When I want to relax, I...



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What do you do when you want to relax?
That is an adorable picture. >:3

Hmm. When I wanna relax, I usually just play a video game. I get really into the game and end up losing track of the world around me, so for me, that's relaxing. It's especially helpful if I'm feeling negative. I can vent my frustrations on my victims.
Watching my favorite shows, reading, writing rp posts.Honestly though, I have trouble relaxing.
Work-out, meditate, talk it out with myself or friends, or smoke le pot. I rarely have too much stress for too long. I admit that I'm a hothead at times, but it never lasts.
My favorite way is turning out all of the lights and watching a happy-yay feel good movie. I'll get my warm fuzzies and be able to chillax and go to sleep. :D
I never relax.

Listen to music.

I always end up listening to music that pumps me up though, dubstep is a helluva drug! :P

Working out and stretching out also works.
Play a game generally portable so I can watch something else while I do.

Listening to some soundtracks or something. I don't know Generally something entertaining so that I can keep this depressing feeling at bay
I usually go away to be by myself and listen to music and write.
Or, if I have a game system near me, I'll play a game instead of write.
Sometimes, I'll just lay down and listen to music. Music helps a lot.

If I'm really angry or frustrated about something, I'll end up throwing something really hard at the wall. >>
It...it helps...and then I'll lay down and listen to music or something afterwards.
Play a video game, watch something (anime, movie, tv show), or just plain read.

My favorite things to read are futurist blogs like futuretimeline.net; I just love thinking about how different life will be in 10, even 5 years, like how different life is today than back in '01.
I'll either play music, listen to music, watch TV or play videogames. If none of those work and I'm still stressed out, I 'toggle my joystick'. That always helps me relax.
Relax? What is this madness? O_o Heh, I wish I could take a bath like that dog and it would be relaxing. If I really need a pick-me-up, a funny movie usually helps. I also read a lot. A lot a lot.
I haven't relaxed since Avalon was born... She's two now. I guess the closest thing I have is you guys.

*big hugs people he barely knows*
More Beer
Beer Pong/Darts (I only get proper wrist technique when already buzzed)