When The Hero and Villain Is Undefined

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  1. Alice was sitting alone in her room, when the power suddenly decided to give out. She got up quietly and opened the door to her room. It was midnight or about that time at the moment and everyone else was sleeping. Alice was almost certain that there was intruder lurking about. That would be the only reason someone would cut out the power. They wouldn't be able to set off any alarms. She hovered about using her shadows and her eyes looked around for any signs of heat. At the moment she was finding none and so she spoke into the darkness hoping that she wouldn't get a response.

    "I know you're here, show yourself." Alice said to the nothingness.

    The moon shone brightly on the M on her chest. She was Misfortune to the public, but Alice to herself. However, no one was aware of her real name, as it had been forgotten many years ago by everyone. She hovered in silence as she waited for a response almost thinking that it was nothing more than a temporary power outage. Nonetheless, she stood there alone in the dark, her guard up in case there should be any sign of disturbance anywhere.
  2. The sound of dreeping echoed through the halls and spots were on the ground making a trail towards the power box, the wires had been sliced by some sort of blades, the cut was clean and what ever did it seemed to know what wires to strike. There was no sign of forced entry except a busted ventilation shaft giving out the lurker was a crawler...what he left behind however was a clear warning of his presence and his knowlodge of the heroes.

    Painted in green and red were several drawings and messages, several types of smiley faces all around in different ways, pictures of Misfortune with burned eye holes and face cut into a smile and the words "SMILE!" "SMILE DARN YAH SMILE!" "BE A CLOWN!" "(S)LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE!" "KISSES FROM THE MADNESS!" were spamming the whole wall, the S's were painted in deep red and dreeping as if red ink was used in excess...if that is even red ink...there was also several XOXOXO spammed around.
    This definitelly isn't about vandalism its about sending a message.
  3. Alice was not in the least bit worried about the pictures, she saw worse just by simply being awake. She looked around, still searching for a heat source and then she found it down below her. She took in a deep breath as her eyes turned white causing the the ventilation shaft to give out. It was simply just bad luck for whoever was inside them. If anything the person inside fell with it and Alice would be there to meet the person. Though the villain was obviously aware that Alice never smiled. Though that was not her concern in the least. Seeing the broken ventilation shaft she looked dead at it seeing the heat from a body inside it.

    "Show yourself..." Alice said to the nothingness.

    Her eyes glowed white in frustration. If anything, Alice was short tempered because of what she was though that had not been discovered yet. As far as she knew. She looked at the messages, getting more angry by them then anything. She felt as though she was being mocked and there was nothing more that she hated than being mocked. Alice walked closer and waited for the villain to show himself. For the moment, she was still alone with no back up. However, that would surely change after her friends were aware that something rather large had fallen out of no where.

    Rogue heard the noise and he was on his way up to the seventh floor seeing as he slept in the bottom. His race loved the water and thus he slept in the flooded basement. He would more or less arrive first, but he was not there quite yet. He rubbed the sleep from his eyes rushing to get X up.

    X was really irritated to having been shook violently awake by Rogue, who sounded like a whiny twelve year old in X's opinion. He nodded once he heard the situation and the two went off to wake up the Mercenary as they liked to call him. This was not going to be an easy task nor was it going to be a pleasant one, but the two headed off to alert him regardless.
  4. The body heat signature was something weak and what Misfortune found was not the villain she intended...but yes a recently deceased person, or someone very close to dieing. This victim was warped tightly in barbed wire which was digging into the body, his throat was cut where the vocal cords were, the eyelids were burned and the chicks torned violently. There were numerous cuts through out most of the body of this victim, as if a derranged animal clawed at it due to that most of the cuts happeared in groups of four, three or five like claw marks.

    The person was dressed in a ripped and blood soaked shirt and jeans, simple daily clothes, but had make up on the face, seemed to be male in between 20s to 30s, the body seemed to had been forced into the ventilation shaft showing that its arm was broken or possible from a fight. If the body would be removed one could notice the fact that it lacked hands, they were torn. On its pocket was an ID card showing that it was a security guard...probably a quick catch for who ever did this to just try to torment them. On the chest another picture of Misfortune with the eyes burned and a smile painted on it was there, this picture sayed "See You Soon Love: A Fan". Either someone was a fan of Misfortune...or had a weird humor due the body being found in the Ventilation System.
  5. Alice was not phased by the scene and she simply left the body there. Something like that could have been dealt with later. The intruder seemed to be the most important at the moment. She was confused as to why this person was so obsessed with her picture. It was really unsettling to say the least. Alice walked around the tower's top floor. She was hoping that Omi would wake up and get the power back on. She was not in the mood for playing games anymore. It was late and what she really wanted to do was sleep. Alice was not one to lose her temper, but when she did, everyone stepped back. The government had in turn planted a microchip inside of Alice's brain to keep her powers in check, though they would not be enough to stop her if she was to get truly angry and that was what the government feared the most.

