INTEREST CHECK When the Day Met the Night

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  1. In the old days of Maradia, the gods each sent their own heroes, one born of the night, one born of the day. These heroes were both sent to different parts of the country, but through some event of their lives, ended up in the same city, Feulles. Each is drawn to the other for reasons unknown, but both soon learn of a plot to kill the king, who rules in the center of the country. Feulles is on the southern most border. Having no money to their name or a reason other than to blackmail the king (night) and actually save the king (day), the two desperately dash to the capitol, intent on saving the king. Will they make it, or will their conflicting natures cause them to stop?

    So, I want this to be an 'epic quest' sort of roleplay, but it has potential and want for romance. I would like to play as the night character, who'd be female, and need YOU to be a male light character! PM me or post below and we can get started
  2. Seems like it would be interesting to me. I have just the character in mind for a male light warrior.
  3. Great ^^ Send me the basics of your character, like name, age, etc, and I'll reply with my own :D
  4. I was thinking the name would be Feir, age 22 or so, and he would be basically be a knight, cause who better to be a light hero than a knight
  5. Okay, my character would be:

    Name: Philomel She goes by Mel
    Age: 22
    And she's an assassin. But she's been trying to quit

    Any questions, and I'll pretty soon start this ^^