When is the last time you just ~played~!

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  1. When is the last time you got an idea, kidnapped someone and just PLAYED? Didn't plan out the plot, didn't write up a character sheet... just you and some friends jumping in to a chat or thread and just... ROLEPLAY. Nothing fancy, nothing controlled,... just hopped in and let the actions take you where they will!

    Do you ever get ideas and then just roll with them? Or do you always have to plan out all the details?

    I find myself really curious to know! >:D
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    A couple buddies and I usually find ourselves having DRAMATIEMZ which turns into some sort of MINDFUCK RP. They're pretty spontanious. Just had one earlier today.

    Usually Jinx is included in this but he's being a little bitch.
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    Haven't had something like that since my childhood died in my stomach.
  4. Personally I didn't find it as good as many others did, but Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica is a series many people like from the magical girl genre.

    My personal favorites are:

    Shugo chara. It does have the same filler problem as Sailor moon, but it's pretty good, and everyone have magical girl/boy designed clothes that matches their personalities instead of matching each other. I really liked that :D

    Yuuki yuna is a hero is another very good one. It came out pretty recently and is compared a lot to Madoka Magica. It has a pretty good twist around the middle and have both the slice of life and magical girl genre mixed pretty well.

    Tokyo Mew Mew. It's very much a sailor moon rip off, but I like it a lot. It has some good messages, but just like sailor moon, a bit heavy on the filler parts.

    Gen'ei o Kakeru Taiyou. This one takes it to pretty dark places. If you want some dark themes, without the magical girl cuteness making the darkness not seem so bad, then you might like this one.
  5. (Original Poster: Razilin)

    "On it!" For a woman who spent most of her time in the operating room rather than in the field, Anna obviously kept in practice with her basic Hushcobb training. She squeezed the trigger of her pistol with both speed and control; the shots slammed home into the fairly easy targets the stalactites presented. Each shot chipped away at their stony base, weakening them. Unlike Taka's Dirty Harry rounds, her nine-milis weren't going to knock them down. But they did loosen them. "Hayato! Go for it!" she shouted.

    Hayato smiled as he realized what his lover and brother were up to. His katana flipped into a reverse grip in his hand. "Here I go!" He leaped into the air, his sword flashing like a lightning bolt. He landed silently on the stone floor behind the shadowy humanoid with his blade halfway back in its scabbard. At first, nothing happened.

    Then Hayato locked the rest of his sword back into the scabbard with a soft clink.

    The stalactites, weakened by Anna's shots, broke from their moorings and crashed down upon the shadow creature, joining the rain of stone that Taka had dropped on it as well.

    The creature's perforated corpse twisted and roiled on the ground, several stony spears anchoring to the floor. Hayato joined his lover and brother, touching the former on the elbow. "You all right, Angel?"

    She nodded with a ragged smile. She was breathing heavily as the adrenaline of battle wore off.

    Taka cleared his throat. Hayato gave him a smarmy grin. "Almost forgot about you, Aniki. You got a boo-boo? Want me to kiss it, make it better?"

    The elder Tennou just shook his head and turned toward the tunnel leading even deeper into the cave. They could all feel the unnatural cold emanating from within, a stark contrast to the blistering heat outside. Taka murmured gravely, "He's in there. The Arancol."

    Hayato, a hand on his sheathed sword, nodded. "Yeah." Then he looked to his brother and flashed him a fiercely confident grin. "Wanna go fuck him up?"
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    We have IRL. Its fun, and it scares everyone else.
  8. Astorath didn't reply as his hands casually glide up her back.
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    Its been a long time for me.. Close to 6 months now maybe, 3 to 6 months.

    *pouts and lays flowers at her thread with Nino, sigh...

    I know she's not on this site but still. Afta is dead without her, therefore, Im hardly every there.
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    Sippy straw duel with Ampoule, then Archy jumped in. Fun times.
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    Christ, its a rare night where Rory and I don't take our Embera personas out for a spin. Making NPCs come out of nowhere, run with them, then forget about them. When we're not throwing them on a beach or in a casino we occasionally try to tweak plot points in the event that it ever becomes an RP. God knows that after all this time Embera could easily be turned into a visual novel or a stand alone novel.
  12. I didn't post in here!? I swore I did....

    oops, hehe Hi guys.
  13. Nothing just hanging! I hope you guys don't mind me posting in the prologue even though she's not street level. I'll keep her non-powered for the most part.
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    Julez and I have a storyline going through the PMs that's pretty much being played by ear using characters we created.

    Some scenarios are too risque to post though...
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    Archetype is enjoying shoving nails into *EDITED FOR REASONS* isn't she?
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