When the Two Force Collide (Police Vs Gangster) [IC]

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Who is Better The Police or The Gangster?

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  1. "Useless piece of shit!!" Victor shot one of member head after he knew that the Vice President escaped from the Building. He put his cigar to his mouth and lit it with his lighter "did all of you know how long i await this moment? did you know this is our chance to bring glory to our Group? DID YOU KNOW!" He shouted at his henchmen. He tired of their uselessness, not only they let the vice president escaped they also failed to prevent the police entering the city.
    A Few moment ago...
    Victor hold to his Thompson with his people outside the building. his plan is perfect, he believe that there is no hole in his entire plan. Storm the building, Kill the SP and grab the VIP, it's so simple yet so efficient. he grabbed his phone and placed it near his ear. "did ya already on position?" the other voice answered with a single word "yes" Victor face turned into a grin. "kill those bastard" he and his people slowly walked toward the building. there is two SP guarding the entrance but easily killed by a hole in theirs head made by his henchmen.
    The Hall...
    Victor kicked open the hall door. "We Welcome you Vice President to our humble City of Metro" the SP quickly took theirs gun but failed to shot after their brains splattered by the sniper in the balcony. People started to shout and quickly ran to safe their live. The remaining SP dragged the VP to the safe place but some of his people are guarding the back door so he believe there is no way out from here. "tch. Everybody Stand Down!!" he shot his Thompson to the ceiling.
    a few gunshot can be heard from the back side. look like they met with the rear guard. Victor slowly walked toward the source. "fool you think i didn't guard the back door?" he lit another Cigar in his mouth and inhale it deeply. "Bryan, Jack you two guard this area. Wayne and Patrick follow me. the rest of you go to the entrance" he gave his command then continued to the back door. Blood splattered in the way, but unfortunately there is more of his member corpses than the SP. "what's the fuck?" the back door opened wide and no Vice President or his corpse in the sight. "Ohok.... Lea...der" one of his survived member coughing in blood when called him. "you there what's wrong? where are the Vice President?" he asked him. he coughing a few times then tell "there... is a mole... in our member" "who!!?" Victor Shouted at him "A..." unfortunately he died before he spoke the name.

    Alucard Entertainment Present
    When the Two Force Collide (Police Vs Gangster)


    Alucard as Victor "Black Hound" Valdes (open)

    Zadok Shadow as Ezekiel Shadeson (open)

    LogicfromLogic as Cialis Kearns & Katie Kearns (open)

    Caramon Zero as Victus "The Redeemer" Meavita Amorous (open)

    Kazuaki as Helios D Rose the 3rd (open)

    Nova as Montrose Hermenia (open)

    Maskedmyth as Lucy "Trigger" Tile (open)

    Andrew21234 as Xavier Amorous (open)

    Eight Ball as Atticus Grey (open)

    The OOC : https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threa...collide-police-vs-gangster-ooc-sign-up.76137/

    The rain poured down at the City of Metro tonight. The hostages trembled after Victor shot his own people head point blank. Victor head pounded. he remembered the last word of the back guard said "there is a mole in our member" the mole, the betrayer, he swear to god that he will skinned whoever did this alive and feed his di*k to the dogs when he found them. "what will we do Vic" Edward asked him waiting for his command. "find Vice President and bring him to this place. and Find those goddamn Mole and tear their limb!!" he shouted again. he couldn't believe this, his plan ruined because of the betrayal. now he need to be calm and do what he must to do. making another plan is futile at this moment.
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  2. [South Gate]
    voice colors (open)

    EXTRA- Raptor 3
    EXTRA- Raptor 2
    Helios- Raptor 1

    It has bin hours since Helios squad had bin ordered to pull back to the police blockade at the south gate and still no word of the VPs location. His squad posted on the building directly in front of the south gate and was tasked with informing the squads below with possible threats approaching the blockade. The rain started to pick up as time went by. Helios scans the area below using his binoculars, while he listens to his com , " man this is fucked up" Raptor 2 says as he looks at the body of a child that was laying in the middle of the street below his position.
    " what the hell are we waiting for?"
    " cool it , raptor "
    "ya i know but .... fuck man , i got family still in the city"
    Helios just stays quiet as he hears the two speaking through there coms, His mother was also still trapped in the city but he could not abandon his post .
    "relax im sure this will all blow over "
    " i hope your right "
  3. Atticus, Orange Back at the office a pen rolled off of Atticus's desk ,and had breached the floor with a nose kiss, His eyes shifted down and looked at the ground. He went to retrieve it and made a small "Ohhhhh....boyyyy..." As he picked the pen up between his index and thumb. He looked at his phone, then his shoes and then so on around the room. Just get it over with...." He picked up the phone. "....Hello?" He would wait for the ring and would respond with that. @Alucard "I'm on my way to a meeting before I go...did you ever catch that mole? (Extended part for if it went to voice mail. "Call me back.") He coughed and plugged ear di couldn't hear the outside people in a(n) await for a response.
  4. Something's happening and Victor knew it well about that. He grabbed his cellphone and called one of his scout "it's me. what's the situation" there's a girl voice on the other side of the phone answered Victor call "this is Tanya, the south gate has been flooded by police they using heavy arm and weapon. what shall we do boss?" "oh Great! now we don't have any choice but to capture the VP!" he Threw his cellphone to the wall beside him. The cellphone shattered to pieces after it hit the concrete wall then fell to the floor "shit!! Edward give me your phone!" Edward gave him his cell phone and Victor pressed the 911 number on Edward Phone "Hello ladies, this is Victor could you gave your phone to your superior? Or I WILL BLOW YOUR FUCKING HEAD! okay ladies please?" Victor want to borrow sometimes as using his favorite bluff.
    "Hello this is Victor. how do you do mister policeman? listen to me closely. I demand you walk away from our town slowly, or you can watch each of your Humble politician flying from the 50th floor one by one every hour, got that?" The Threaten mode, it often useful against inexperienced leader and Victor pretty damn serious about throwing people from 50 floor. "you don't believe me, fine do it!" Edward grabbed one of the young looking man and dragged him closer to the glass window. "n-no....get away from me!!" the man squirm and tried to avoid him. But Edward is stronger than him, he lift the man and threw it to the glass window like throwing some rock. "Nooooooooooooo!!!" the man screamed as he fell down from the 50th floor. "see and that's will happen again in 59 minutes unless you full filled my demand" Victor said as he lit another Cigar in his mouth.
  5. Xavier turned on the TV and saw police reports all over the screen. "What is going on.....I hope Victus is ok....." Xavier said his brow creasing with worry. He went to all of the doors and windows in the house and locked them. You can never be too careful.....even if your brother is a cop. "I wonder if I should call him?" Xavier said out loud. He often talked to himself because he was home alone a lot....it got lonely.
  6. Kira was still in the mafia's HQ, waiting for Victor's orders, "Guess I just have to wait for the boss to call..", he said to himself as he prepared an small combination of nitroglycerin, plasticizers and shrapnel, this was his "Special Delivery", a formula of his own. He was also looking for some ropes and diverse things that could be used to make traps, he placed all the found objects inside his bag, he took his gauntlets from the table and used them in each hand, after that he considered himself ready to go, his .47 Raging Bull with some bullets were already in his pocket.

