When the Two Force Collide (Police Vs Gangster) [OOC/Sign-Up]

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  1. This is an all out war between the police officer and the Gangster that occupied the city of Metro. the situation is considered dangerous to both side because the Vice President of the country trapped inside the City and his where about is unknown. as for the Gangster they are trapped in the city with no way out because the destroyed bridge and the other way out of the city is being barricaded by the police force. Their main objective is capturing the Vice President who Still missing from the City hall where he gave his speech that night.
    You can choose three faction in this RP :
    1. Police Officer : They are well armed force and their main objective to secure the Vice President to the Police barricade placed in the City entrance. The Police force consist of Sniper Squad, Assault Squad, Bomb Squad, and Counter Terrorist, (Secret Service currently Unavailable until Vice President has been found).
    2. Gangster : They are the main force that occupied the city. at first this city is belong to them, but after the Vice President arrival they decided to kidnapping him and make demand to the country. Their main objective is to capture the Vice President and took him to the City hall where is the location of their main Force. Their army are Jack of all trade without any specialties but good at all aspect.
    3. Civilian : They are Neither a Police nor a Gangster. They are normal people who trapped inside the city because of the war between the Police force and Gangster Force. you can either helped the Police force or the Gangster as you wish. Play with your own risk.
    Read This Important Things!
    Rule :
    1. Obey the World Rule (IWAKU).
    2. Be Respectful in OOC and do as you wish at IC.
    3. Never Killed another people character unless you asked them about it first.
    4. Sexual Action is clearly a No! but Romance is okay as long as it's only a kiss.
    5. A death sentence is not enough to a God-Modder or a meta gamer. so make sure you don't do it.
    6. Make a post at last a Paragraph long. don't be such a one liner person. and maximum at 2 Paragraphs (Quality over Quantity)

    Basic CS : (you can add more if you like it)

    Name : (need me to explain it? i hope not)

    Age : (don't use underage person in this war, except if you played as civilian)

    Faction : (Police, Gangster, Civilian)

    Role : (choose one division available if you are a Police Faction, if not you can choose whatever you wanted)

    Appearance : (Anime is preferable but any picture or description is fine with me)

    Inventory : (Mention all inventory that currently in your possession for example : pistol, handbag, etc. and don't use overpowered item like you have an atom bomb or something like that)

    Personality : (need me to explain it? i hope not)

    Height : (need me to explain it? i hope not)

    Weight : (need me to explain it? i hope not)

    Unique Trait : (Mention one or more of your unique traits for Example : The big Scar in your face, etc)

    History : (just... like it much. Made it at last one paragraph and max into 3 Paragraphs)

    City Map (open)

    Current Events :
    1. The Vice President is still missing after the attack at City Hall and the Mayor was Killed.
    2. The Gangster Occupied the City Hall (Cross shaped building in the north west corner).
    3. East and South entrance Barricaded by police (South and East Gate).
    4. North Bridge destroyed by Explosive (Unable to cross because the river's stream is too dangerous).
    5. The Police and Gangster haven't left their position waiting for signal from their leader.
    Just Ask me If you got any question....

    Accepted Character​

    The Police Squad : Leader = Open
    1. Commander Victus "The Redeemer" Meavita Amorous [Counter Terrorist] (Caramon Zero)
    2. Helios D Rose the 3rd [Sniper Squad] (Kazuaki)
    3. Montrose Hermenia - Barnaby [Assault Squad] (Nova)
    4. Lucy "Trigger" Tile [Bomb Squad] (Maskedmyth)
    5. Open
    6. Open
    7. Open
    8. Open
    9. Open
    10. Open
    The Gangster : Leader = Victor 'Black Hound' Valdes (Alucard)
    1. Ezekiel Shadeson aka Z Shadows [Hitman] (Zadok Shadow)
    2. Cialis Kearns & Katie Kearns [Warrior] (LogicfromLogic)
    3. WIP (Mcfluffy)
    4. Kira [Striker] (Zackymas)
    5. Open
    6. Open
    7. Open
    8. Open
    9. Open
    10. Open
    Civilian :
    1. Xavier Amorous (Andrew21234)
    2. Open
    3. Open
    4. Open
    5. Open
    [New Faction!!] The Betrayer :
    1. Open
    2. Open
    3. Open

