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  1. Hiro rested his elbows along the black terrace fencing, sleepily leaning over the patio outside his room. He pondered his own thoughts as he watched the sun slowly rise over the trees behind his large home. He ran his fingers through his blond hair before yawning with a long stretch. Today, he would do no work. Instead, he would spend some time with Shiro, his personal servant. Although, he had to admit that they had grown into so much more since the boys arrival. Hiro never thought that he would ever become as close as he had with one of his purchases.

    Just the idea of it forced a wrinkle over the mans brow. Hiro was never really one to care about opinions and what others might think, however, he suddenly wondered what the other vampires might say. How his own friends would react. His subordinates wouldn't dare speak a word should they find out, lest they risk being unemployed and running for the rest of their pitiful lives.

    Shaking the thoughts from his head, he turned from the terrace and entered his empty room once more. Since their newly established relationship, Hiro had decided to give the boy back the room that he'd had upon arrival at the home. It was only several steps away from his own, however, he had given the boy back some of his own freedom. He had been careful to warn Shiro about getting any ideas and running off into the night. The subordinates had been trained to shoot anything that moved in the dead of the night. A vampire, would have healed and been brought to Hiro immediately. A human, however, would not have made it out alive. Trying to escape would have been a death wish with his guards and subordinates standing by through all hours of the day and night.

    The man washed himself up and put on a pair of pale khaki shorts and a pink polo. He left his room and quickly crossed the hallway so that he was standing in front of Shiro's door. Hiro used the back of his knuckle to tap against it several times. “Shiro?” he called. Hiro hadn't thought about looking at a clock before he went to disturb the human. Humans all seemed to need so much more sleep than the vampires did. It was quite exhausting, having to wait until the brightness of the sun rose them. When no response came, Hiro knocked a little harder. “Shiro!” he called, a little more impatiently.
  2. Shiro was lying the bath tub, just relaxing and thinking about the passed few months. It had been a while back that he and Hiro first met, he didn't really remember how long. In these few months Hiro had started to treat him better, Shiro was now allowed to go out into the gardens, have his own room, roam around the house all those sorts of stuff, and Shiro would almost say that he liked it here. The only down side was that he still feared that Hiro might kill him, he is just a lowly human after all.

    Shiro let a frown come over his face as he thought about Hiro, these last few months Shiro had developed a slight crush on a certain vampire, he denied it completely, and tries his best to hide his blushes and heartbeats from Hiro, but still the same he couldn't help smile behind the vampire's back.

    Shiro's eyes shot open as he heard a knock on the door and the familiar voice of Hiro, Shiro got out of the tub and started to dress as fast as he could, but another inpatient knock came followed by the inpatient voice. Shiro calmly walked out the bathroom door "You can wait" he said softly and passed his bed filled with stuffed animals, yes unlucky for him Hiro discovered his love for stuffed animals, he had woken up one day to find himself surrounded by teddies, Kitty-cats, puppies all sorts of stuffed animal, as always he would never admit it to Hiro, but he loved his stuffed toys.

    Reaching the door Shiro took a good long while before actually opening it. "Am I in trouble, or are you grumpy today, speaking of today its only 6" Shiro asked as he looked at Hiro, after all this time he still doesn't call Hiro "Master".
  3. There was a silence and Hiro pressed his ear to the door. Surely, Shiro couldn't have still been sleeping. Hiro shrugged. The boy slept like a rock—there were days when a bomb probably couldn't have awakened him. The sound of dripping water caught his ear and they twitched for a moment. Shiro was taking a bath!? This early? The vampire shook his head. Sometimes, the human could act like such a housewife—it was unbelievable.

    Hiro listened to a few shuffling sounds before a voice came from within the room. Hiro's expression dropped to a smirk. He had given Shiro some freedom but that still would not have stopped him from breaking the door down. “Shiro, don't think I won't come in there. You know I will!” The two had developed quite an art of playful banter, although Hiro had a habit of egging the boy on. He'd taken much pleasure in playfully arguing with Shiro, disregarding how much Shiro probably disliked it. At least when they argued, Hiro got to see that feisty side of his that he liked so much.

    Another moment passed before Hiro realized that Shiro was taking his time. The human certainly had figured out a few of the things that made Hiro tick...and waiting for anything was one of them. “That's it. I'm coming in—“ but before he could finish his sentence, a rather tired-looking Shiro pulled the door open.

    "Am I in trouble, or are you grumpy today, speaking of today its only six," the long-haired boy asked. Shiro had clearly been milking his “freedom” for everything it was worth. Most slaves that spoke to their masters in such a tone wouldn't have been able to finish their last words before their body was drained of every bit of blood coursing through it. However, Shiro was not most slaves.

