When the Lights Go Out

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  1. The character signup sheet can be found here, however I would prefer that you PM me if you are interested to control character flow.

    This is a classic style dinner party murder mystery! So far we have five contenders, with two characters at a minimum. Those are the simple requirements. The murderer will be chosen at random, and is subject to change.

    If you would like to be a part of a murder mystery, PM me for details.

    *We are still looking for one or two more applicants*

    "So I see you've made it then?" A curious looking maid smiles politely at the crowd gathered at the door.
    "All of you have been selected to join us for the evening, welcome, and we offer our congratulations to you." A man in a suit bows his head with utmost respect, a practiced smile follows as he extended an arm towards the room behind him. "Please, allow me to take your coats and personal belongings."
    The hour is late, and an array of applicants, that being each and every one of you, has been selected among various others for a particular reason. Each of you want this prize, this inheritance, for one reason or the other. That is yours and yours alone, if you wish to share your desires, that is entirely up to your own free will. There will be a feast, while all will be encouraged to become better acquainted. When the time is right, Lord Taylor Upton will grace us all with his presence, and speak to each of you individually.

    That being if he gets the chance.

    Storms have ravaged the area for quite some time now. Thick snowfall covers the dense evergreens that surround the property. Escape is impossible, and if the bridge to the main road goes out, one has to make their way across the icy surface in order to get back into town. It is not recommended you attempt this feat, as death is most likely imminent, and we would hate to see you leave so soon.

    "Welcome. Let us have a most pleasant night together."
    "Welcome, sirs and madams alike. Take a seat, introduce yourself, and come in from the cold."
    On the first floor, let it be known that Lord Upton's chambers are off limits. His study is not to be disturbed by anyone. Consequences of entering the room are terms for expulsion from our evening of entertainment. They can be found to the left of the library, which is of course, available to everyone's use.

    The bedrooms can be found on the second floor, as is most of the available housing for guests. The servants rooms will also be on this floor, and it is asked that you not disturb them during the work hours unless necessary.

    The third floor is the top most floor, only covering the middle section of the house. While not technically off limits, it is advised that you tread carefully when venturing into the attic space. The dust has grown, and is long overdue for a good cleaning. However, it does boast a magnificent view of the surround forest, and lake just a mile behind the manse.

    Welcome to the manse of Lord Taylor Upton. From all of us to you, we hope you find your stay to be most enjoyable.

    *UPDATE 12/14 Currently not taking any new players, unless you can spin an interesting tale as to how you got into a mansion in the middle of nowhere when there's a blizzard outside
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  2. Still looking for applicants!

    There is space for possibly two more members to participate in this roleplay. Two characters are required.

    If you are interested, PM me for details so I can update you on how the RP will be conducted. Thank you!
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