When the Wolves Hunt the Fox

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  1. As Tegan drove into town the weather had shifted from cold to cold and rainy, she cursed mother nature for the downpour on the official first day of summer. Cold and rainy was great weather for nothing but keeping people indoors she thought to herself with a sigh realizing that meant her early shift at The White Albatross, a quaint bookstore and teashop at the very edge of town, would be slow if not completely dead all together.

    The closer she got to the hub of the town the louder the wind howled and the faster the rain pummeled down on the old trucks windshield. She was already perched forward on the worn leather seats and now she had her face so close to the window her breath was causing small clouds to form. She knew she should have replaced the wipers last month but money was tight …. money was always tight though. She swore she would get them done today if she made it to work without driving into a tree.

    Suddenly a dark shadow darted out into the road and she had to press both feet onto the breaks, gripping the steering wheel to keep the truck as straight as she could. As the truck tried to stop the tires screamed as they tried to find purchase on the slick road as the truck started to slowly drift toward to side. As Tegan watched the the shadow passed in front of the headlights illuminating yellow eyes set into dark fur watched her, never blinking even as the truck came dangerously close to the animal before it suddenly jerked to a stop as the rear tires bounced off the curb giving the truck just enough grip to finally stop.

    Her eyes were still watching the animal, which she now realized was a dog.
    “Though it is much too large to be a dog, a wolf perhaps? No it couldn't be, there were no wolves in the forest. Were there…?”
    For a moment she could do nothing but sit and stare through the pouring rain, hands still gripping the wheel and her feet still pressing against the breaks with all her might. Still watching the beast until nothing was left but the dark chocolate tail disappearing around the corner of the old pharmacy.

    She finally took a breath and relaxed her hands on the wheel and put the truck into park while quietly apologizing to mother nature and her sullen words about the weather earlier. Now she was just happy no one had been out of this could have turned out much worse she thought as she sighed in relief as she slumped back against the seat brushing her thick crimson bangs out of her eyes.

    For a long while Tegan stared at the building where the creature had disappeared, finally she looked down at the clock and realized she was ten minutes late for her shift she put the car in drive and made the last of the journey with her head swirling, which didn't stop until she walked into the warm embrace of the bookstore and was greeted by the lovely smell of lavender which automatically brought her to the present and drew a smile across her lips. The lovely smell could only mean only one thing.

    “Hello my lovely princess of the isles! Glad you shall grace us with your presence this morning.”

    The lovely sing song voice traveled from behind the soft green velvet curtain that blocked off the small store room and kitchen.

    “Hello Camellia, I’m sorry I'm late …”

    But that was all she could get out before Camellia made her grand entrance, fluttering out from behind the heavy curtain with two lovely white mugs seaming and emanating a lovely smell of lavender and honey, pure bliss in a cup.

    Camellia was the daughter of Mr. Walton who owned the store, she had traveled the world acting in Shakespearian plays and had become the embodiment of an old tv actress because of it, though on her it wasn't forced. It was if her experience had transformed her into a living muse. Everything she did was grand wether it was just walking into a room to throwing the towns most lavish parties and her views and advice on life either wowed you from their obviousness to only her or their great depth of emotion and knowledge. In a way she had become a unconventional sort of mother to her since she arrived at the small town of Claigan.

    “Oh Tegan, i’ll forgive you because we were all young once. Young with a head full of stars and ideas.”

    She set the cups down on the glass counter which held an array of crystals and herbs arrayed to create calm and promote harmony. Though before Tegan could reach for the lovely steaming cup of heaven Camellia gasped and reached across the counter cupping her chin and lifting her head so their eyes met. Camellias piercing blue eyes bore into hers and she wondered what she could see in their moss green depths.

    “What happened Sinopa?”

    Camellia cooed as she dropped her hand from Tegan’s chin and clutched both of her pale hands in her own warm, deeply tan ones. Looking down at their hands she realized again how different the two of them were, not just by personality but by looks as well. While Tegan was a petite girl with porcelain skin spattered with a delicate trail of freckles and long fiery hair, Camellia was taller with a frame that held all the curves of a woman, her long black hair was always pulled into a long braid that fell over her shoulder, and though Camellia would always stand out in a crowed she still looked like the towns folk. Where as when Tegan walked through town, even after the nearly year she's spent here, people still stared at the odd red headed girl, a color that was not see in the town … ever.

    There were varying shades of blonde and brown with a peppering of white and black, red was a color that was not seen, nor desired she could only assume by the reactions from the older towns folk who would all but refuse to look her in the eye. Camellia always tried to console her with whispers of their deep jealousy, but there was always a little voice in the back of her head wondering if it was something more.

