When Man meets Clone 1x1


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The silver metal cable was all over the place, junk of rusty metal were spread all over the floor, in the middle of that very place stood a man of six feet tall watching to a tube filled with green liquid and a girl. The girl was delicate, she has a pink pastel hair with white milky skin, people might said she's a living goddess if someone sees her. The man that watched the tube for the entire time sweats a lot, his ruffled his dark blue hair around hoping that this wouldn't be another failure like the past 13th try. The man was John Goodwill, he's a celebrity in the morning but a mad scientist during the night. He was mad because what he did was impossible for his current time of science yet he managed to pass through the impossible after years of trying he managed to clone someone.

John quickly tidied his lab as soon as he saw that the clone was successfully been created, he swept the rusty metal out of the way with a broom and wiped the dusty cable so that when the clone's is out it'll be squeaky clean. The truth behind his action was because the one he cloned was his fiancee. Aria is the girl that he wanted to "revived", she's the girl that support him all the up to her final breath. John still remember the last day she was alive, he was crushed between two sides of coin, he must choose to stay with Aria or to finally dreamt what he always did, to perform at the Grand Stage in LA with his band that'll make him famous. At first he went to Aria but with her last smile, she told John to leave her and went to the Grand Stage and so he did. After she's dead, John's life are nothing but emptiness, with desperate measure he began to take Aria's DNA sample and started his outrageous idea.

The machine start beeping to indicate that it has reached to 100% which mean the Clone is a complete success, the green liquid started to disappear as it been sucked by the machine leaving the body alone. As the tube opened, the fog from the machine started to rise up leaving the room foggy.


Darkness. That was the first thing Aria remembered. It was dark and cold and she was scared...but then, then she saw the light. It was so big and it was so bright, it seems to.. chase the darkness away and when it did she wasn't scared anymore. Why she was there and what she was meant to do, she had no idea.. or at least not then.
Aria's eyes squinted a bit, her shoulders tense. It took her a minute to actually open her eyes and that's when the fog was gone. She saw a man in the middle of the room, he looked quite tired but she didn't know why. What the young doctor didn't know was.. Aria still had the mind of a child, no not baby like and playful but clueless. She walked up to him quickly, they're bodies an inch apart and her head looking up at him, her eyebrows furrowed. The sad thing was that she had no idea who this man was. Not a single word left her lips either as she reached up and lightly glided her finger tips against his cheek before moving her hand to her cheek and doing the same thing. "Y-You.. a-are..?" She said slowly, tilting her head a bit.​
She looked down at his feet, seeing his shoes then her bare feet before crouching down and looking at his shoes closely before looking back up at him "Why.. don't...I? Have these..?" She asked, like they were his real feet or something, her clueless-ness quite cute.​