    Omi and X woke up the sleeping Gorgon who yawned loudly. He seemed to be in a good mood for the most part. Omi went towards the tower's power center to see if he couldn't get his secret power source going. X and Gorgon searched the other floors of the tower. The two of them noticed the pictures of Misfortune and shook in disturbance. It was by far something they wished they hadn't seen. Who had been so intent to kill Misfortune? Or was the person even here to kill her at all?
  6. The intruder seemed to be long gone for now. However they had to take care of it later as their phone was starting to ring, it was the police department that wanted to warn them about two things...First was the arrival of the new Commissionaire and the new District Attorney, while at second was a raqueterring feat brought by the gang wars. This had to be stopped otherwise civilians and by standers could get seriously hurt.

    It was mentioned that however this wasn't the average shoot to kill gang war, as there were mutants involved, this had to be stopped to not turn into a complete slaughter. The mutants that were present were made to kill and must be stopped at all costs so no lives are lost.
  7. Alice answered the phone. She listened to the police department intently. However, she thought the phone call itself was rather strange. Alice never received orders from the police. She as not under their control. Someone much hire was the only one allowed to tell Alice to do anything and expect her to do it. Alice did not say much, but she thought that the mutant outbreak was even more strange. There had not been one of those in quite a while according Maximus...

    Maximus was the president of what Alice liked to call the Media or the government. He was the one that gave Alice direct orders and was the only one that could truly control her. However, most others did not see it as control. It was more of a way to keep Alice from harming the citizens. At least, that was what Alice had been led to believe.
  8. Meanwhile during their set up of gear and thoughts, a mafia family was barracading themselves in a warehouse, however that'd barelly hold them in place...
    A black limousine stopped near the warehouse, two figures walked out of the front doors...one was a tall muscular beast with razor sharp teeth, bright yellow eyes and blue spiked hair...The other had reptilian features and green scales instead of skin, his hair was long and tied with 5 orbs at the end. From the back 2 ninja like beings jumped out standing near the other first two...and finally their boss has arised...Green hair flowing through his back he puts a black fedora on his head and fixes his black suit as well as the red tie, the vine like markings were clear in his neck and hands.
    "Gentlemen...a few nasty opponents of ours are inside of that warehouse. Send them a first message to come out, Richard be a dear and try your turn first."
    The muscular beast walked towards the warehouse following the plant hybrids orders and slammed his fist on the door, leaving a large dent, then a blade bursts from his arm as he slashes through the cheap metal. "COME OUT YOU COWARDS AND ANSWER TO OUR BOSS OR I'LL FEED ON YOUR BONES!" the beast roared demanding for the ones barracading themselves to come out.

    "Temper, Temper, Richard...But good try. Gabriel, Chameleon...Move around the back and wait for the signal." The brown ninja jumped to the ceiling while the other one disappeared. "This is going to be fun won't it my dears?"
    "Yes, Boss...as you wish..." The reptilian beast answered with a nod waiting for the signal to attack coiling itself on his own hair.
  9. Alice spent the rest of that night, she cleaned up the mess left behind the unknown villain. She did not smile. She simply sighed. Alice would have expected as much being a hero and all. She would make many enemies and that was to be expected. Her team had arrived to the scene late and a thorough investigation was done. There was absolutely no trace of the villain at this point in time and they would have to wait until he, she, or it returned.

    She was going to return to her room when she received yet another call from the police about a disturbance in an abandoned warehouse. So far, the police had not been able to get a good look at what was going and was calling Team MRAX for help. Alice could do nothing but sigh as her team made its way to the warehouse. They had no idea what they were going to be dealing with and the noises that were going on didn't sound human at all. Alice told her team to stand down and the four of them silently observed. They would have to wait. Extreme caution was taken and Rogue (Omi) was listening in.
  10. Inside the warehouse the mob was preparing themselves, one looked out of a window and grabbed a shotgun smashing the window and shooting at the mutants "Try and get us freak!"
    The plant hybrid yawned in response "Your shooting skills are awfull. Never pick a shotgun for a long range weapon." with this he takes out a Magnum revolvere and swiftly fires twice hitting the gun off of the mob member's hands. No doubt this had quite the marksmanship.

