When the Lights Go Out

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Who do you think will be next?

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  1. [​IMG]

    The Manor Map
    Some rooms have been left empty for player creativity, use them as you feel necessary.

    The characters will be posted here again for quick reference.

    Coming soon! 3/30/2015
    Oliver and Alexandrine
    Ayame and Alastair
    Gianna and Elias
    Riza and Jonathan
    Chau and Mathias

    I am one of the many household maids to the respected Lord Upton. My name is unimportant, but if you must refer to me by something it may as well be Miss Rouge. Ma'am works just as well.

    I'm not supposed to talk to you much, I just do what I'm supposed to and nothing more. Cleaning, cooking, washing, polishing, it is my job after all to make sure the manor is in tip top condition for whichever Lord, or Lady, occupies the halls.

    If it seems important, I may fill you in on details you may not have noticed...there are many secrets inside this old house. Some, even I'm not entirely sure of.

    Welcome to the manor. I do hope you enjoy your stay. Let me know if your room gets too cold, alright?
    There is no other man or woman in this building who can boast a full thirty years of service to the Lord, I know what I am doing, and I do it well. My name is Thomas Smith, and it is a true pleasure to be able to meet every last fine young lad and lady coming to take over the humble estate of the prestigious Lord Taylor Upton.

    A few things I may warn you of. The weather is supposed to be dreadful, so please, don't be afraid to light a fire for the night. Asking for a fresh pillow or heated blanket is a simple task. You may not be used to the lifestyle of a rich person, but I can assure you that if you ask too much, you're doing just the right thing.

    Another word of caution. The Lord's study and chambers are strictly off limits. Entering either of the rooms is grounds for dismissal. He likes his private time, and has no problem telling one to leave. It would certainly look bad if you attempted to pry into the Lord's private life, wouldn't it? Especially if you were to anger him.

    But otherwise, relax, and enjoy your stay. Do whatever you like so long as it seems reasonable.

    The hour is growing later, as a handful of cars do circles in the courtyard lot. Stumbling out from the array of vehicles are the twelve of you, hand selected from your applications to receive Lord Taylor Upton's inheritance. All of you have a reason to be here, and all of you have a reason to kill for the prize.

    But you wouldn't do that, right?

    You have a chance to introduce yourself and make a good impression on the aged Lord in the hopes that he selects you for the grandest of all prizes; you would receive his home, his fortune, and the buzzing servants, so like the bees of a hive, and you their only queen.

    We urge you to come, join us for dinner, leave your bags at the door and worry not where they end up, for someone is always making sure you never have to lift so much as a finger. So come, sit down, speak your name and let it rest in the minds of your competition.

    Let us hope it doesn't stick too well.

    At seven sharp, the Lord will join you at the head of the table. Until then, play nice, and don't make any bad impressions among your peers. It's never bad to have a few friends when the lights are dark and you have enemies around.

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    "Wait, what do you mean you can't go up there?" Oliver gasped at the taxi driver who was shaking his head adamantly. They had been about five minutes away from Lord Upton's mansion, when the taxi driver had looked at the heavily clouded sky and came to an abrupt halt. Oliver's face had knocked into the backseat and he was still nursing the bruise that was forming where his teeth had mashed against the inside of his lower lip.

    "Lemme be more specific," The taxi driver said, as he popped the trunk. "I will not go up there and risk being stuck in one of those roundabout type thingies. I know how they are, one asshole and everyone's stuck in the loop forever. You can walk kid, you look like you need some muscle." Oliver had to yank his two duffel bags out of the trunk as fast as he could before the driver backed up recklessly and sped away leaving Oliver in his dust.

    "Dang it!" Oliver shrieked at the sky and began his trek to the mansion, hauling his two bags along with him. If he hadn't been carrying two huge bags stuffed with clothes, the walk probably would have been shorter and he would have been a lot less sweaty. But he was carrying two huge bags and he was drenched in sweat. "So much for a good, clean and neat impression." Oliver grumbled as he tried to make himself look a little...presentable.

