When Life Gives You Lemons

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  1. Rebecca "Becky" Trist is your average "popular"
    She's tall, blonde, slender, and has good size breasts.
    She's graceful, get's all A's, never wears too much or too little makeup.
    She's involved in many clubs at school, she tutors kids, she also helps
    at local soup kitchens, libraries, and animal shelters as well as homeless shelters.
    She's Homecoming Queen, head cheerleader, and has the hottest boyfriend in school.
    She's constantly surrounded by friends- she's got plenty.
    Some people hate her, and some love her.
    But she's not what she seems.
    On the outside, she's perfect.
    On the inside, she's crumbling.
    Her parents are on the verge of a devorce.
    Her older sister is a drugged out prostitute.
    And she knows her boyfriend has been cheating on her.
    She's also constantly being abused by her mother's numerous boyfriends.

    The list goes on and on.
    But she's still trying to be perfect on the outside,
    and she's hoping someone can rescue her.

  2. .... I want her....
  3. Sorry I mean I would like to do a roleplay with you. Lol Sorry I personally find girls like that very hot so I expressed myself lol
  4. Oh xD
    Okay, well, for a CS, I'll just need the following info:

    Age: (Becky is around seventeen)
    Appearance: (real life picture please)
  5. Do you want my character to be a boy or a girl?
  6. Either way, it doesn't matter. She could become a lesbian.
  7. Would there still be another opening for yet another RP with Me? O_o If not that's fine I'm just looking for an RP with a good Story line and this seemed awesome ^__^
  8. Nah I'll make my character male. Funny thing is, I don't really enjoy rping in lesbian roleplays. Why? I have no clue.

    But here he is. He's an exchange student for England.

    Name: Lucas Heart
    Age: Just turned 18 his first day at the school but he is still in the junior class due to the school differences,
    Likes: He enjoys reading and playing his guitar. He loves chocolate and gummy candies. He also enjoys going on adventures and is somewhat of a dare devil, climbing trees, mountain climbing with out gear. And he even based jump while he was in England. He likes trying new things and will tell you whether or not he likes or dislikes something.
    Dislikes: He does not like liars. He does not like loose women. He hates Brussels sprouts and all vegetables except for lettuce and cucumbers. He also does not like men who are rude or belittle women and will often beat them to a bloody pulp.
    Appearance: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-IaPDGeei3...AATY/4M2RNeVML1c/s1600/nemthumb+copy+copy.jpg
    Backstory: There's not much too him. He comes from a privileged family and has had the upbringing of humble and loving yet strict parents. His father owns and works with a large Law firm and his mother owns fashion boutiques in almost every country. He was never spoiled and always worked for what he wanted, which made him independent and dependable. He was also brought up to respect all women and men equally. He is an only child since his mother almost died giving birth to him and the doctors said she could never have another child. His parents decided on moving to America, because both his father and mother needed to visit the branches. Although they trusted Lucas, they wanted him close by to them, so when they go home from business trips they have their son there. Lucas did not mind at all, and had little to no friends back in his school. He did not like any of his classmates. They were all people he hated. He was hoping for a fresh start in this new american school.
  9. Of course there's still room.
  10. What "other room" is left sev? :P haha

  11. Lol a lot. I need friends enemies, lovers, ect xD
  12. Then count me in?
  13. Of course. :3 How did I know you'd join?

  14. Well I stopped myself from being the first person to post. ^^;
    Didn't want to keep your writing skills all to myself. Haha
    But as always, I will only join if you let me and I promise, not to steal you away. *jokes* Haha
  15. You can join~ :3
  16. Sooooo now... What to play? Hmmm I guess I'll play a female since so far it's even. Time to think~! :3
  17. :3 we'll start the rp soon.
  18. Guess I should post a profile then, huh?
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