    Unknown to the ones inside the two ninjas were already inside. They were ready to deliver what ever finishing blow was needed. However the muscular mutant was growling in anticipation, he was getting impatient. "I haven't ate a thing ALL day AND Night...Let me have 'em now!" His boss only sighed "Patience...We just need to let them try to be smart."
  11. Alice's team does not yet disperse. They wait for Rogue to report back.

    Rogue saw the gun fight. He was invisible and he ran back to his team to report the news. To Rogue it appeared to be more than just some simple mob battle as the police had reported. It was something much more than that. He was wondering what the reptilian thing was. It most certainly wasn't human. In fact, none of them looked human at all. They really were mutants. Or were they aliens? Rogue had no way of being sure.

    "Misfortune," Rogue started, "Those people down there aren't people. I'm almost certain they're aliens or mutants... One of them has reptilian skin..."

    Alice listened intently to Rogue's report.

    Gorgon (Viktor) on the other hand was eager for a fist fight, "I say we get down there, show 'em what's what and then ask the questions later."

    Gorgon clasps his hands together and cracks his knuckles. His Russian accent was extremely heavy, but his words were understandable. In his opinion, if the things down there weren't human, they were probably aliens or like him, a mutant. There was really no telling and from Rogue's explanation they probably had powers of their own.

    X looked disdainfully at Gorgon, "I say we wait until we know what these people or aliens, whatever they are can do!"

    X was a little irritated with Gorgon's eagerness to get into a fight. No good would come from getting into a fight this early on. It was best to wait things out.

    Alice was planning on what her team's next move should be. From the gun shot, lives were probably getting lost already. Alice nodded at her team, "Let's go."

    Alice's team dispersed. Everyone had their own way of making an entrance. Alice however, she stayed back... There was something she wanted to check.
  12. "Last chance...Come and talk or stay and die." The plant hybrid smilled as he stepped towards them, another bullet went past him, this time it went close to his cheek. "No? Okay..." he looked at the tall beast and nodded "Richard, please...open the doors if you'd be so kind."
    The tall muscular beast grins and charges at the door throwing all his weigth onto his shoulder slamming into it.

    Inside the mob was backing away as something heavy hit the door, they knew they were going to enter with their juggernaut and the slaughter would start in no time. "You help me with this! We'll so those freaks who rules this place!" two guys went to open a large box taking out a rocket launcher, they called in a third as the weapon was heavy, the third started to load the gun but suddenly gasped and fell to his knees.
    "Hurry up, man! Load a second!", said the second gangster, however something poked his shoulder and as he turned around only a gasp of terror escaped his lip, his partner had a kunai stabbed in his throat and three golden blades on his chest that were holding him in the air. The blades threw him away and a reptilian transparent ninja like creature standed right infront of him. "THEY ARE HERE!!!"

    The plant hybrid chuckled as he heard the scream "Oops...I guess they found Chameleon and Gabriel. Oh well...Richard, tear the door open." Richard grin became wider as two reddish blades slided out from his skin and he stabbed them on the warehouse's door and tore it like the cheap metal it was, he opened a large enough hole and stepped inside grinning, right behind him the Reptilian mutant with long hair stepped inside as well and finally their boss. "I tried to do this peacefully...you decided to decline...Now there's only one fate for you my beloved friends...Sath, Richard, Chameleon, Gabriel...Kill them all."
  13. Alice watched what was going to happen with disdain. So many people got hurt like this. If only she could stop things like this more often.

    "Stop that's enough," Alice said from the shadows. Only her eyes were visible at this point. She wasn't smiling, but instead she looked rather sad. Alice was hoping she could keep her powers in check. Lately things had been a little risky. She was forbidden to use her nightmarish powers by the government.

    Rogue was still invisible but he stood by Alice. X was hidden in the shadows like Alice. His appearance was not visible at all. He had in a sense become one with the shadows. Gorgon was just as big as the reptilian beast that just burst through some doors.

