When the Heart comes back

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  1. ....I LIVE!!!!
    yea i am alive not dead, After being mostly a YEAR out of iwaku i have made mysef to return and this time STAY on iwaku. still wonder how i could have left such a great site but WATEVS. its the past and im back baby and this time with more hype for RP's than any other time!
    *Notice Grey name*
    That has to change ASAP!

    But anyway reason for my vanish was from the site was more from a personal reason and well...how Busy i have been in the past with studies. In fact i might be still busy as i have a few years to complete but once done i will be moving to the States so there might be some downtime for me.

    But anyway! I am back! and such i want to be treated like a baby.....like if i was never here...
    But Hi all! Cant wait to RP with ya people soon!
  2. Welcome back. ^^
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  3. Welcome back! :D
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  4. Welcome back then Yonsisac. Enjoy your stay and I hope everything that led to you leaving before will not happen again.

    Anyhow, have fun :)
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  5. A welcome back indeed! >:D
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  6. Welcome back dear :D!
    I also found myself hissing at the grey name back when I disappeared for a bit, so I can totally relate.
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  7. I am gonna cry....So much love...my heart can handle so much love ;3;
    Yes i am glad to be back to see you all lovely people!
  8. Welcome back!
  9. Eyyyy, Yon! Welcome back to Iwaku!
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