When it all comes crashing down

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  1. Disclaimer: this is a total vent prompt so don't judge!

    She ran down the dank street quickly swerving around from back alley to alley. As soon as she reached a dead end she slammed against the brick wall to her left and slide down until she was sitting on the ground with hollowed eyes. Her long black hair was windswept falling in front of her face in a disheveled mess. With a heavy sigh that lifted her shoulders up and then fall back into a limp lifelessness she looked about her lonely hideaway. There was a cardboard box across from her and brick walls climbing up and above her almost eclipsing the grey sky. There was a good chance of rain but it would be silly to act like it mattered to her.

    She proceed to recall why she was here. With a burning passion she hated school and this lead to her current situation. With a family such ad her's greatness was not expected but rather required and that stress continued to build upon her over the years. So shay was it all leading up to? She was ditching and running away. Yes it was that simple even a pathetic attempt at retribution but it was her idea and her choice. "Choice" she's muttered out loud I. A soft tone it was her dream and nothing more really an illusion or a false hope for her to chase. Without the promise of choice one day she wouldn't even be alive right now. To her that freedom was everything.
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  2. Brendan sat on top of the roof, looking down at the streets, the people that walked by, the cars that passed. His head in the clouds, what if he walked to the back of the building and jumped? Would anybody notice? And if they did, would they care?
    School was so frustrating, and so unfair.
    Everybody always looked at him like he was some kind of weirdo.
    He wasn't like the other guys, no confidence, and no bravado.
    In his mind that answered his question, they wouldn't.
    Everybody's always too busy looking down, that they won't notice what's going on when you look up.
    His parents hated him too, they had been gone for months, leaving him to take care of his self, alone.
    He got up, and walked to the back of the building, closed his eyes, and let himself fall.
    For a minute, he was free, nothing that could stop him now.. Except.. The floor..
    He hit the ground so hard, that he stopped breathing.
    His eyes still closed, not dead, but he could feel the pain rushing through his body.
    He rolled onto his back and looked at the sky as his lungs were trying to start up again, gasping for air.
  3. When she heard the slam of something large hitting the ground she jumped in place with confusion and fear. What was that? She thought about who it could be or what since her love of the occult was influencing her mind. Though it was reluctant She brought herself to her feet tear still streaming down her face from earlier. She looked about and saw a boy laying on the ground on his back with his expression that of someone far away she envied him already. His distant look made him seem like he had no cares of this world a feeling she yearned for. With a hollowed gaze she walked up to him and knelt down beside behind him. She noted his forced breath and just tilted her head not that she really cared about anything anymore. Her only concern is how long til he was gone and she may be left to her own devices once more.
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  4. He saw a shadow in the corner of his eye, and glanced at her.
    He tried to get up, but fell right back down. His body ached, his mind ached.. Everything that he fell for, for nothing, he was still alive.
    Why did this girl kneel beside him, why was she looking at him like it was wrong to jump?
    He reached out to her and whispered ''H-help..''
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