    "Well it looks like I got myself a new play mate!" Gorgon said as he cracked his knuckles. He looked at the reptilian beast and looked rather excited. However, Alice was advising extreme caution. She had no idea what the people before her were. It was likely that they didn't know what she was either. In fact, she didn't even know what she was. Both sides would have to be careful and Alice was thinking about who to take care of first. It seemed as though the mutants were the most dangerous.
  14. As Richard, the mutant beast was about to sink his blades into one of the mobsters he stopped hearing something. His boss heard it too and turned towards the voice looking at it. It was difficult to see who or what was it since that person was hidding in the dark having only the eyes visible. "In my fair oppinion I do believe its very rude to be hidding like a Chameleon in the dark instead of speaking up to someone's face."
    Chameleon, the transparent lizard like being snarled at that comment, which his boss only chuckled at the reptile's pride being damaged, however he remained with his sword and weapons ready.
    "Now...if you'd be so kind as to skip away and run into your marry go life and leave us alone. That'd be amazing. You see, we've got our hero work to accomplish, cops and these supposed "New-Super-Heroes" have done nothing more then...Well nothing. So go save a cat from a tree or something, dearies." He smilled warmly as he took out his gun and walked towards one of the mobsters smilling, he removed the bullets from the revolver except one, then showed the nearly empty revolver to him and spinned it. "You and I shall play a little game...6 holes...One bullet. You and I shall get a turn. If you get the bullet, you'll get hurt and then eaten by Richard over there. If I get the bullet...Well, I'll be the one getting hurt isn't it?"
  15. "We won't be playing any game. I'm not trying to hurt anyone," Alice didn't look at Richard.

    In fact, the only person who was interested in Richard and would probably be a good match for him was Gorgon. "How's about we play a little lizard breath?" Gorgon asked playfully and cracked his knuckles. This was going to be one of the more difficult battles he would have. However, a trained mercenary had many difficult battles. This would be the same in his opinion.

    Omi ran invisible full speed around the ninjas, creating, somewhat of an oxygen free vortex, making breathing difficult. He couldn't be seen nor caught, especially since he was accelerating. X on the other hand was helping out Omi by creating shadows of his own to add to the vortex making escape rather difficult. They were only to subdue the enemy not kill. Misfortune had been told not to kill or use her nightmarish powers.

    Alice wasn't smiling. In fact, it was safe to say she had not smiled since she was a child. Alice just used her bad luck to jam the gun entirely so neither side would get hurt. She just wanted to help people, even if they were viewed as bad. That had been her goal since she was small. When she lost her temper that one time, she nearly killed people and her powers had went completely out of control and created tangible illusions. It had been awful and it hurt her to remember it all. The last thing she wanted to do was lose her temper...
  16. Richard blinked and rised his eyebrow crossing his arms "Hey Sath...whatcha think of this guy? Glasses or blind?"
    Sath shrugged and answered to him "I do not know...I'd say glasses is what he probably needs... It seems he mistook my reptilian nature for your own unique characteristics."
    Richard laughs and shakes his head. "Damn right he did. He's not even worth a challenge if he can't destinguish a mutant from a repti-born."

    Sloth looked at Misfortune sighing "This again? Come back on Tuesday, I'll attempt to deal with do gooders normally on Tuesday and last I check its Friday."
    Sath corrected his master tilting his head and rising a hand "Actually its Monday sir..."
    Sloth looked towards Sath and then thought for a second tilting his head "I guess it is...I don't have the energy to remember stuff that much but oh well." he then looked towards his assassins and sighed crossing his arms. "Really? You should know its a stupid move messing with them right?"

    Chameleon was sitted on the ground since his cover has been known and seemed to be meditating with his eyes closed, his transparent green skin was clearly seen. Gabriel on the other hand just had his hands crossed and was tapping his foot on the ground taking very slow breaths, he looks towards Chameleon and speaks through his mask "How long untill they know these masks have oxygen of their own?"
    Chameleon didn't moved, although he does answer "Probably in few seconds since you just mentioned it."
    Gabriel cracks his fingers rising his hands above his head "Well. I'm in the mood to swing a bit. Who's up?"
    Chameleon opens an eye looking up at Gabriel then resumes his meditation "I prefer to resume my meditation thank you very much...I do not wish to take part on any of that..."Swing" you speak of...Warn me when these wannabe Heroes wish to take up on an actual fight and stop running around like blind cockroaches."
    Gabriel looks towards Sloth and waves trying to call him out "Hey boss! Can you hear me?!"
    Chameleon sighed annoyed "This vortex prevents oxygen and so does prevent sound thanks to the shadow barrier that I am able to feel in the proximity...Your training was awful I must say if you couldn't feel it."
    Gabriel crossed his arms glaring at the lizard like ninja "Well Mr. Feelings, I took military training for your info."

    These villains seemed to have an extremely big relaxation level to the point they are not taking the interference of the villains seriously...One could tell that the smirk on Sloth's face has something to do with their behavior.
  17. Alice looked around. They weren't being taken seriously and Gorgon's mistake only made it worse.

