When the Lights Go Out (OOC)

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    Please feel free to use this thread for your OOC needs.
    Here is a quick reminder of the rules...

    • Do not take control of another player's characters.​
    • Discussing the identity of the killer outside of the thread is prohibited. This is meant to keep them a mystery as long as possible.​
    • That being said, if you are selected to be the killer, do not tell anyone.
    • You are allowed to discuss character aspects and alliances in an OOC thread, but please refrain from discussing the plot anywhere else. Again, this is meant to help keep things a mystery.​

    Consult with the GM ( @Lillian Gray ) if you have further questions.

    Signup can be found here.
    OOC can be found here.
    IC can be found here.
  2. I'm really excited for this. You did beautifully with all the the threads, @Lillian Gray !
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  3. I am excited as well!
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  4. Posted! I'm so excited that this show is on the road! Whoooot! :D
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  5. Aww, thanks you guys! I'm looking forward to this lifting off as well!

    If anyone needs anything (a map, something, description, blah) just let me know. I have some free time tomorrow so I'd be more than happy to get some of it done!

    For now, I've just got a murder poll. Vote on who you think is going to die! Votes can be changed at any time.
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  6. About to post soon O.O excited!
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  7. Sounds great! Just remember, I'd like to have everyone post once.

    We can do a posting order, it'll definitely help to control the many players this early on. So, this will establish a good list.

    I can't wait to hear from everyone!
  8. Woot! Done :D

    Bed ._. haha.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.