    Taking a deep breath, Oliver approached the door and knocked quietly. Maybe a bit too quietly because--The door opened suddenly and Oliver stood at attention, eyes wide as they roamed over the butler's appearance. He's cute! Was all Oliver could think, as the butler stepped to the side so he could enter.

    "Oh, uh, thanks. Hi, I'm Oliver." He stammered, sticking a sweaty hand out. The butler took it with a smile and Oliver admired his ability to even touch his disgustingly sweaty palm.

    "May I take your coat, sir?" The butler asked, and Oliver beamed. He called me sir! Oliver gave the butler his coat and left his bags by the door as instructed. The butler made to leave, but just then someone else knocked on the door and contrary to Oliver's timid knock, this person's was none to gentle.

    Alexandrine had gotten a ride from the neighbor. The one who had waited twenty years to speak up and end the wrongful sentence of Alexandrine. From then on, even though Alexandrine had a job and a tiny apartment and was basically somewhat well off, the neighbor--Mary--had always just popped up everywhere. At the grocery store, at the hair salon, at the library. At first it was annoying as hell. After all every time Alexandrine saw that messy mop of brown hair, and those dull blue eyes, she just thought of the time she spend in prison. Mary was a constant reminder of her wasted years of life. Alexandrine supposed she should have been grateful that the woman had felt guilty enough to offer to drive her to the Upton mansion, but she didn't feel grateful at all. Especially when Mary put on a travel music CD she had made herself. It was all different versions of the song 'Walking On Sunshine'. By the time they were halfway into the trip, Alexandrine wanted to throw herself out of the car.

    But finally, she was there, standing in front of the mansion and marveling at it's glory. She barely heard Mary yell from behind her to 'Have fun!' as she drove away. Alexandrine strode up to the door with a sense of purpose and knocked hard on the door. A butler with a north face jacket on his arm opened the door and beckoned her in.

    She wasn't the only one there, a small teenage girl with short brown hair and a green sweater was standing off to the side looking lost. The girl smiled shyly at her and Alexandrine smiled back. When the butler asked for her coat, she hesitantly gave it to him but only because she didn't feel like carrying it the whole time. She kept her purse with her though just in case she needed to adjust her make up.

    When the butler left to put her and the girl's things away, the two seemed to gravitate towards each other, most likely because they were the only two there at the moment. The teenager smiled at her and stuck her hand out. "I'm Oliver." Alexandrine cocked an eyebrow. Oliver? The kid sounded like a girl and she sure as hell looked like a girl, but apparently that was not so.

    "Alexandrine. Nice to meet you." They fell silent then, as they had nothing else to discuss. Alexandrine wasn't really...Interested in people like her or him or whatever the kid was. She wouldn't actively harass Oliver, but if she didn't have to talk to him or her, she wouldn't.
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  3. Chao
    Chao was heading to the manor through taxi as well, but the man didn't refuse to go closer once she said she was willing to pay more than neccessary. It was just chump change anyway, she had the money to waste. She didn't care about the inheritance at all, the only reason she came was to meet the interesting lord. Of course, she wasn't going to say that to anybody. Plus, what could go wrong with a little more cash; greed and pride were her most deadly sins after all. After she paid, she slowly got out of the car. Admiring the mansion while she took out her luggage in the trunk.

    "How lovely..." She said to herself, closing the trunk once she got what she needed from it. The taxi drove away after she did so. She wanted to show the lord that she was worthy of his presence, thus she dressed very finely today. She wore a long black sleeveless dress with a cut on the side that reached her thigh. She hair was normally how it was except a black rose hair pin was added.

    Walking in with the finest of her stilletos. Once opening the door, she was pleased to see two other people there as well, "Hello," She said simply, "my name is Chao, it's a pleasure to meet both of you." She introduced herself while the butler took her belongings. Which she really didn't mind.