    The Vice President & Secret Service :
    1. Unavailable at the moment (reason : the whereabouts is unknown)
    THE IC THREAD : https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/when-the-two-force-collide-police-vs-gangster-ic.82496/

    Current Plot :
    1. Victor Threw a Hostage from 50th floor to show the police that he didn't joking about what he said. The Hostage consist of high politician, Television Crew, Civilian, and some injured Security Guard.
    2. The Vice President is still missing. no ones from either side who know where he is right now.
    3. There is a Betrayer in the Gangster Side!
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  2. Name: Commander Victus "The Redeemer" Meavita Amorous
    Age: 25
    Faction: Police
    Role: Counter-Terrorism

    Appearance: (open)

    Inventory: (open)

    Shōkan no Ken (open)

    Extenda-Stick (open)

    The Lone Ranger (open)

    Cross Blades (open)

    .45 ammunition
    'Atomic Bomb' bubble gum
    Undershirt Body Armor

    Personality: (open)

    Positive Traits: (open)

    Negative Traits: (open)

    Height: 6'5"

    Weight: 317 lbs.

    Unique Traits: (open)

    Monochromatic Eyes: left midnight blue, right crimson

    Large scar down left arm, partially visible at wrist, as well as various others hidden by clothes

    Being one of the youngest members of the Texas Rangers, Victus found himself doing what he'd always wanted to do from a small age: protecting the innocent.
    As he made a name for himself, he crossed paths with agents from the Secret Service, who eventually recruited him, training him in the fields he'd already began to study on his own, allowing him to make his way up the chain of command faster than any would have expected.
    As he heard about things escalating in Metro, he took on the guise of a common officer, yet, as seemed the norm for him, he quickly made his way through the ranks, making Commander before all Hell broke loose, forcing him to fight what seemed a losing battle, as he discovered the V.P. was now a hostage, forcing him to decide: should he break his vow of being unable to kill, increasing the likelihood of their success, yet destroying all he'd sworn he'd be, or could there be some other way?
    Strengthening his resolve, he's put forth all of his years of training into a new purpose: defeating evil without destroying it, earning him the nickname of 'Redeemer' for his unorthodox tactics.
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  3. Basic CS : (you can add more if you like it)
    Name : Ezekiel Shadeson aka Z Shadows
    Age : 24
    Faction : Gangster
    Role : Hitman,
    Appearance :
    Inventory : Twin Pistols, stiletto knives, smoke bombs, His phone has hacking properties. Steel collapsible baton. and a katana. when going to war he uses a standard assault rifle, sniper rifle, and whatever may be needed.
    Personality : Zeke is often playful in his nature even when he his working. he is cocky in nature and he often takes what he earns and gives it to the kids who live in the slums of metro. He dosent have any delusions about what he is doing. he just thinks what he does is better than what the police does.
    Height : 6 ft
    Weight : 180 lbs
    Unique Trait : one eye is blue while the other is red due to a rare phenotype mutation
    History : Ezekiel Shadeson was born in the slums of metro. He grew up as the oldest of five. He would do what he could to help provide for his family. He would try to earn money by doing small jobs for the gangs as a kid. One day his home was raided in mistake for a drug den and the cops were corrupt they killed Zekes father and mother while planting drugs in the house. The police of course needed to kill any witnesses so the children were killed and their bodies were dumped into a nearby dumpster. Zeke had only started to walk up to the apartment when he saw the cops and arrive. out of fear zeke ran back to where he met the gang members and he waited to see them again. When they met zeke again he told them what he saw and asked if he could join them. Zeke was then taken under their wing and they molded him into the perfect criminal. he became an expert hacker and a great shot. he mastered most hand to hand and melee combat.
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  4. Name : Victor 'Black Hound' Valdes

    Age : 45

    Faction : Gangster

    Role : Leader

    Appearance :


    Inventory :
    Thompson, Double Desert Eagle for the Secondary, and a Swiss knife army.

    Bulletproof Tuxedo, and a Detonator

    Personality : Cruel, Sadist, but honest. Mastering in Poker face.

    Height : 6' 4''

    Weight : 185 lbs

    Unique Trait : a missing little finger in his left hands.