  7. Victor closed the line and push another button and the receptionist on the other side greeted him "Give the phone to Kira. I need to talk with him" Victor said as he turned impatience because of the commotion earlier. the wind blowing up from the broken windows that showed the entire city night live from up there. There a several preparation that he need to do before the hunt for the VP begin. first off all securing the City hall where the hostages are and second ensuring that the police won't disturbing their hunt. Victor already made the Second task in motion but he need another countermeasure against those Cops. "This is Victor. you still in the HQ Kira? Bring those C4 and some of the Explosive Jacket from the armory to the City hall ASAP. make sure you bring enough Explosive" He said as the other line started to answer
  8. Kira was still packaging things when his phone started ringing, "Boss" was typed on the phone screen as the annoying sound was still ringing, "Uh? Oh it's the boss", Kira said as he took his phone over the table and accepted the call, "Copied", was his only word in the entire call, he could just hear his boss words and follow them at any cost, he immediately placed the phone on the table again and walked toward the armory, "Uhm... C4, I leaved it around... Here it is!", he said as he saw the wanted explosive, he took three pounds of it and ten explosive jackets, "This should do it", he thought as he placed the explosive in his bags and carried the jackets on his back, "Going out!", he yelled at his partners just to make them aware of his leaving.

    Kira ran out of the HQ and jumped on one of the mafia's motorcycles, at full power he started up the engine and immediately started driving at full speed toward the desired location, in thing of minutes he arrived the City Hall using a vast amount of shortcuts.

    "Yo boss, here are the explosives you asked for", he said as he walked toward his boss, pulling out the C4 and placing the jackets on of the desks in the place.
  9. "good now give the C4 to Edward and make the people in this list to use the Explosive jacket that you bring. And you Edward do as I told you before" Victor asked Kira to make the VIP person one the list he made before Kira arrived at the City hall. He wanted to make an insurance before started the hunts "Yes boss" Edward took the C4 and went down by the elevator. "Listen all of you. I want you to captured the VP and kill those son of a bi*ch who dare betray us" He lit another Cigar then sat down on the couch. his face grimaced, as the blood flowing from his left hand "boss your hands bleeding!" said one of the Henchmen "just a scratch" but Victor knew well that a single bullet already landed on his shoulder.
    Victor left the hostage room and went to the infirmary alone. there is a single bed and a table. he took out his whiskey and some Knife from his pocket. Victor began undressing, his muscular body showed up with a bullet hole decorated his left shoulder. "shit!!" he poured his whiskey to the wound and braced himself from screaming. Then he took the knife, this Swedish army knife he always carry around always useful whenever he need it. the tip of the knife pierced his flesh and tried to pull out the bullet remain from his shoulder. "Arrrrggh!" Victor still holding back his scream but the pain is really intense thus some groan still escaping from his mouth.
    the bullet fell of to the tray and making some metallic noise. Victor breathing heavily after the bullet came out from his flesh. He lost his grip on his right hand, The Swedish knife which covered in blood fell to the floor. He poured the Whiskey to his wound again thus increasing the pain he felt from his left shoulder. the last step is wrapping the wound.
  10. A few more hours had passed and still no word from the chief , Helios and his squad were informed about the hostage situation.
    Helios begins packing his gear . He stands to his feet and begins walking towards one of the fire escape ladders on the side of the building.
    " hey , R1 were the hell are you going"
    Helios ignores his squad mate as he begins to climb down.
    " whats going on?"
    " R1 is abandoning his post"
    " shit, R1 you copy!, HEY! , Helios! "
    Helios enters a near by ally way and vanishes into the darkness, after a few minutes he reconnects his com
    " once the last hostage is killed , the hound and his mutts will have no leverage, we secure the VP before that happens"
    " what the hell are yo.."
    " hes right, if we can secure the vp , he has nothing , which means we could just starve him out"
    " you guys are insane"

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