    The young teacher didn't arrive until he made sure he got everything he needed. He wasn't one to worry so much, but he couldn't help but feel nervous. It felt like he was meeting a king of some sort, and that intimidated him a lot. He used the bus though, and walked the rest of the way. He didn't want to spend too much money just getting there. He didn't look too formal, but thought that he'll dress once he reaches the manor. Not wanting to be casual in front of a man that might help him financially.

    So he wore a normal gray sweater, with faded jeans and sneakers. He hoped that he wouldn't look too much like a fool for dressing as such. He could see a taxi pass him as he walked and guessed that there must be people already in the mansion. He got there after a little while later, and tried to enter quietly, but made quite a noise anyways. "Sorry..." He said, and the butler took his luggage from him, "Thanks." He said before turning to the other people, "Good afternoon, I'm Mathias..." He said.
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  4. ◊ | Gianna Thorne | ◊

    Gianna couldn't really express the feelings she had at that moment. She was nervous to meet Lord Upton. She was excited about the inheritance. She was bored sitting in the car for far more than she would like and she was regretful because she didn't think to bring anything to keep her busy besides her phone which died within a couple hours. Gia opted to travel with her long-time friend Elias after hitching a ride from a mutual friend of theirs. At first, it was just Gia who was invited to visit the Upton Manor, but when she sent back her RSVP letting the hosts know that she would be attending their get together she kindly asked for a plus one invitation for Eli. From the day they met, they stuck together in every situation. They were each others protection. This inheritance wasn't about to change that. They would arrive together and they would leave together. Most definitely with fat pockets.

    For now she sat staring out of the window at what little scenery the roads had to offer. A few bare trees here and there, the occasional house or two. Not much, but enough. She was practically engulfed in her thoughts (mainly about how she was going to receive the inheritance) lost in space. She needed this. Her and Eli both needed this. She looked over in his direction. "Ready for this?" They didn't really have a plan going into this manor, but they had a goal. The same goal everyone else who would be showing up that day had. Get the money. Why else would anyone really go? Someone could give a thousand reasons to play off the simple fact that when money is offered in the palm of your hands, you're going to go after it. No one passes up an amazing opportunity such as this.

    He mumbled his response. "Yes." She figured he was doing some thinking all on his own. What about, she wasn't sure. It could be numerous things, but she wasn't about to question him. She wanted to leave him to his own puzzle of thoughts.

    It wasn't long before they arrived. Their friend pulled up the driveway and through the roundabout, bringing them closer to the front door. Gia could see that there were already a few others who made it before they did. It eased her nerves a bit. She hated being first and being left to wander about aimlessly while waiting for more people to show up. It made her uncomfortable. After they got out of the car, they dragged their luggage with them in hand up to the front door. Elias was the one to knock heavily on the old, worn wooden door. Scratches had already been etched into the finishing, adding to the aging effect. They weren't sure if it was a good idea to waltz right in, so they waited until the door opened to reveal a butler.

    ♦ | Elias Whitfield | ♦

    Gia was correct. Elias' mind was elsewhere. He tried keeping his mind focused on the prize instead of focused on her, which seemed to be all he could think about lately. It was bothersome to say the least, but he couldn't help it. She was the reason he was here after all. She was kind enough to get him an invitation to the chance of a lifetime. He didn't even need to ask. Gia had always been good to him.

    What he chose to replace his thoughts of her with were things that had run through his mind since he was old enough to steal his first watch out of a display case in a jewelry store him and his parents once visited when he was young. It wouldn't be hard to lift precious items from an unsuspecting victim's pocket or even rummaging through their luggage and leaving it as if no one had touched it at all. They were monotonous actions that he had done thousands of times before. They say old habits die hard and that statement was true. It was hard to break his sticky fingers. He wanted the world and then some. Eli didn't care how he achieved that. He didn't hesitate from stealing money from old women who threw dollar bills at the first person who invested time into their lives. The way he saw it, they didn't have much use for it anymore.