    Tegan furrowed her brow wondering if she should tell Camellia what she had seen, the large shadow dog in the middle of town. Funny things like that worried her more then they should, like the time the towns cats started to slowly disappear a few years ago and Camellia had went camping for a week in the woods. But in the end the blue eyes and soft voice of concern won her over.

    “Camellia … are there wolves in the woods?”
    “What do you mean?”
    “I mean are there wolves in the woods outside of town?”
    “Why are you asking such odd questions this morning Tegan?”

    She took a deep breath and with a small squeeze on her hands from Camellia continued.

    “Cam I think I saw a .. a wolf in the center of town. I almost hit it with the truck as I was driving here, the rain was coming down so hard. I didn't see it until the last moment. I don't think it was hurt and Im okay but …”

    Camellia didn't let her finish, at the mention of the wolf in town she had pulled her hands back and reached under the counter. Pulling a few small purple flowers from one of the herbs and crushing them softly in her fingers before sprinkling them on top of one of the cups which she then slid in her direction.

    “Drink this dear, here have a seat, drink all of you're tea and relax. I'm glad you're okay hunny, but I have an appointment in town and must not be late. The weather should keep everyone inside so it should be a quiet morning. Ill be back in just an hour or so. Drink up”

    She said the last bit as she finally shuffled her into the deep cushioned chair in front of the counter and gently nudged the cup in her direction as a sign to start drinking. She took a sip having a feeling Camellia wouldn't be satisfied until she did, and she was right. once she swallowed the first sip Camellia sent a kiss her way as she walked out the door with another guarantee she would be back as soon as she could,

    And with that the door chimed shut behind her and Tegan was left alone to enjoy her morning in utter silence wondering about the odd nature of Camellia at the mention of wolves, though after a few sits of tea to settle her nerves she brushed off the mornings events and tried to settle in picking up a book someone had left on the counter Into the Wild. Tucking her feet underneath herself she settled in for a quiet morning, or so she thought …[/font]

    Tegan . Lillian . O'Mally
  2. Kira pulled up to the bookstore. "I'm gonna have to run for it." She muttered at the killed the engine. She ran into the bookstore. "I really need to keep an umbrella in the car." She said. She headed straight for the counter. "It's a hot tea day. It's summer, it should be an iced tea day."

    (Can Kira be Tegan's best friend?)
  3. [BCOLOR=#800000](Sure! Do you know anyone else who may want to join us?)[/BCOLOR]

    Tega's head jerked up at the sound of the bells, she had dozed off in the chair without realizing it. Into the Wild slipped to the flood with a muffled thud as it as she kicked her feet out from under herself cringing at the needle like sensation they were giving off at the slightest movement.

    Great my feet are asleep, how professional. "Welcome to the White Albatross, Sorry Sir I cant get up at the moment to assist you. I fell asleep in my chair ... on the clock... and someone has come by and murdered my feet it seems. Restrooms are down the hall to the left, ill be here if you need anything."

    Though as soon as she heard her best friends voice she once again leaned back in her chair and relaxed.

    "It's a hot tea day. It's summer, it should be an iced tea day."

    "I know right! I was just thinking that to myself on the way in. Is it still raining cats and dogs? Speaking of dogs you didn't see a stay dog running around on your way in did you?"

    Tegan asked casually as she reached for her tea cup, forgetting she had taken almost an hour nap, as soon as she touched her almost full cup of wonderful lavender tea she cringed and pulled her hand back.

    Stone Cold ... I hope Cam left some.

    She thought hopefully.
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    Kira ploped down in the seat beside Tegan. She shook her head when Tegan asked about a dog. "No. I haven't seen a stray around here. You sure it wasn't a coyote?" Kira asked, naming the most common wild canine almost everywhere.
  5. (I hope I'm not intruding, if I am just kill off my character in a few posts.)

    Kyle pulled his truck up to the coffee shop, it was the only place that looked like it had a flicker of life to it. He brushed off his ha/t and flicked up the collar of his duster to keep the rain off his neck. He got out of the truck and walked calmly but swiftly to the door. He entered the door with his head down to let water run off onto the welcome mat. When he looked up he thought he would see more people. "Kinda dead, aint it?" He said trying to break what tension might come.
  6. (Not at all you're MORE then welcome to join us ladies)

    "Ya ... maybe it was just a coyote ..."