    The last word had just barely left the boys mouth before a wide-eyed, excited Hiro lunged towards him and the pair came crashing to the floor. “Shiro!” The chipper man shouted before pulling the human into an embrace that he probably would have dreaded. Burying his head into the boys shoulder, Hiro spoke again through muffled words. “I forgive you for taking so long. Did you sleep well?” He didn't give him a chance to respond before continuing. “I've taken the day off.” He sat up, still sitting on top of the human. “What should we do today? It'll be nice out, so I was thinking a picnic! We could also go for a swim—I haven't been in the lake in quite some time. Or we could watch movies!” The man was speaking quickly now, finger on his chin and eyes staring off as he contemplated his options. “...Shiro?” He looked down at the boy, tilting his head to the side.
  4. Shiro let out a yelp as he was sent tumbling to the floor "hey, what's the big idea" he said struggling a bit, but he realized that Hiro was to lost in his own rambling "I've taken the day off “What should we do today? It'll be nice out, so I was thinking a picnic! We could also go for a swim—I haven't been in the lake in quite some time. Or we could watch movies!" He listened to the other ramble on, but he froze at the word picnic, he had never had one of those before. He focused his eyes on the soft animals above his head and tried to imagine what a picnic is like.

    "Shiro" he heard Hiro ask and was jerked out of thoughts, he blushed a bright red, if Hiro knew that he actually wanted to have a picnic, his torture would never end. "Whatever you want to do I guess, Now! Het off I can't breath" he struggled a bit, trying to covet up his vulnerable expression.

    Eventually he wiggled himself from under Hiro, that's when a thought hit him, Hiro never let him go outside the yard, and the lake, was indeed far from his house, what was going on, was he finally going to kill him and dump his body in the lake, Shiro looked a little frightened at his own thoughts and inner panic. Not noticing Hiro looking at him.
  5. At the mention of his name, the boys cheeks flushed bright red until they had become a lighter shade of crimson. The blonde-haired vampire looked down at the human, curiously wondering what he'd said to embarrass the boy. Shiro finally responded, obviously lost in his own thoughts. Hiro shifted off of the boy and a smile tugged at the corners of his lips.

    “Whatever I want to do, hm?” He eyed the boy, suggestively. And then the man jumped to his feet, his brown eyes lighting up as though a newer and better idea had come to mind. “Okay, Little Shiro! We'll do it all!” The man crossed the room quickly towards a bed that was being drowned in stuffed animals. Bending over a white dresser, the man pulled out one of the drawers. Shiro didn't have much, aside from what Hiro had given him. However, he yanked out a pair of short, blue swimming trunks. Holding them up, he turned to face Shiro. “I bet you didn't even know that these were in here.”

    Turning on his heels, a smiling Hiro caught sight of the expression that Shiro was now wearing. Eyebrows drawn together in slight confusion, Hiro began to read him like a book. He could always sense a human's fear, even if it was only minute. The quickening of a hearts pace, a rush of adrenaline and an increase in other hormones. It was always so consistent, though very different for every human he'd experienced it with and varying from situation to situation. Sighing, the vampire rolled his brown eyes. He stepped closer to him. “Shiro, I'm not going to hurt you. I've told you that.” His smile returned and he held up the trunks. “Put these on.” He tossed the piece of clothing to the boy.

    “I know it's still quite early but we should seize the day while it's at our fingertips.” The man practically twirled around the room. He paused in front of the window next to the boys bed, admiring a view that overlooked a large garden and the hint of a pathway that led between the trees behind the house. “First, a picnic. Then, we can swim. After that, we can spend the rest of the day watching movies and eating those unhealthy foods that you humans like so much.” Hiro had begun rambling again, still facing the window. Although many vampires disapproved of the act, Hiro found such pleasure in pretending to live the life of a normal un-enslaved human. Because he hadn't had much success during his human years of living that lifestyle, he figured that he'd had all of the time in the world to make up for it.
  6. Shiro was brought out of his terrifying thoughts by Hiro's voice "Shiro, I'm not going to hurt you. I've told you that, Put these on" the other said and Shiro looked up just in time to catch the short blue swimming wear.

    Shiro lifted the trunks and looked at them, and then looked back at Hiro who was once again rambling on, he looked between the trunks and Hiro a few times before deciding that wearing that, was a no go.

    Shiro stood up and silently walked to Hiro who was currently stuck in his own thoughts. When Shiro was behind him he pulled the pair of swimming trunks over Hiro's head, making him look like a little boy playing super hero "Why don't you wear them, you like to dress for the occasion don't you," he paused for only a few seconds before continuing "And I'm sure you'll look great, so you wear those, while I wear normal pants" Shiro said putting extra emphasis on the "normal", while turning around to start looking for a pair of pants.
  7. Mid-sentence, Hiro's words became muffled by a piece of fabric sliding over his face. Brows furrowing, he pulled the clothing from off his head and smirked when he realized what it was. “Shiro, I'm not wearing them because I already have my own. “ Hiro turned, giving Shiro a thoughtful look. The boy continued speaking and Hiro raised his eyebrows.

