When The World Ends, Legends Are Created. (Fantasy/Horror/Adventure!)

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  1. A Call To Those Listening
    "This will be our world. The world of Esslia will now know the wrath of us Fogborn. Flee for your life impudent creatures, warn all of mankind the Reckoning is upon them."
    The First Warning.

    It had been seven moons since the first sighting of the ominous mist that left nothing more than total death upon a far-away countryside. Heavy fog rolled through leaving nothing more than bones and destruction. It was as if a million voices cried out only to be suddenly silenced forever. Buildings remained unscathed while anything that once was born of flesh covered the green grass in its entirety.

    A sickly king rests upon his bed with a final wish given to his youngest of three sons. A boy not yet attuned to the cruel ways of this reality. Bequeathed upon him are the dying breath of a king too great to ever succeed. The young boy turned leader watched with teared orbs as life faded from a man thought to be entirely invincible.
    "Go my son, in the name of thy kingdom. Gather our allies and warn them of this great danger."

    Lost to the world of responsibility the boy turned to the only person he could trust, the eldest of a trio of prince's and a loving brother, for advice on how to tackle such an enormous task at hand. The elder brother took the task upon his own shoulders leaving the kingdom to the hands of the late King's trusted council-people. In the dead of night two siblings departed from a devastated port carrying nothing more than the bare essentials for survival at its most primitive of forms. Their arrival upon the far casted port-town was ill-received, unwarranted look of displeasure as if their appearance was nothing short of an omen. That was when postings began to appear around the posh city of Telraidia. The message was simple, sweet and to the point.

    "A young prince and his brother are seeking the aid of experienced men and woman to aide us on a journey to the far continents. Paying well in gold, all expenses for travel will be paid in full. Bring nothing more than your skills and experience and combative essentials. Any of those interested may meet us in the port-side inn four sunrises from the first festival."

    And so, they two brothers waited for anyone... anyone at all... to answer their call.​

    History of Esslia
    They call themselves The Fogborn, or so the myth says. Old folklore spoke of such entities calling them nothing short of civilized world’s absolute worst nightmare. Most bat their eyes at such a tale even though talk of such demons was quite common in the world of Esslia. It is a world shared by many species and races as well as a plethora of demonic monsters known as ‘Fiends’. These monsters make traveling between distances even as small as village-to-village nearly impossible without some sort of paid protection. Such a job became so lucrative that mercenary companies began to form in various parts of the worlds. As time ticked forward more and more of these companies formed creating a tensed situation as to which company controlled what territory, it was clear that such a situation was destined to implode entirely. The Red Water company encroached on the Crystal Wood company’s territory near the Blood Flats of Mag’Lan. This caused what is known as the Ferust War, sending the world of Esslia into a century-long conflict. The war settled after one hundred and seven years of greed-driven slaughtering and eventually formed what is now known as the ‘Titan Freelance Council’.

    The Council found itself at a seat of power that would ultimately lead them to controlling most of the free world, effectively establishing a unified leadership that bound each continent together under a uniform democracy styled government. At first many, such as the orcs and elves were opposed to a system as their own beliefs directly conflicted with their own established ways of leading society. Tension grew once more but the Titan Council eventually came to agreeance with those who sought sovereignty. The Titan Council disbanded and formed with a newly fashioned system that allowed a representative from each government to speak on behalf of their people and principles. This gave birth to the still standing ‘Free Mason Council’. Peace finally found itself as a comfortable silence directed progress continually forward.

    People of all races and talents are universally respected and recognized, especially those special enough to have been born with the natural ability to tap into the magicks. Only those born with natural talent of tapping into the special energy the flows within all living beings known as Illium. This naturally occurring energy is self-sufficient and self-replenishing similar to energy the body makes when digesting food. While using Illium won’t negatively impact the user IF used properly and therefore it must be maintained and controlled properly. Overusing Illium or attempting to cast a magic that would entirely deplete this energy leads to catastrophic organ failure and ultimately death. The user must know his own limitations before committing to a certain magick, meaning Illium can be a gift or curse depending on the potential of the user.

    A New Adventure Begins
    Esslia Map

    What is your reason for joining such an adventurer? Do you seek the fame and riches? Or perhaps your past endeavors now haunt you in the form of debts. Need you a traveling group to aid your runaway lifestyle? Perhaps your relationship with the law requires a swift relocation. Be on a pilgrimage and require assistance in the form of extra hands. Whatever your reasoning may be this is your best opportunity.​

    The main plot for this first story arc is quite simple in theory but there so much more to a story than what the cover may symbolize. In the map provided above, the group will meet for the first time in the country of Eurova in a large port-town named Telraidia. This port is famous for being a religious location in which many Paladins and Clerics start their initial pilgrimage. It is also the closest port to the western and northern continents meaning many tradesmen and merchants frequent Telraidia. This makes this city a large hub for many travelers and adventurers looking to travel inland.

    The group will make its initial destination in the middle of this eastern continent in the country of Verona where the Free Mason Council is headquartered. The road is long and winding, they will cross many monsters that will attempt to take their life for nothing more than imposing on their walk. There will be bandits looking for some coin and other traveling groups that may think your clothes look better on them they do on yourself. This is no easy journey and will test the mettle of even the most ironed of warriors.
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  2. Interested!

    What writing level will this be at?
  3. I am aiming for an advanced-level of writing with several (3-5) well thought-out paragraphs with character detail and story elements aiding the forwarding progress of the motion of things. I consider myself decently advanced, I can write miles of story with the right level of muse and good character involvement!

    If you have any questions lemme know! I left a lot open mainly to allow for those joining to have a hand in developing the world alongside myself.
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  4. Definitely interested, then. c:
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  5. Great! Glad to have ya!
  6. Yo you got it. Sign me up bruh.
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  7. I'd like at least two more people before I get the OOC and all the rest of the information up for people!

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  8. I am going to start writing an OOC tomorrow and hope others will get interested with a bit more information!
  9. I think maybe an overarching plot might grab a few more? c:
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  10. Yeah, I didn't give much for people to go on. I'll have something special up tomorrow though... err well today lol.
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  11. Having trouble putting the final thing together since BBC on Iwaku tends to work right ~10% of the time and I refuse to post a shitty looking OOX X_X
  12. Best advice ever given to me on BBCode for this site-- make absolutely sure that you close the tags in the exact opposite order that you opened them. Otherwise, it adds more closing tags where it thinks they're needed and just screws everything up. That fixed 99% of the problems I've ever had with it.
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  13. Yeah I've learned that the hard way.
    My issue is that I have to open BBC editor to remove things like random center and font tags. Just mind numbing! I am almost done though!
  14. Character Sheets and Classes will be updated today
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