    Elias wasn't entirely paying attention when Gia addressed him. He barely turned his head towards her and only gave her a soft whisper of a "yes" in reply. She didn't say much else and neither did he; their friend quiet in the driver's seat the whole time. When they finally reached their destination, the Upton Manor, Eli sighed. His body was stiff and he couldn't wait to stretch his arms and legs. No way he could make a trip like this too often. Being cooped up in the car for so long was making him go insane. He pulled his own bag out of the car and offered to help carry one of Gia's to lighten the load which she gladly accepted. Reaching the door he promptly knocked on the door with just enough force behind it. The door opened, a butler answered, and they reluctantly entered.
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  5. Ayame Sugata
    Interactions: All present in house | Location: In house

    "No, I swear that's exactly what I put on my application!" Ayame tilted her head back and let out a large laugh. Her dark eyes shone in excitement at the story that had gotten her through an entire taxi drive without falling asleep. The cab driver smirked and let out a respectful chuckle. Ayame wasn't exactly satisfied with his reaction but went along with it anyways. "So did you even lie about your name?" He asked, looking at her through the mirror. "No, I am Ayame Sugata. That is, until that changes." She gave a small wink to the old man with a head of fully white hair tucked partially in a hat that was stuck in the 90's. "Fiance?" The man guessed less than correctly. Ayame lied and said, "Yes." with a small grin. It was more interesting than the truth.

    "He's coming too, but his face irritated me so I made him take a different one. It's honestly like cheating, if he's rich i'm rich and if i'm rich well-" Ayame let out another laugh, "I'm rich!" She definitely wasn't greedy by nature. She wasn't materialistic, what she needed to be happy came from human interaction rather than money.

    She stepped out of the cab, opening up the trunk and motioning for the driver not to drive off yet. Another cab pulled up, Alastair's significant curly hair popping out of it. "Won't this be fun darling?" The end of his mouth pulled into a small smirk. "It will." Ayame expectantly waited for him to get her bags. He did, pulling them out and a silent butler whisking them away after him. Next up were his bags, whisked away by a similar looking butler.

    "How many names do you think you can remember with one introduction?" His smirk broke into a grin, "let's make a game of it." His eyes shone as they always did when the man was making up games.

    The two walked side by side to the group of people. "Alastair Addison, may I ask for your names?" He introduced himself. Ayame became slightly irritated by how friendly he was being to other people. "I'm Ayame Sugata, ha-" Ayame stopped herself from using Japanese. "It's nice to meet you." She lied, honestly every last one of them could rot in hell considering they were obstacles between her and what she wanted. Money wasn't important, but winning was.

    Alastair Addison
    Interactions: All present inhouse | Location: In house

    The mans cab drive was rather dull, he had fallen asleep for a portion of the ride. His cab driver tried desperately to make conversation with him during the periods he was awake. He ultimately regretted his decisions when Alastair began playing mind games with him. At the point Alastair was excitedly forcing him to memorize sets of licence plates and nearly getting them into a crash the driver simply stopped trying. Though, Alastair was wide awake at that point and continued with the games. During the tenth round of I-Spy the driver finally pulled up to the mansion.

    Alastair could see Ayame's figure outside of her own cab. The driver let out a small whistle, unaware that she was Alastair's. It only made sense, a normal couple would of driven together. Ayame couldn't win Alastair's licence-plate game and got unreasonably angry at him and decided to get in a cab alone. That and Alastair was of the opinion she was beautiful, a thin form, pale hair and perfectly wavy dark hair. All that mixed with a low V-cut cashmere sweater with a undershirt covering anything lewd, low-rise dark-wash skinny jeans tucked in black boots that rose right under her knee. Alastair couldn't of made someone more beautiful on paper- well logically he could, but he wouldn't choose to.

