When Staci Gets Busy...

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    Little bit of that happens.
    Little bit of that.
    As well as
    Sometimes that.
    Main point here:
    I want to apologize to everyone I am/was roleplaying with since my return earlier this month to Iwaku.
    This also includes those that I was planning on signing up with in rps that were opening up.
    I was all planning on having relaxation times until leaving for my internship (leaving July 3rd). But then this happened:
    One day, an old woman lady came to Staci's house. And she said with such big eyes,
    "Staci-chan, will you please, please run my flower shop while I am away, partying with Mickey Mouse?"
    To see such a withered, kind woman begging of me, my heart simply formed a puddle inside of my chest.
    To her I replied,
    "Miss, of course I will take up responsibility and represent you while you are away in your shop."
    Then a bond was formed, a bond of promise, of fate.
    And then the flowers overcame me, and destroyed my free-time without a chance to protest.
    The worst part was... I loved it.
    So that happened. I had a job. Just ended this past Saturday. And now I must prepare for a month long internship of filming 5/7 days a week. So. GOODBYE FREE TIME 8D
    I want to, however, come back and be a Gen-Chat, C-Box, Blogger once again. I like this site. I like you people. I like it. I love it. I want some more of it.
    Or... something..... >____>'
    So, yeah.
    I'll be sending apologies out in pm too.
    But... I wanted to say formally, I am so sorry.
    I hope I didn't hurt too many feelings.
    here, have a cat.
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  2. You are still too adorable. Now you promised to be around even if you aren't RPing... You'd better keep that promise or I am sending the boys after you! <3
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  3. -Salutes-
    I don't want that happening. 8D So, my promise, I shall keep.
    Or.. how would Yoda say it?
    To keep my promise, I shall. Mmmyes.

    I hated every minute of it!

    You are a staple here, Iwaku need you!
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  6. ; ^;
    I love all of you.<3
    Especially Diana's creepy avis.

    Damn you, Scar's grandson!