When The Dead Roam

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Ultra Paradox

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As some of you can already tell, my name is Ultra Paradox, but most of my friends on here call me Ultra! I'm a huge video game freak and joined this website roughly around a month ago probably? I'm not sure, I haven't checked. What I do know is, I have a huge love for Roleplaying. For ten years I have been roleplaying on forums, such as Fictionpress and Fanfiction, but it seems that less and less people go on there. So I went on a journey a month ago to find forums and after probably an hour or so of searching I ambled my way onto this here website.

RolePlaying is a ton of fun for me, It's like writing a story with a fellow author. Or even making up funny tales with close friends. Either way, it's a great way to bring people together. Over the years I met a lot of people who shared the same types of interests I do, things like animes, and genres. But yet there is one roleplay I have not done, a roleplay that takes place in the Zombie Apocalypse. That's why I'm here, I would like to experience it first hand!

Now, even though I'm a very open minded person and I don't mind a lot of things. There are a couple rules I would like to see:
  • No One Liners​
Now let's be honest, One Liners aren't fun for anyone. Even a dumb toddler can come up with a one liner that could progress a story line without Character Development. In our Zombie Adventure, there WILL be multiple character, each of whom have their own will and personalities. Maybe my character won't like yours but will have to learn to work with him to survive.

The fact of the matter is, I want to see character development. I want our characters to get to know one another, tell their story of how they got there, and why. This leads to my next Rule.
  • Character Development is a Must!
If you're somebody who doesn't like taking their time in a roleplay, I'm not the right partner for you. We will be spending days, if not weeks at a time without much danger for the characters as they live their daily lives. Of course there will be dangerous scenarios. Maybe a walker who ambled away from the horde makes its way to their encampment,maybe a bandit scout will come around to talk with the survivors and threaten them for supplies or else they will attack. But just know there will be a lot of dialogue.

  • Be Open Minded

You have to be ready for anything, there is no godmodding for any character in this. At any point any of our character can die, either through sickness that they didn't have the supplies to cure, an attack from raiders, or even the classical zombie bite. But just because I'm adding these rules it doesn't mean that you can't add onto any of these. If you have any type of idea for the storyline, just tell me about it, cause I would be more than happy to listen to what you have to say!

  • Building the Background Story Together
This is the last thing I have left to tell you, I will not have the background story put up here on how the infection all occurred. I feel as if that is something you and I should both plan out together!


If you're interested at all to do this RP with me, just let me know! Can't wait to hear from you! Bye, Bye~


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I would love to do an apocalyptic RP with you. :) I have done them in the past and love them.


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This sounds far too interesting to pass up. I would love to partake on this journey with you~
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