When the World Burns: Testing the waters with one of my great ideas (at least... I think it's great)



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In a time far distant the residents of earth have sent out many efforts to spread their race across the heavens. but some disaster unknown to the newly founded colony on a planet near the edge of the galaxy causes communications and supply shipments to cease. the lack of infrastructure to support their current level of technology plunged the colony into and effective dark age. Eons later most of the populous has forgotten their origins and in a world nearing resource depletion and as of yet no functional space flight position tensions rose. A brilliant scientist and the owner of the largest reasearch and manufature of weapons in the world attempted to put and end to the near constant war that seized the nations of this new world.

creating a weapon of mass destruction this man attempted to hold the world at ransom in a policy knows as mutually assured destruction where he would sell these weapons too all nations so that any further war would destroy them all. But the first public demonstration of this weapon that was meant to prove it's power went horridly wrong. the energy field that was designed to pull apart all the matter inside and put it back together it at random reducing all to dust didn't implode as expected and instead continued expanding at an languid but unstoppable pace consuming the surface of the world in a never ending cycle of chemical reactions that caused the earth to burn.

the population of the planet was forced to flee to the skies in massive ships floating mile after mile of the surface up into the air so grow plants and support themselves. but now five centuries later these ships are breaking down, they have been living off salvaged parts and Jerry riged power systems for decades. it's only a matter of time before they all fall from the sky and burn in the hell bellow. their only hope lays in the old legend of a vessel that watches over the the planet from behind the massive thick layer of storm clouds that now block the path to the stars and have only grown strounger fules by the heat of hell below.