When I grow old...

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When I grow old, I want to be looked upon as a grand old dame. The type with the long silver hair braided up and can regale youngsters, and not just my great grandchildren about my adventures over the years, at home and abroad. I also want to be still having adventures too.

So what sort of snippets of your elder years do you hope for?
I want to be the bastard son of Jack Nicholson and Jack Palance.

I want to be smoking cigars and throwing back cognac and whiskey like it's water. I want to be able to do one-armed push ups, go to bars, and still box and wrestle with the young whipper-snappers whilst kicking their asses! I want to be unapologetic, a badass and hardass both, but still maintain a heart of gold and be a well of immense generosity.

I want to leave this earth still doing the things I love, whilst still married to... or having been married to... the love of my life.
Knowing me, I'll be a MILF... And a cougar. :P Seriously. Unless, of course, I'm still married. I'll leave those young men alone. *giggle*

Mostly, I just hope to be a beloved grandmother, maybe even great grandmother who can spoil her family with lots of cupcakes. I want to be in a really awesome million dollar house that the family will always want to get together in. I'm keeping all my video games, so hopefully my grandchildren won't be too embarrassed by me and want to learn said video games. I highly doubt I'll outgrow being a nerd... I want to be fun and youthful forevermore.

I want my child or children to look to me for advice no matter what, because I'm always going to have the right answer. <3
I only hope that if I end up with dementia, I hope I'm the silly, funny, amusing type. Not a grump. (No offense, Grumpy <3)
Really, I'm still at that stage that I'd rather not get old, but if I must then I'd really rather be the old lady that's having wheelchair races down the corridors in the home, or making puppet shows with teddy bears. Preferrably with access to other crazy folks so there are plenty of laughs to be had. I couldn't really see myself comfortably fitting into a family setting, or being an old whinge, so that's my other option.
I want to wise and gnarly like a tree. That's it.
When I grow older, I think I want to be that old biker guy that just wanders around on his bike with his oodles of retirement money. Wandering the world is what I want to do now, but I couldn't with my current circumstance. I'd love to when I'm 60-80 though.
I don't want to grow old.

I mean, shit, I'm already blind, when I'm 50 I'll have to use fucking binoculars.
I'd want to have traveled a good chunk of the world (But if it's only Iceland, France and Japan I think I'll be perfectly content) otherwise I've already met a MoMusu so I think I'm good there!
Hopefully, I'm traveling the world doing medical missions or going on zany adventures, still married to the love of my life, and barring that, knocking boots with pretty young things in every port. Because I'll be the Cool Old Guy. Probably also training medical students and residents, so I'll be the Old Master while I'm at it. What other TV Tropes can I throw in here? I'd probably emphasize my scholarly pursuits (interest in history, philosophy, theology) over physical ones (martial arts, swordplay, scuba diving) due to entering the winter years, though I really doubt I'll ever be banged up enough to turn down getting into a scrap.

Oh hey, this basically describes those two old guys from Secondhand Lions--yeah, I wanna be those guys.

And Fluffy, your future cougarness disturbs me. Here's a fun joke: If you call an older woman going after young men a cougar, what do you call a really old woman going after young men? A sabertooth. <ba dum tish>
God, I've still got 70+ years to live at minimum if you go by family history. So I figure If I'm going to be stuck on this planet for at least 70 more years I'm going to fucking enjoy it.