    "Won't this be fun darling?" A smirk practicaly forced his way on the mans face. It was simply so exciting to be in such a competition. Alastair was only in it to see if he would win because he had made the entire ordeal into a game in his head. He'd probably give most of the money to his and Ayame's student loans, Ayame, charity and retirement savings. He stepped out of his own cab and grabbed Ayame's bags before his own. Each whisked away by a butler.

    "How many names do you think you can remember with one introduction?" His smirk broke into a grin as he brushed his knuckles against Ayame's jaw affectionately, "let's make a game of it." He declared. The two then walked side by side to the group of people. "Alastair Addison, may I ask for your names?" He introduced himself. "I'm Ayame Sugata, ha-" Ayame said, pausing before saying, "It's nice to meet you." Her left cheek twitched when she said it, it was something you'd only realize if you were paying a more than natural amount of attention. Alastair used this and her recent cheek-twitching statements to deduce this was her new action when she was lying.​
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  6. Riza RiyokoRiza took a deep breath- she was late. It hadn't been her fault! The taxi driver had nearly gotten the both of them killed thirty minutes into the drive. The idiot had almost swerved off a bridge trying to avoid an unknown object in the middle of the road and even then that wasn't the end of it. Though the next near-death experience was probably more due to other drivers. Riza was done thinking about it. Now she needed to focus her mind on the situation at hand. It was still almost impossible to believe she'd been invited here, and as she knocked on the door her stomach felt awkward. Riyoko felt presentable in her usual, yet professional and formal attire she wore for her internship at the journalist company. Why had she been invited here? Riza was still so young and even though she was attending college she wasn't sure why they'd picked her. Sure she was intelligent and sure she had a strong work ethic but where would that get her with something like this?

    Of course, Riyoko wasn't complaining. It was a nice deal, if she was the final applicant who won this prize. But she'd always been a curious person, so it didn't help at all. As the butler answered the door at last, she smiled softly at him in thanks as she walked inside. There were people here already. Riza had never been much of a people person and she was a bit shy towards people at first, so her smile faded into one more nervous and she somewhat kept to herself. Riyoko was mainly a speak when spoken to kind of girl, unless it came to debate or something of the sort. The blonde could be rebellious with her opinions and beliefs.

    Standing there for a moment, utter silence was the only thing that managed to escape her. Though she really started to feel uncomfortable when she felt a pair of eyes practically burning into her back- and she didn't like that. So, Riyoko glanced over her shoulder, vibrant eyes meeting dark ones. A man behind her stared as he leaned against the wall. He was dressed nicely and his hair looked spectacular. Riza forced herself to look away and calmly keep walking, hoping to avert his gaze.

    What was he so interested in? Did she have something on her face? Riza didn't know but she made a mental note to stay away from him. Casting one more look his way, she widened her eyes as she saw that smirk on his jaws. There was something off about this man. Or perhaps she was reading too much into it.
    "Creeper," Riyoko whispered, trying to comfort herself in some way.

    Jonathan BourneJonathan smirked a little longer until the woman disappeared from view. "So easily stirred," Jon said humorously to himself, still hanging out and about away from these people. He didn't care to make small talk with fools he was competing against for this mansion. They all seemed exceptionally boring, anyway. Taking in every detail of the place, his eyes were cold and calculating as he simply observed. Very nice, indeed. Anyone with living space like this was bound to be wealthy. This was something Jonathan was working towards, but when he was invited her he figured he'd just skip all the money and work and take the easy route.

    None of these people were fit for such a task. Why they'd been called here was unbeknownst to him, but he as aware of why he was here, and even more so as to why he'd claim the winnings when this was all over. A fake smile and polite attitude would get anyone far, but it takes a bit of skill to lie like he did. Pulling of a nice facade was easy- but Jon was serious about this.

    Bourne intended to be the last person here.

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  7. Hm, it seems you've all arrived. The other two guests, one sir Forrest Sciacchitano, and one madam Kammael Wayshire, will not be joining us due to some last minute complications. We're sorry to see them go, however, that does increase the rest of your odds, doesn't it?