    “Little Shiro! Was that a complement?” His brown eyes averted from the human to the swimming shorts that he was now holding up and back to Shiro again. “Hm. Perhaps, for you, I will wear them. If you think I'll look great.” His tone was playfully mocking as he began to head towards the bathroom of the room to change into his new attire. The man halted his steps, however, as Shiro's last words sunk in. He shook his head.

    “No,no. You can't swim in pants,silly! We'll find you another pair of swimming trunks. Come on!” Before he could give Shiro a chance to resist, he had already grabbed the boys hand and was tugging him back to his own bedroom. Once inside, he closed the door quietly and began rummaging through his crowded drawers. Shaking his head at some and giggling at others, the man finally settled on a longer pair of blue and white striped swimming trunks. Hiro would have liked to have seen the human with fewer clothes on, but this would have had to do. He turned to face Shiro and held them up.

    “These will be perfect. Wouldn't you agree?”
  8. Shiro blushed a bright red as he realized that he had given Hiro a complement "No I was being sarcastic, I wasn't giving you complements!" He said looking at Hiro his red blush still on his face. He frowned a bit when Hiro told him that he couldn't swim in pants
    "If I can swim in pants, what els d..Hey!" He was cut of by Hiro grabbing his hand and drawing him down the hall.

    Shiro stumbled a bit as Hiro suddenly let go of his hand, but recovered quickly. He looked at on as Hiro rummaged through his drawers until he held up a pair of swimming trunks, Shiro looked at them and smiled "Yup, those would work better" he said as he took the swim wear from Hiro stating to walk back to his room again.

    Shiro would never say it out loud, but he was so very excited about going swimming. He hasn't seen a river or forest or to be honest a normal supermarket in years. He had been a slave and a pet for so long, he even forgot what some of his favorite foods taste like. Well maybe Hiro would be different and let him be a bit more free, thinking about that made a small smile come to his face.
  9. It had only taken the boy half of a glance before he had decided that the swimming trunks that Hiro was holding were appropriate. Hiro smirked, still wanting the human to sport the other shorts, if only for his wandering eyes. The man watched as the suddenly eager Shiro grabbed the shorts and retreated to his own room, probably to change.

    A curious expression crossed the vampires face. Although he was always trying to hide it, he could always tell when Shiro was excited or eager about something. The fact that Hiro was providing him with a bit more freedom more than likely had something to do with it. The man scratched his own head as he began to undress and change into a short pair of neon green swimming trunks. Now that he had actually thought about it, he wasn't entirely sure that Shiro had ever seen the lake or even been down through the pathway just behind the house.

    His eyes became wide with excitement at the realization. It would have been like a...date! Hiro and Shiro's first date, the vampire finally settled with, playful smile cast upon his own lips. He almost cabrioled at the thought. Shiro was never going to hear the end of this. Throwing on a loose-fitting white tank top, the man rushed out of the room, anxious to collect his human.

    *************************************************** Scene Change***********************************************************

    The morning sun beamed down on the two figures as they stood just before the light, paved pathway. The trail began at the back steps of the manor, winding through Hiro's impressive garden, and disappearing into a large forest.

    Picnic basket hanging on one arm along with a red and white checkered blanket, Hiro had requested that his cooks prepare the finest of the human foods. He had even gone as far as to suggest for them to put in a few of Shiro's own favorites. Turning, before they descended down the pathway, the taller man peered at the human standing awkwardly next to him.

    “Are you ready for our...date?” he teased, eyebrow arching slightly and grinning at the last word .
  10. Shiro stood staring at the beauty that was all around him, the sun was just perfect on his skin and he seemed to glow with happiness. Shiro love nature and today was just how he loved it, sunny and bright with white clouds that drift lazily across the sky. He looked around him for a moment, taking in everything he had been missing while in the house.

    He turned to look at Hiro just in time to hear him say "Are you ready for our...date" at those words Shiro sputtered and almost choked on his own spit "D-DATE" he yelled. "What are you talking about a date....We are going swimming, I am not going to be holding your hand on some lovers stroll!!!" he yelled and put his arms up in a no sign as he turned away from Hiro trying to hide the rosy pink dusting his nose.
  11. Hiro grinned sheepishly at the expression that Shiro was now giving him. “Yes, Shiro. Our date. Isn't that what you humans used to do in your free time?” He looked at the boy, an intrigued expression crossing his face. Hiro giggled at the humans response, watching as he turned away with his cheeks once again burning that familiar, dark crimson.

