When Life Gives You Lemons. (RP)

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    Becky looked up at her reflection in the mirror.
    She was sweating, which was not attractive- but no one was around, so that was good.
    She'd been practicing the dance routine for hours, not stopping except to get a drink of water.
    Her whole body ached, and she was hungry, but still, she didn't stop.
    Her phone rang, interrupting her routine, and she glared down at it.
    It was her mother.
    "Hello?" She answered.
    "Becky, come home. I need you to make dinner."
    "Just order it."
    "Becky, I have a client coming over. Come home now."
    Click. Her mother hung up.
    Yeah, a "client".
    Her mother had clients at the house a lot, but lately it had been the same one,
    his name was Ross, he was her mother's age, and skinny, with shaggy black hair and big thick glasses.
    He was greasy and nasty, and had hit on Becky many times.
    He'd grabbed her ass, told her she was sexy, and tried to kiss her.
    Of course, her mother didn't notice, and didn't believe her.
    Becky sighed and gathered her things, then got in her car and drove home.
    After a quick shower, she started making some dinner.
    When her mother drove up with her "client" Becky was already upstairs, with her door locked.
    Her father was probably at a bar somewhere, and her sister was most likely out
    in some dirty motel room, whoring herself out.
    Becky's niece, Lily, was only two. But she lived with Becky's other sister, Emma.
    She and Emma didn't speak much, but that was due to their mother.
    Becky decided to text her boyfriend, Brent.

    ~Hey babe. Wanna go see a movie?~

    Brent text back right away.

    ~Cant. I'm working with Jessica. Ttyl~

    Becky sighed and tears welled in her eyes.
    He was constantly blowing her off like that, and he was always "working' with some girl.
    By working, he said he meant he was getting tutored, or working out.
    Becky knew that he was fucking these girls.
    She knew everything.
    She'd caught him a lot of times, and each time, she promised herself
    she'd break up with him.
    But she never did.
    Deciding to see what he was up to, she grabbed her keys and drove herself to his house.
    She never knocked, because his parents weren't ever home.
    So, she let herself in.
    The stereo was playing in his room, and as she walked up the steps quietly,
    her heart beat so hard and fast, she could feel it in her head.
    She took a deep breath, and opened Brent's door.
    On the bed, there he was, on top of Jessica, pounding away.
    "Brent! What the fuck?!"
    Becky yelled, and clicked the radio off.
    Brent yelped and covered himself, and Jessica smiled smugly at Becky.
    "Baby, um, what are you doing here?" He asked, smiling.
    "I was um, Just working with Jessica.."
    Becky's eyes were full of tears, and they spilled down onto her cheeks.
    "Yeah, working. Fuck you, Brent. And you too, Jessica. You're a slut. I hope you get aids."
    She ran down the stairs and out the door.
    Becky drove to the only place she knew that she would be alone.
    The old playground behind the local laundry place.
    It was always deserted.
    Becky sat on the swings and cried quietly.
  2. Taryn had been living in the United States for only a year now and her family was already moving.
    She groaned, "Mamãe, que eu estou doente de se movimentar. Podemos ficar aqui até que eu sou feito com ensino médio, pelo menos?"
    Taryn's mother just glanced at her with that "look" and went back to unpacking boxes.
    She decided to go and bother her dad, maybe he could provide some solace for her, since her mother was so busy unpacking the kitchen.
    As she traveled through the mysterious and new house she realized that it wasn't as bad as she had thought, it was kind of nice actually.
    "Filhina, tomar este," her father said to her. Taryn spotted her father in what would be the living room holding up a glass. She assumed she would have to take it to her mother in the kitchen, as it had obviously been placed in the wrong box.
    "Obrigada," her father yelled out to her as she left the room, upset that he hadn't noticed her dismay at the whole moving situation.
    "Bem-vindo," she yelled back. Her yelling startled her mother and she sighed at her daughter. Taryn shrugged, "I'll be back later, I'm going to go explore."
    Her mother shook her head, "estar de volta para o jantar, por favor."
    Taryn nodded to her mother and headed outside. She realized she would have to make new friends now, as she knew no one in the state.
    She walked down the sidewalk, absentmindedly kicking random sticks that she passed as she put her hands in her short's pockets.
    She noted that the streets were pretty, not quite as beautiful as Brasil, but definitely beautiful in their own way.
    Taryn had been walking for a good five minutes before she saw a nice looking park ahead. She smiled, she hadn't been to a park in a long time. She had to make a conscious effort to not make a mad dash for it, as it appeared that no one was there.
    The swings were where she was headed, as she hadn't swung in years. As she approached the swings, she saw a girl sitting on one of the swings.
    As she got closer she realized the girl was crying. She wasn't quite sure how to approach her, as she didn't know why she was crying in the first place.
    Taryn decided to just sit in the swing next to hers and ask what was wrong. "Tudo ben?" She said, forgetting completely that she was in the United States and the girl wouldn't have a clue what she had just said.
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