When the wolves howl

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  1. What happens when the Wolves Howl?
    Lily Anne:

    (only doing Lily since you know what everybody else looks like)

    Lily watched the rivers waves crash on the shore. Her eyes scanning the area of the waves. Tryign to decifer the language of the waves, her tail swishing in the air. The fresh air made her so cheerfull in the mornings, her long face panted under the rays of the sun. What to do? she glanced around and sat on her haunches, she was bored as always. No excitement made her life as dull as it could be. Lily dreamed of fun like living in a pack, she dreamed of the friendship you aquire when you have a pack. Lily didnt really want a pack, she just didnt want to be alone in the world, a mate would be with her, to heal her rusted heart and be wth her when she was lonely.She looked up at the endless clouds in the blue sky. Will she be able to find a mate, one who loves her for what she is.