    X was now worried, but not about the villains, but about Misfortune. Her temper was usually kept under control, but being insulted was a quick way to set her on edge. X had witnessed this moment, but one time and it was something he would never forget.

    "Wannabe hero? You don't know anything about us!" Alice scowled at them.

    Alice had not lost her temper, but this person before her was pushing it. Things started to shake and the entire structure started to collapse upon itself. As pieces fell from the ceiling, Omi and X dodged debris while Gorgon simply sidestepped to miss a large amount of ceiling that would have been enough to crush him entirely.

    The squad of police could feel the corruption. If anything, the commotion would alert the Government. They were worried about Misfortune losing control as she was dangerous even when a microchip had been installed to keep her from fully tapping into her powers. However, her anger had proven to be difficult to keep under control. Misfortune was never happy and her wrath was merciless. All who ever witnessed even a minute demonstration, never forgot the horrors that had been seen.

    Shadow like hands sprouted from Alice's back and shielded her from falling debris. One of the hands grabbed Gabriel, but not on Alice's command. A voice inside Alice's head resounded like church bells in a city. Make him look into your eyes... Bring their fears to life... Don't hold back. Show them you're true power, the power that makes everyone fear you... They will respect you then and cower at your feet...
  18. Sloth was laughing as the building was shaking and collapsing. "Good, good...now we see what you truelly are."
    Sath jumped back from a large boulder as Richard was slashing at the concrete "Boss...what is going on?"
    "Quite obvious my dear Sath...Someone truelly has little control on their powers. But the true question is..." Sloth looked directly towards Misfortune smirking, his eyes penetrating hers behind his red shades "Who's in control of you, 'Heroine'? You...or your powers?"

    Once grabbed Gabriel pulled out a shotgun aiming straight at Misfortune, but did not fired he had his gun aimed well towards her ready to shoot once his master, Sloth, would give the order.

    Sloth looked at Gabriel and smilled shaking his head, the mutant lowered his weapon, Sloth walked towards Misfortune and put a finger in her chin. "Listen my dear...I saw someone act just as yourself before...You are barelly scary. Search for the one known as 'Azura'. You might have fun with someone matching your level instead of just mutants like us that are making a living. OH and if you, in any case, need to relax. Take this." he pulls out a vial with a bright blue liquid inside giving off a glow and moves it to Misfortune waiting her to accept it.
  19. Alice looked at Gabriel when he pulled out the shot gun. A shadow hand ripped it from his grasp. She quickly averted her gaze as she felt visions preparing to materialize. The sensation went away upon looking at the person with the red shades. Her black hair covered most of her face.

    "I control myself," Alice scowled at the man before her. She inadvertently tightened her grip on Gabriel. Upon realization, she loosened her grip and let him fall to the ground, "Stop with your rhetoric and leave this city alone."

    As any one with a brain could suspect that Alice's power fed on her anger and not only did her powers become more potent, they fed the anger trying feed off the fear of others. However, a notion such as that could not be made just yet. There were too many unknowns to make any assumptions at this point.

    When Alice was touched, a shadow hand knocked off the boss's shades. The voice resounded again, but only Alice and the man before her would be able to hear it. What do you fear the most? Is it death? Capture? Defeat? The truth? Look into our eyes and see what it is you truly fear. You will live it... The voice was soothing, and tempting. It was as though it was offering what one most desired rather than what they feared the most. Alice looked at the vile rather than trying to look at the mob boss. She wouldn't let herself be tempted into using her nightmarish powers this way.

    "That liquid..." Alice's voice was barely audible, "If I take it, will you leave this place?"

    She was trying to hide the fact that the voice bothered her and hide her gaze. She didn't want anyone to see what they most feared. Sometimes it was too much for Alice herself to handle. For she must see the vision to make it real...
  20. As the shades were knocked out, his blood red eyes, nearly glowed with the sin that was carved into them. The eyes barelly looked natural, the reptilian man grabbed the shades and handed them back to his boss. "This liquid is as tempting as the echo your mind is making. If you wish to make deals with the devil...Well. I'm your man, give in to my sin and you'll see that your powers will relax as much as I am. Now about leaving...isn't it rude to try to kick off the citizens from this city?"

    He smirked waving the vial to her in a tempting manner. The glow of it was quite attractive, and would made one needy. Richard's voice could be heard growling and croaking, it was clearn that he wanted it, however a glare from his master was all it took to shut him. What bad could happen if she took it?