    The ten of you are the lucky few who have been privileged with the opportunity to meet Lord Taylor Upton. Currently, he's residing in his study before dinner. He does not wish to be disturbed, and it is advised you not try to get an early chance to introduce yourself, you will have an apt amount of time at dinner - which will be at six o'clock sharp.

    You all have a few hours to get ready if you like, freshen up. Myself or another servant would be more than happy to escort you to your room. Gentlemen are in the upper West wing, Ladies in the East. Your belongings should be in your respective rooms, and if you find anything out of order please let someone know. We would hate for any of you to have an unpleasant experience at the mansion.

    Any questions? Now then! Off you go, dinner is still on the way, enjoy yourselves for a little while!
    Oliver smiled pleasantly everyone else in the room and when asked for his name, he smiled and said confidently, "My name's Oliver Park." His confidence came from the lack of blunders and aggressiveness so far. Nobody was questioning him! No one was staring at him oddly! Well...Except for that Alexandrine woman, but maybe she had just never met a transgender person before! Maybe this was going to be a learning experience for her or something! Oliver never thought that he would be one of those Tumblr types to teach people about LGBT culture but--Oh never mind, the woman was gone. Oliver guessed that she wanted to get settled in before dinner.

    "I guess I should do that too," Oliver mumbled to himself and started towards the upper west wing with confidence and a little bit of nervousness. But it wasn't as though they would be rooming together, so no one should mind. Oliver stopped suddenly on the steps and glanced back to see if anyone else was planning to head to their room. He didn't want to go alone because this mansion was huge and his sense of direction was horrendous. He'd gotten lost in an Ikea once, it had been horrible. "Uhh," He began trying to figure out how to phrase his question. "Anyone want to walk together?" And that should have been it, but Oliver was worried now that no one would want to because was 'do you want to go together' something that guys asked each other? "It-it's just because I get lost a lot, you know? A-and I don't want to get lost and all..." He trailed off waiting to be either rebuked or accepted.

    Alexandrine wasn't keen on participating in the 'getting to know you' game, so she stated her name as if she were doing cell checks in prison again, and started towards her room. She needed to freshen up a little and rehearse what she would be saying to Lord Upton. She had practiced her little speech in front of the mirror multiple times, and usually she wouldn't even have to. But this...This was different. Her usual calm demeanor was broken and she was just nervous as hell. Plus...She had noticed the other women's attire and she didn't think her black pant suit was appropriate. She had packed a few dresses but she hadn't really tried them on.

    Walking down the hall, Alexandrine glanced at all the doors trying to find the ones with her name tag on it. Finally she found hers and entered. Her eyes widened in surprise at how glamorous the room was. Everything was just...Wonderful and bright and dare she say...pretty? She wondered what Upton had done to get such a sweet place.

    Alexandrine went to unpack her bags and pulled out her make up box, rifling through it and trying to find a less gloomy look. Unfortunately she had only packed dark and muted colors. "Damn it. I'm gonna have to ask someone if I can borrow some make up." She muttered to herself and tried to think of who would be the best person to ask. She didn't really want to borrow anyone's used make up. "Maybe one of the maids has some spares or something." She said to herself as she left her room in search of a maid or at least the butler.
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  9. Chao
    She greeted everyone with a smile, her name, and a handshake if they chose to accept it. But once all that was over, Chao ignored them just as fast. She wanted to make sure she looked great when she finally met the lord, thus didn't want to do anything unnecessary that would ruin her already prepped look. But she also didn't want to look like she didn't belong, so she went to a bathroom to absolutely sure that she was ready. There was no harm done after all.

    Her heels clacked on the floor as she walked. Opening the door to a lavish restroom. It looked clean no matter where you looked, and she was pleased. She didn't expect any less from a man with status. She approached the mirror and scanned her face and body for anything that shouldn't be there. She didn't want to look like a lady of the night, especially not in front of everyone, but she thought that the amount of makeup she wore was okay. Not too much but enough to stand out from the rest of the women, of that's what her goal is. She adjusted her rose hairpin so that it was absolutely in the center.

