When the Dragons Roar.

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  1. Dragons, after owning the land, living in peice with the world of other creatures. Humans have decided to take over the world in their own image. Two dragons are chosen to lead the powers they have together and take the world that was originally theirs.

  2. Name: Wesker
    Gender: Male
    Age: 50
    Brom's sibling and Caxendra's nurse.
    age-new born

    age- 30
  3. Name: Jewel
    Gender: Female
    Age: 45
    Personality: Jewel is quiet and thoughtful, always speaking her mind and thinking things through down to the ink or the words. She is an observer. Not easily afraid. She is intune to the world and her crystals fill her with life energy. she often has visions and will blank otu mindlessly.
    Other: Bigger than a human by 2000times. Smaller than Freyden by only a claw. Biggest wingspan.

    Name: Freyden
    Gender: Male
    Age: 65
    Personality: Freyden is not easily startled, quick to act and is caring. He ussually never thinks things through but has promised to stay by Jewels side for as long as he lives. Looking for love and a place to call his own.
  4. Sheva laid chest deep in water, the young Caxendra playing in her paws, so vulnerable and small. Sheva was sitll baffled as to how the young one ever survived losing her parents.
    Brom paced just out of site, much on his mind. He growled bitterly as the sun blinded him, it shimmering offhis icey white scales.
  5. "Freyden, should we intrude? They seem fine on their own, we mustnt intrude" Jewel hung from a rock face, her crystals shining blindingly into the sun. She was a flying blinder. Her gentle red eyes burned with something other than kindness, a certain spark of troubledness. No other dragon held her troubles of seeing the unseen. She watched Sheva and Caxendra play in the glistening water. While her warrior Freyden watched Brom. His wide wings outstretched aching to start a conflict, which he knew Jewel would not enjoy, yet he eyed Brom.

    Brom looked like the strongest one and Freyden wanted a fight. Without any warning he roared loudly, hoping Brom would hear it and fly towards him, he scraped his claws against the soft dirt. He smirked when Jewel barked "What are you doing?" he wasnted a fight, and if Jewel wouldnt let him, he would do it himself.
  6. Brom lifted his head, letting a growl escape his throat.
    Sheva and Caxendra heard this roar and quickly Sheva bounded out of the water to hide with the infant. Her job was to protect the child.
  7. Jewel lifted her head "I thought I told you NO!" she shook her head lazily, males never listened. Always wanted to do what they wanted. Jewel layed herself into the dirt and opened her wings to allow sunight into them, warm her scales while Freyden smiled evily, time for some fun "Well" he said "at least we caught there attention huh?"
  8. Brom growled, coming towards him angrily."What is the meaning of your horrid action!" He roared.
  9. "We seek your audience, one with hatred" Freyden looked at Jewel with a smirk on his face "See?" he told her watching as she layed back down and widened her wings, simmering in the suns rays, almost blinding.
  10. Brom's face wrinkled in frustration, a low growl emitting grom his long throat,"Why should I honor you when you have frightened the girls." He stood defensivley, his claws curling into the dirt.
  11. "Well, I'm sorry about your mate and your child, Freyden cant control his temper" Jewel had lifted herself and floated gently down to Brom, a couple feet away just in case he decided to attack. Her scales and diamonds shining. Freyden watched Jewel a grow escaping his throat, if Brom hurt Jewel, did anything to Jewel's gorgeous form, brom would be dead.
  12. Brom tipped his nose skyward in a proud stance, no female would catch his eye not even one like her, appearance wasn't all that mattered atleast he thought. She was probably weak ergo her protector."Sheva is not my mate, and Caxendra is not my hatchling." He informed with nasty growl,"I am Sheva's brother and caretaker of her since she is mostly blind." He informed bitterly. He turned his attention to Frayden,"Whatever your excuse your intrusion is not taken lightly or unnoticed." He warned.
  13. Jewel eyed him. Insecure and limping on his right side, if he thought she was weak he would be mistaken. "Good, we dont want it to be, My Lady just wanted to get directions and offers her apologies" Freyden bowed his head but waved his tail slowly and in a menacing way. Jewel rolled her eyes and watched him "We were just intruding, we shall repay for the intrustion. My acuaintance is Freyden. I am Jewellia Von Harhven from the royal palace of Shenra" she bowed her head and eyed as Freyden did so as well.
  14. Brom begrudgingly returned a half bow,"I suppose I should stand down from someone of royalty." He grumbled, shooting glared at Frayden, he didn't count."Where are you going?"
  15. Jewel was about to speak before Freyden butted in "That...is none of your buisness, we just need directions"

    Jewel glanced around until her eyes rested on Caxendra and Sheva, she lowered her head almost to the ground and stared with her blue shining eyes at Caxendra. Hoping the dragon wouldnt be scared of her.
  16. "If I don't know then I can't give directions." Brom snapped.

    Caxendra wasn't afraid, but she did't move from Sheva's side, and Sheva didn't look like she was willing to allow Caxendra to venture.
  17. Freyden was about to speak until Jewel walked inbetween him and Brom, he stared in wonder "Where are you going?" he growled towards her. Jewel took no notice but answered "To speak to the gods" she only said it to herself but Freyden heard and nodded
  18. Brom watched Jewel, but only for a moment, he wasn't one to let his guard down around another male.
  19. Freyden watched her, tail twitching. If she wanted to stay he might as well get fresh meat for her. He eyed Brom, snarled, and walked in the oposite direction. lifting his wings into teh air as he flew away in search for meat.
  20. Brom huffed not relaxing, he knew Freydon would return.