When heaven and hell collide

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  1. Many years ago angels and humans lived in harmony. Angels would provide the humans with advice, help and the occasional miracles while humans gave the angels purpose, gifts and sometimes, on rare occasions, love.

    But it could not last forever. As humans began to fight among themselves and start wars the angels could not bare to see such sadness and hate and left the earth and traveled back to heaven where they could not see the horror of the human race.

    That was many years ago, back in a time that was long forgotten. These days’ angels were silent helpers as guardian angels but still, it was not uncommon for an angel to fall for the soul they were assigned to and even more they were known to have children together.

    That cause great problems however and caused much debate. Many angels thought that the half angels belong in heaven with the rest of them, many thought the half angels should be down on earth with the rest of the humans since they were ‘impure’ and then there were some the thought the children shouldn’t have been allowed to have been created in the first place. In the end the children were kept on earth with the other parent and the angel would be assigned a new soul so they could not favorite their child or lover with miracles.

    It was another few year after hell had started a war on heaven and the angels were falling fast. The grand council knew something had to be done and quickly. So a meeting was called in order to work out a way of ensuring victory over hell and it's demons

    The first one to arrive at the grand hall was Diathus, the eldest female on the council and a grand mother to all the angels, she was small and thin with large and wise eyes in a long white rode and her silver, not gray, silver hair up in a high bun "we need to get this sorted out, and quickly"