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    6 generations ago Cross academy was forced to face an evil that had ripped apart the very thin threads that held the Vampire world in balance. This incident causes alliances to end and new ones to form with the most unlikely of people these ties started to fix the threads that had been torn ever so slowly.But after 6 generations of peace between the hunters and the vampires along with peace between both the lower class vampires and the purebloods. But an incident occurred 3 months ago a hunter killed a lower class vampire mistaking him for a pureblood. Without a council houses are starting to take matters into there own hands some family's have hired assassins to go out and hunt down the hunters or they take it apon them selves. So what is going to happen when the hunters become the hunted shall war break out between all three groups or will alliances be formed. This is up to the 6th generation to decide it is up to you to change the world.

    1:please post at least once a day
    2: create a male and female character
    3: please post relatively long posts with detail
    4: this is open world there is no plot set so have fun with it
    5: have fun

    Character sheet:
    rank: (pureblood, lower class, hunter)

    my own

    name: Ryan Kiryu
    age: 24
    gender: male
    family: Kiryu
    rank: (pureblood, lower class, hunter) hunter/ lower class
    history: Ryan grew up in an orphanage where he lived there for 10 years he was then adopted by a lone hunter and was taken out to a ranch where he started his training as a hunter he also mastered his control over his hunger as a vampire. He is know a hired hitman.
    powers: he can read minds
    personality: Ryan is very cocky and loud person nothing like his great great great great great great grandfather Zero. He can have an attitude towards people and is hard headed once he has is mind set on something he will believe in it till he dies. He is also very protective over people who he cares about and wont allow anything to happen to them no matter what.


    name: Sida Hio
    age: 17
    gender: female
    family: Hio
    rank: (pureblood, lower class, hunter) pureblood
    history: Sida was woken up from her slumber 17 years ago and started her training with a pureblood who wants to see the end of the vampire world. She has been training for 17 years and she has just started her final mission to end the vampire world no matter what it takes.
    powers: transformation
    personality: Sida is very flirty and sweet much like her mother she is also very cold heated and will do anything and everything to get what she wants. She is also a good lair and quiet but if she has something to say she will tell you no matter how much it hurts.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.