When Heaven Meets Earth

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  1. It was a seemingly normal day in the life of dear Sierra. She woke up at five a.m. sharp to watch the sunrise. After that she made breakfast fit for a king for merely herself then went for a walk. When she got home, she read her books like usual, then watched her usual shows until the evening. Her usual routine.
    However, today was slightly different from all the other days she'd had. The atmosphere has a strange feeling to it, the sky was slightly darkened. It was never like that back in Europe. Maybe it was just America that felt like this. She wouldn't have been surprised.
    Little would Sierra know that things in her life were about to take a very drastic turn for the worse.​
  2. A fierce battle was taking place in the sky, white and red bolts were shooting everywhere that it could. To the mortals below, it merely looked like a thunderstorm was about to surface, but the rulers of the sky knew otherwise.
    Madison barely dodged an incoming barrage of bolts as they passed her in the sky while she returned the attack full force. "Ah! How was a demon able to detect me that fast? I haven't been here too long!" She looked behind her as she sped up and noticed how the demon that was flying after her was a couple miles behind her. "Is it because my wings are out? I'm practically a magnet like this!" She slowed down for a moment before diving down deep towards the ground, planning to retract her wings when she was at a considerable distance towards the ground. The demon behind her seemed to catch onto her plan quickly, diving down as well and striked her with another bolt, one that actually hit her this time on her left wing.
    Madison's wings immediately retracted but not on her intentions and she dived head first into a bush in front of a Sierra's house making a loud sound as she made inpact, struggling to get out as her entire body was entangled into it. "Urgh.. Not now!!" She slightly looked up at the demon as it looked they were trying to find her whereabouts, but came up empty as they flew away. Madison blew some hair out of her face and looked around at her surroundings. "Huh? Where am I?"
  3. Sierra never would have thought that in a million years people would fall from the sky but alas, it was raining men(hallelujah). Right in front of her eyes, she fell. Was she a bird? A plane? No, She was a woman. But she didn't have a parachute. Was she okay? Where did she fall from, the heavens? How crazy would that be? Pretty crazy.
    But the thing was, without a parachute, falling straight into the ground--well, her bush,rather-- she was still okay. she was perfectly fine and moving around. This lady looked as if she barely had a scratch.
    She was also in Sierra's front yard. In her bushes! Now, she didn't have many rules. Sierra didn't give two shits about most things. But you do not mess with her bushes. She did kind of have an excuse though, right? She couldn't control where she was falling. Call it her lucky day. Or not so lucky day. She fell from the sky.
    Did anyone else see this? Had she gone crazy? If so, she was the most sane crazy person she knew.
    But no, she wasn't out of her mind. What she had seen was true.
    What on Earth is going on here?
  4. Madison was tangled in the bushes as she desperately tried to wiggle out of them. She had an expression of anger and confusion on her face as she struggled to break free from the leaves and twigs. "Holy crap I'm gonna die here! This is so embarrassing!! Somebody help me please!!" She cried as she turned her head to get a glimpse of her back. Well...at least my wings are gone... I don't know what would of happened if they were out right at this moment... She looked at the rest of her body and noticed how she was only left with a couple of scratches, but that's what her human body was meant to do, right? She couldn't feel the wounds at all, but it still freaked her out. She looked back up towards the sky and didn't see any sign of the demon that was chasing her before and sighed in relief. At least the morals here were safe at the moment, as long as she didn't draw any unwanted attention to herself, but she was still stuck in the bush wasn't she? Just how can someone be stuck in a clump of shrubs with stems of moderate length?
  5. Sierra rushed over to her door and opened it, peeking out to her bushes.
    "Hello?" She asked softly, noticing the head poking up from the shrubbery. She didn't seem frightened or panicked like anyone else most likely would have. She was just curious. Why were people falling out of the sky now? Is this a normal American happening? Nothing like this ever happened in Ireland. Well unless you got drunk enough to believe you could fly but... that only ever happened once or twice.
  6. Madison immediately perked up as soon as she heard a soft voice from behind her and tried to turn around, but she only seemed to make it half way. "Oh thank goodness! I'm saved! Yes? Where are you?" Madison jumped up and down, her excitement was evident as the bushes started to shake and some of the twigs started to break. "Oh! This seems to be working!"
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