    She blushed, 'Did everyone notice?!' She thought, silently scolding herself for letting such a thing go unnoticed. Because of this, she rechecked everything else just to be sure.

    Mathias smiled at the couple that walked in, "My name is Mathias Percival, it's nice to meet you as well." He greeted. "I have to go though, so if you'll excuse me..." He said to the good looking pair, he slowly climbed the stairs but was stopped when someone asked for some company. He assumed they were going to the same place so it couldn't hurt, "I'll go with you, if you don't mind, that is." He said to the teen, ignoring the small excuses the boy made. He was shy himself, so he understood how others could be as well. Though he did seem confident earlier.

    He went towards the teen and introduced himself, "Mathias." He said, not knowing where the sudden burst of confidence went. But guessed it was probably because he was dealing with someone who was younger than he was, it was like teaching the children back at home, though the boy was obviously not the same age as them.
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  10. Hm, it would seem the house has grown rather quiet.

    Are you having a tough time getting to know each other? That's a shame. Making a few allies certainly wouldn't hurt to brighten yourselves up for the Lord. The chatter would certainly liven up the household, it has been ages since we've hosted a party such as this one.

    Again, you still have time to get ready in your respective rooms, but do try to mingle.
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  11. ◊ Gianna Thorne ◊

    Gianna wanted nothing more than to upstairs to her room, lie down, and sleep for the rest of the day. She was feeling quite tired. Not really sure why, but her body felt ready to give out. Unfortunately, she had to get ready for this dinner that she was slightly unprepared for. Dresses weren't entirely her thing. She found them somewhat uncomfortable compared to the regular jeans and T-shirt that she normally wore when she went anywhere. It was on a rare occasion that she actually chose to wear one. Tonight would have to be one of those occasions. Thankfully, she brought along something that would fit the event just enough to keep her from standing out, but comfortable enough that she would be okay with wearing it for the entire evening. It was free flowing, allowed enough room to breathe, simple, and pretty. All that was needed. She hoped that Elias would be on his best behavior tonight. She couldn't have people finding his hand in the cookie jar when they relied on everyone to have trust in them to stay away from their personal items and harmless enough to wear they wouldn't pose a threat of taking the inheritance. But if she knew Eli, she knew that it would be difficult to stay away from the many temptations that lurked around the room. Everyone would be wearing their best tonight. Jewelry, watches and all. And while everyone was too busy kissing up to Lord Upton, they wouldn't expect to lose their valuables.

    She turned, grabbed her bags from Eli and began walking up the stairs and in the direction of the rooms designated for the women of the group, not needing to say a word to him as she knew that she would see him later on tonight at the dinner table. She also didn't make any effort to find someone to walk with. The amount of trust she had in these people were slim to none. It was almost the amount of trust that they should have in her and Elias. But they don't know what they're up to.
    (Click on the link within in order to see her dress for the dinner.)

    ♦ | Elias Whitfield | ♦

    Elias stretched his back. The long car ride made his body ache in ways that were quite unpleasant. He couldn't wait to get up to his room and fall out onto the bed. It didn't take him long to get dressed. He was in his clothes and ready to go faster than it took him to brush his teeth in the morning. Today wouldn't be any different. An inheritance was on the line, but there were a lot more things he could use to take advantage and make an impression other than getting dressed up and playing the part of a rich man. A rich man that he wasn't. What he would lack in his dress attire, he would definitely make up for with his charm and intelligence. All he chose to wear that night was a simple suit. One that he would probably neglect to tuck in and do the tie all of the way. After the maid was finished talking, he sighed. The little meet and greet was taking longer than he would have liked and was glad when they were able to head up to their rooms and prepare for the night.

    Gia retrieved her bags from him and started walking up the stairs. He followed in her footsteps indirectly, heading the opposite way to where the men were sleeping for the nights they were here for.
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