    Though their conversation was quickly ended by the chimes hanging above the door. Tegan lifted an eyebrow quizzically at Kira, it was almost as if she was silently asking her friend 'Did you invite anyone else to the party?' Though without waiting for a response she stood up pulling a smile across her sunset red lips and brushing her crimson hair from her eyes.

    She watched the man enter the store though since she hadn't seen him enter the store the first glimpse she caught of him was of a large man, with a slightly intimidating appearance who had his his head down, the brim of his hat blocking his face from view, the water dripping from his hat onto the floor being the only thing to break the silence. Tegan's smile faltered slightly as she weighted the possibility of this foreboding stranger being a foe.

    Suddenly he tiled his head back revealing a younger man with a small crooked smile on his face as he surveyed the small store. Tegan pulled herself together shaking her head a bit at herself, scolding her imagination but partly blaming her nerves on the weird incident earlier this morning.

    "Kinda dead, aint it?"

    "Actually this is the place to be today apparently. Welcome to The White Albatross Sir. What brings you in today?"
  7. Kira shrugged. It was her only response for Tegan's look. As her friend got up to greet the customer, Kira followed. The man looked a little intimidating, until he looked up. She didn't recognize him from town.
  8. "Well for right now I'm just tryin to get in from the rain... Whats on the menu?" He said smiling. He looked over to Kira, and tipped his hat. He then walked over to the counter. "Thats a nice color for your hair, and it goes well with your eyes.."
  9. Kira followed the boy with her eyes as he walked to the counter. Then she remembered she never did order her tea. Instead had sat down to chat with Tegan. She siddled up to the counter. Might as well have some fun on this rainy day. Besides, not many guys looking like him passes through this small town. "I'm Kira. Haven't seen you around town at all. You nes or just passing through?"
  10. Kyle turned toward Kira and shook her hand. "Hello pretty lady, I'm Kyle. I live about 20 miles outside of town on a ranch." "You guys have the newspaper or something like that around here? Something has been killing of my cattle and I want to know if its been striking elsewhere."
  11. "Nice to meet you, Kyle." Kira smiled back. "What's the nature of the attacks?" She asked. She remembered Tegan saying something about seeing a stray dog. Was it really a dog or something else?
  12. "Well for right now I'm just tryin to get in from the rain... Whats on the menu? Thats a nice color for your hair, and it goes well with your eyes.."

    Tegan blushed nervously tucking a few stray hairs behind her ears at the mention of her hair color.

    "Well thank you so much Sir. Let me get you those menus."

    With that she pardoned herself to the back to get the menus Cam had forgot to bring out this morning. As well as grab the pot of coffee and two mugs. She pushed through the thick curtains percariously balancing everything. She reached the counter while the man was asking about the paper. She set down a cup in front of the man, whom name she caught as Kyle, and one in front of Kira. She gracefully poured each cup without slipping as she pulled an order pad as well as the daily newspaper from the main land and the only local paper which was a total of ten pages, quite unsubstantial when laying next to The Post.

    "Sugar or Cream?"

    She asked both of them sliding a small sky blue sugar dish there way as well as a small cream pitcher in the shape of a small fox.
  13. Carissa impatiently drummed her fingers against the leather clad steering wheel of Cas, her car which she generally babied, as she stared at the bright red traffic light illuminating the water on the road and her windshield.

    "1, 2, 3, Green." She said to herself, extending her fingers as she said green as if something magical was going to happen. It did turn green, a few delayed seconds afterwards, however. She pulled up to the shop, even if it was her day off, stopping her car in its usual parking spot, and turned it off. She grabbed her jet black umbrella, adorned with cat ears on top, opened the car door, and proceeded to open the umbrella, getting out under it and slamming, not too hard of course, the car door shut. As she walked towards the door she clicked the lock button on her keys a few times, then entered the store.

    "Morning, Tegan, Kira. She looked around for a moment before speaking again. "Where's my sister? I didn't see her car outside, was her appointment today?" She asked, closing her umbrella. She placed it on the counter then proceeded to remove her pea coat and place it and her umbrella under the counter. She wore a simple, tight fitting white shirt that hugged her hourglass curve, a black utility apron tied around her waist, tight black jeans with a simple white belt to help keep them in place, and high top converse shoes, along with a few accessories. The apron was filled with creamer cups, sugar packets, stirs, straws, napkins, and of course a pen and notebook in the last pocket with extra pens just in case.

