it should stop about half a mile North by Northwest of where you're standin'. Let me guess, you wanna see if there're gonna be any survivors."

    "And collect some parts for equipment. We may even find some stuff for those upgrades we talked about the other day."

    "Now you're speakin' my language," the cyber scorpion said as he closed his hatch and jumped onto Jakl's back,"let's get goin'!"

    Moving near the location Klaw told him, Jakl sat in wait, mere moments before the bird should impact as he braced himself for the storm of earth that was about to be unleashed.
  12. upon stumbling across an old Gunpowder gang hideout Chuck found some warm irradiated nuka cola as it always was and a knife and a shotgun with shells loaded and 20 ammo boxes he crams them in to his inventory upon chucking out some old sunset sarsaparilla. after a long walk he came across a person talking to a bird thing and he called out "hey there"