When the Day met the Night: Part III

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  1. "That stand of trees over there looks promising." Without waiting for a reply Feir directed his horse to the copse of trees that had just become visible over the hill. As they rode up to the copse, Feir grabbed his tinderbox from his saddlebag and tied up his horse. This business of being on the run constantly made him miss his quiet life before he joined up with the military, just living at the Citadel with his best friend, Jerico. Of course, he may be meeting up with Jerico soon. He'd have to ask Mel what she thought. "Took us long enough to actually find a campsite, eh? I've been thinking, and I think we should meet up with my friend Jerico. I hadn't though of him for a while, but he would help us. I'm sure of that."
  2. Mumbling a response, Mel tied her horse up, gently running her fingers through his hair. Though she wouldn't tell Feir, she really did hate riding. After the long days of riding, the insides of her thighs would be rubbed raw, and would sometimes bleed. It was long, tiring, and boring work, and Mel was always glad when she got a reprieve, no matter how brief.

    Taking the saddle off of her horse, she buried her face in his neck, inhaling deeply to smell that unique scent only horses had. Looking up when Feir spoke of a friend, she frowned. "You may trust him," she said, "but how do I know I can?"
  3. "He was going off to become a paladin when I last saw him. He saved my life a couple of times early on. He's a good man, and he'll help us out." Taking the saddle off of his own horse, he rubbed his horse down and got started on building a fire. "I think he would be helpful, but it's up to you whether we go to him. I can always talk to him while you stay hidden, if need-be.
  4. "That would be best," she nodded. Taking her bag off her back, she set it beside a tree. Raking her fingers through her hair, she tried to get the tangles out before setting up her bedroll. "Whose turn is it to get the firewood?" She grinned slightly at him, though her muscles were aching and she wished to be sleeping right now. She didn't like riding, but the scenery was amazing. It would counter the ache in her body andelet her imagination explore. Even though she had been running for days now, and she was tired of traveling, Mel had come to realize that it really was a beautiful world.