    She started working right away by grabbing the couple of books that were in the return slot, logging them, then placing them gently on her "Rissa's to do cart". Then began checking the small cafe tables, making sure they were clean, set perfectly, totally symmetrical and aligned (she was admittedly a little particular) and fully equipped with most tea/coffee related needs.
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  14. "Cream and sugar." Kira said, giving Tegan a look that said 'You should know that.' She turned in her seat to see who came through the door. "Hey Carissa." She greeted the other girl. "Sorry. Haven't seen you sister today. Don't she disappear every week?"
  15. "Black. And thank you." He said. He turned at the sound of the door. He nodded at the stranger, and went to a seat at a table along the wall. He flipped open the newspaper and began to read.
  16. As soon as Kyle left, Kirs gave Tegan tbe dish. "So, Kyle there," She motioned to the young man reading the paper. "He's a farmboy from just outside of town. Says his animals are being killed. By what he won't say."
  17. Tegan looked up from group at the counter to the new guest walking in though immediately recognized that it was Carissa, Cams younger sister, who worked in the shop a few days a week to help out. Though she hadn't remembered being told she was coming in. Cam must have forgotten again.

    "She's not here
    Carissa, she said she had an appointment to get to and hurried off without another word. Not really like her is everything okay?"

    While waiting for Carissa response she turned back to Kira and was surprised to see the gentleman had moved to a back booth along the wall. Tegan listened to Kira give her the 411 about Kyle, surprised and yet not surprised her best friend had gotten so much info on him already.

    "Killing his livestock aye? Maybe he doesn't know what's killing them so he can't say..."

    Though deep down she had a nagging feeling this had more to do with the wolf in the center of town then coyotes ... no matter how present they are around these parts. She watched him a second longer wondering why the stranger was here instead of out hunting whatever was hunting his livelihood.

    She topped off Kira's cup before walking around the counter to the stranger in the back booth. She reached the table as he looked up making eye contact and she smiled nervously, new people always made her slightly shy. She topped off his coffee as well and set the pot down on the edge of the counter.

    "So can I get you anything else today?"
    She said with a smile. As she waited she noticed he had already finished flipping through The Post and set it aside.

    "Find anything worth looking for?"
    She asked tipping her pen in the direction of the paper on the table.
  18. "Why yes, actually I did. And you could sit awhile and not be shy." He said looking into her eyes. "Ive been around, I can tell your shy. But your friend sure as h*** aint."

    He put down the paper which was folded onto a page with a large article about a mysterious large black dog-like creature that old legends told about that may have resurfaced "You know anything about it?" He asked taking the smile off his face
  19. At Kyles offer to sit she started to fidget slightly with the order pad, casting a glance around the shop. She did have Carissa here today and with the weather it was one more person then they needed to work the store. With that she offered him a gracious smile.

    "Well what kind of a hostess would I be if I turned down such an offer." She set the pad and pen down on the table though quickly decided to snatch a fresh mug off the table behind her before sitting opposite him and pouring herself a cup. She cast a final glance around the store, her eyes quickly pausing as she watched Kira and Carissa casually talking in hushed tones.

    The sound of ruffling pages brought her mind back to the table and she turned her head back to Kyle. Watching him silently fold the paper with purpose but as soon as he set the paper down on the table, sliding it around so it was facing Tegan right side up.

    "You know anything about it?" He asked her, all traces of a smile falling from his face.

    For a second Tegan had no idea what he was talking about but then her eyes landed on the headline in big bold letters at the top of the page.

    'Livestock in Danger, Foul Play or Folk Tales?'
    Many townsfolk blaming the Wandering Wolf from ancient lore.

    After reading ... and rereading the headline she looked back up at Kyle. His race now serious, his eyes watching her response to the headline.

    "Know anything about the legend you mean? Not really, I've heard a little from Cam who said there is a story about a wolf who use to steal babies in the night."

    She waiting for him to respond keeping any tells from showing that would give her intentions away. Though normally a very trusting soul there was something in the way his face so suddenly changed that she wanted to see his hand before she revealed hers.

    Careful Tegan you may be playing with fire ...
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  20. ((Same age, was going for yin yang twins.))

    "Hmm. She mentioned something about an appointment, but.." She l paused, thinking for a moment, you know, I don't think she every actually told me what for. She's okay, I'm sure." She stated, grabbing some books off of the cart to put away. She constantly came in on her days off and just worked. Never particularly said when, but then again, was never asked.

    As she continued on her own little project, she began to overhear some of the talking, suddenly finding herself intently listening to every word. When she had found out what they were talking about, she stopped dead in her tracks, dropping the book that she was putting back in its place on the shelf.

    She quickly snapped herself out of it, picked the book back up, and put it away. She then proceeded to put the cart in a more convenient place in case more people decided to come in. Without hesitation, she briskly made her way to the back room of the store for employees.