    History :
    Victor is the current leader of Bee Hives Mafia. born in Metro 45 years ago in a poor family that had a loan against certain land shark. after couldn't pay back their loan they killed his father and sold him and his mother to certain organization, Bee Hives. he become slaves for 10 years in the Bee hives and his mother was killed after she tried to run away from them, leaving Little Victor alone in Bee Hives.
    In the Bee hives Victor used to be a meat shield that the task is to protect the leader by offering their body to block bullets that tried to took the leader's life. he took many bullet to protect the former Leader but his sacrifice catch the leader eyes. He raised him to be his Hitman for almost 20 years. countless rival gang has met their fate in Victor hands, and the Land shark who lent his family money dismembered by his own hand and their remains scattered in the highway of Metro decorating it's street in scarlet red. "I pay back your money, and with it's interest" he said without showing much emotion when he dump their body.
  5. Basic CS

    His name is Cialis Kearns, but never call him that. Everyone knows him by 'Big Si'



    He's one of the more well known warriors.


    He's the one on the right, Left is his sister Katie in normal street clothes


    Black Handgun
    Long silver and black knife with hand grips
    Brown guitar

    Big Si isn't a very friendly man when it concerns police or people who think they automatically deserve his respect. He is aggressive and pushy, and is willing to beat down people for his own. He's loyal to his friends, but he doesn't put up with liars and wannabes. He's quiet for the most part, but never assume that means that you aren't in danger of being stabbed. He's got a very calm like demeanor to him, which fools people into thinking that he's an easy person to talk to. If you seem sensitive at all to him, he'll write you off as a little bitch and won't do shit for you. You've got to prove yourself to earn his loyalty.

    Lying to him is a mistake that would be your last, and he wouldn't do it quickly either. But if you manage to gain his trust, and his loyalty he makes a formidable defense and/or protection. He's very protective of Katie, his little sister. He's a hard person to read, but when you've pissed him off you'll know it by the fact that he'll pull a gun or a knife on you.

    But he isn't without good traits. If you appear to actually not be able to defend yourself, such as being a child, elderly and/or animals he'll defend them with his life if he must. For the most part, unless you do something to offend him, you have nothing to worry about. He may not be friendly upon meeting, but he won't go out of his way to hurt someone unless he has to, or again they piss him off. Or if he's been hired to kick the shit out of someone, he'll do it depending on who it is that he has to fight. He won't hit a woman, a child or the elderly. He'd probably kick your ass if you asked him to do any of that. But he listens to the leader of the gang; he knows what the man is capable of.


    210 (not fat)

    Unique Trait
    He's got a scar below his right eye from a knife fight when he was ten

    Katie is his best friend. The other gang members are his allies but few are friends.

    Police and people who support them.

    He was only six when police raided his house and took his father away to prison, leaving he and his little sister with their mother who worked all night at a diner. When he turned ten, he joined the gang. Fight after fight, he stayed in this gang for protection. His sister was with him, and he wouldn't let anybody touch her. He's been to jail three times in his life, but was always bailed out. His mother died when he turned twelve, leaving his sister and his gang the last family he would ever have. He hates the police for destroying his family.

    Katie Kearns





    Three knives
    Silver handgun
    Music player with headphones

    She's a bit different than her brother when it comes to kindness around others. She's kind when you first meet her, but she'll put you in your place if you try anything against her, her brother, and the gang. She isn't a lady, and if you call her that she'll have at you for it. She's a tough person who doesn't put up with sexist bullshit. she's flirty though with most people, but she never means anything by it. She'll trick a prisoner into thinking she was trying to help him only to bring him don later just for the fun of it. She is a terrible loser (nobody likes playing board games with her) but an excellent gamer. Compassionate, kind, but quick witted and sarcastic.



    Unique Trait

    She lost her father at the age of three, and joined her brother when he joined a gang. He kept her protected from other members, many times he kicked the complete shit out of someone just because they flirted with her. But it really hurt her when their mother died, and she felt a little annoyed that her brother didn't seem to react to it at all. But she stayed with the gang, and him, and thus far has enjoyed her life.
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  15. Can I make a civilian that is either the younger teen brother or son, or some relation to one of the police officers?
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