    “Ah,ah ah!”
    Hiro held up a finger as if to reprimand the boy. “First, we are going to have a picnic. I know you must be hungry. At least I am, “ he eyed the boys neck wearily. Hiro had been sure to pack a substitute though he was completely aware that it in no way compared to the real thing. He hadn't drank from the boy in quite some time and only hoped that he could maintain control of this...temptation before him.

    “And then we swim!” He added, cheerfully. He giggled again at the turned away boy. “Besides, who said anything about holding hands?” Hiro let his gaze drop from the back of Shiro's head to his hands. “But since you brought it up...” The vampire stepped closer to the teenager and grabbed his hand, holding it just tight enough so that he wouldn't be able to wriggle away from him. “I think it's a wonderful idea,” he whispered into his ear before turning to face the pathway.

    “Now! Shall we...?” The man turned on his heels and began walking through the garden.
  12. Shiro was listening to what Hiro was saying, but he wasn't making any eye contact with the vampire, he couldn't, it would only make thing worse, he wasn't supposed to be enjoying the warm feelings that Hiro gave him, it just wasn't right, he was after all only a toy for Hiro to use.

    "Hey what are you doing" Shiro yelled as Hiro took his hand and began to walk "What are you? Deaf I said I was not, N-O-T going to hold your hand" Shiro said to the other man as he tried to pull his hand free, but no matter how hard he pulled there was no denying that even the vampire's weakest grip was stronger than his strongest grip. Shiro pulled and struggled for quite a long while, until he came to sudden halt stopping the other dead in his tracks.

    It was beautiful, they had entered a part of the forest where the trees blocked the blue sky, making the ground shine in shades of greens, yellows and browns, Shiro then completely forgot about Hiro as he stared in amazement at what was hidden from him for so long, now completely oblivious to Hiro still holding his hand, Shiro started walking to get a closer look at everything he could see.
  13. Shiro fought and struggled for a moment but Hiro ignored him. After realizing how useless it was, eventually the teenager gave up his struggle. They walked in silence down the path, passing the well-kept garden with blossoming flowers and active water fountains. Today couldn't have been a better day to have taken this opportunity. The vampire, still holding Hiro's hand, turned and admired his garden. He would spend many hours of the day here, just sitting on one of the benches and admiring natures beauty.

    Eventually, the pair came to the threshold of the forest, leaving behind the manor and the garden. They entered a green forested area—just as beautiful as Hiro's back yard. While he didn't often come into this part of the woods, when he did, he often found the himself just as taken with its beauty. A tug on his hand forced the man to stop and he turned to look at Shiro. The human's eyes were wide with awe as he gazed about his surroundings. Hiro supposed that he should have felt guilty, hiding something so pure from him for such a long time. Later, he would kick himself, however now, he would enjoy this with the boy.

    “Mother nature certainly has a way of speaking to us all, doesn't she?” The man's eyes lingered on Shiro's face for a moment. He was like a small child that had never seen an amusement park before. Laughing lightly, he let him gaze at the scenery before beginning to walk again. Hiro turned to face the pathway. “It gets better...I promise, Little Shiro.”

    After walking a short distance, they arrived at a small grassy clearing that harbored several shady trees. Just before the clearing was the shore of a lake. This was another place that the vampire didn't come too frequently, however, when he did, it was very difficult to leave. “Come on, Shiro!” the man said, with excitement, as he stepped off of the now dirt path and began skipping towards the tree that was closest to the shore. “I think right here will be perfect.” He released the boys hand and shook out the red and white checkered blanket neatly underneath the shade of the tree. Placing the basket into the center, the man sat down and crossed his legs. He leaned back on his hands, facing the lake. “See, Little Shiro! I told you it got better.” He flashed the human one of his perfect smiles before pushing the picnic basket his way. “Sit,” he offered, watching him curiously, wondering how he would respond. Hiro was so used to him always throwing temper tantrums that this side of him seemed so....foreign.
  14. Shiro's breath was taken away by all the beauty he saw, it felt so amazing to just breath fresh air for once and not be locked in a room at all times. Shiro's face lit up with child like happiness as he saw the place Hiro said they were going, it had green short grass, tall shady trees, flowers and the best of all, a clear shimmering lake.

    Shiro didn't even focus on Hiro as he put the checkered blanket on the ground, Shiro unlike other times, wasn't wearing a frown or scowl on his face, he was smiling, his face was open and filled with happiness as he took in every little thing.

    His eyes only caught Hiro's movements and words slightly, but he didn't register them at all, he was to caught up in his own word, slowly he started walking to the lake, when he reached it he stood a little bit away from the water, as if it was going to vanish when he touched it.
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