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  1. Oh, welcome my fabulous roleplayers!

    If you're here, I assume you've come to RP in my first ever roleplay on this website, "When Heaven and Hell Collide".

    If you aren't, but are looking to sign-up, kindly follow the link to the Sign-up page. All information regarding Signing up is there. If you're looking for the overview/OOC, Just click /Here/ and you will be transported to a beautiful world of background information for this roleplay.

    If you're lost, Idk man.

    If you've made it this far, then keep reading! There's a few things I would like to go over before we start.

    ✌Some guidelines Yo✌
    1) Bunnying, God-modding, & Powerplaying. Just don't do it. You only need to control your character, not anybody else's .

    2) Childish Behavior. Be nice. This rule is pretty elementary, but there shouldn't be nasty comments to anyone personally. Character drama is fine, but lets all stay friends IRL, 'kay?

    3) Language. I welcome explicit language in any way, shape, or form c; I know people usually include 'just be aware some people might not like it" and that's bullshit to me. Screw 'em! Screw 'em all! Write as graphically as you want!

    4) Getting Dirty. Having sexy times is great and all, but as soon at the underwear goes flying, try to leave out the details, Make it general, whatever you need to do. This is the one thing I'll say be careful of, because I guess there are like four-year-old's on this site or something ???? smh just make sure the bedroom door is locked. After all, this is RP c; *tries not to be a dirty old man*

    Aight we good. I'll just say that I prefer everyone to post only once until everyone has put up their first post. After that, posting will be as free range as an organic chicken *tries to be cute by adding chicken jokes*

    Hunter Brennus

    When you come to the realization of what kind of a situation this was, you could probably understand where poor Hunter was coming from, especially if you knew what kind of a person he was.

    "What the hell is this?" Hunter questioned to himself, even though he clearly knew the unsatisfactory answer. "Total bull, that's what." The voice in his head retaliated, obviously just as annoyed at the situation as he was.

    Hunter currently sat on one of the very, very white couches of his new home, right in front of the people he would soon be calling... house mates? Whatever relationship Hunter was going to have with them, he wanted out. Seven other teenagers added to the island was enough, but having them live with him? No thank you.

    "All right, this is how it's going to go," Boomed a man, maybe in his mid-forties, who wore a grey suit with an expensive watch hanging from the breast-pocket. His hair thinned in to a balding patch, a color that matched his suit. "This will be the house for all of you teens for a while, so get comfy. Schedules and rules are posted in the kitchen. I advise you pay attention to them very closely. No slip-ups."

    Hunter began to sink back in to his seat, slightly intimidated by everything standing in front of him. He was used to the rules of Astra by now, but having to teach a bunch of other kids? Now that's just a big punch in the face.
    The man's face was very rigid, and you could most definitely tell he was not up for any of this. He gave a nod to the teens, then abruptly walked away to the direction of the door. Seconds later the door firmly slammed shut, and Hunter let out a nervous breath. The looks on the teens simply had "dazed" written all over them, so Hunter shifted his position in preparation to speak.

    "Uh, that was Mr. Reilly. He's the mayor, so he runs everything I guess..." Hunter said, not really sure why that information was so important. He dropped his gaze as his cheeks turned a cherry red, and he sank down in to the couch, his cheek against the cushion. His hand quickly dragged through his thick chocolate hair, a bad habit he had picked up himself. His eyes closed, which was an effort to try and reduce the cherry in his cheeks, which really only made it more noticeable. (This action is basically the gif above C:)*


    1) No teenager from Luna can ever go back to their island or see their family.
    Teenagers from Astra are strictly limited to seeing family members for two hours a day. They may only see them when they are not working, or on weekends.

    2) You may never wear black, unless you are in mourning. Mourning for Luna children can only be for seven days.

    3) Work projects are Mandatory. Unless you are sick or hold a certain injury, you are required to participate.

    4) There will be no working on Sunday because it is the day of the Lord. This rule pertains to the entire Island. Saturday's are days off for the teenagers occupying this house.

    5) Anything that involves alcohol or drugs is strictly forbidden. If this rule is broken you will be sent to punishment.

    6) Rewards will vary from person to person. Money will not always be the reward.


    please be up and ready by 10:00.

    Breakfast will be eaten here from 10:00 to 11:00.

    Working will be 11:30 to 01:30.

    A short break from 1:30 till 2:00.

    2:00 to 3:00 you will finish your project and receive a reward.

    3:00 to 7:00 is free time.

    Dinner will be eaten from 7:00 to 8:00.

    Lights out at 11:30.​
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  2. [​IMG]


    Sitting on the strictly Astra side of the couch was a cute young girl with a crimson colored scarf coiled around her neck. She had a pretty face that did not have a single scratch on it's rosy cheeks. Her eyes were sweet and welcoming, decorated by longer eyelashes and thin brows resting above. Her nose was relatively long, yet thin. Just under her nose were her pretty pink lips that were curled into a smile. From the looks of her, she had never faced a hardship in her life. She was a girl who could be an Astra cover model.

    Her name was Ayla. A cute name for a cute girl, or at least that's what her parents said to her when she first asked why she was named Ayla. There was no real reason, they just liked the name. Ayla was fine with this answer when she first heard it.

    Ayla sat with her legs crossed and her hands in her lap. She looked over at each of her fellow Astra, sitting on the same gushy couch as her. Then, she took a glance at each of the teens from the other side of the coin. She made sure not to stare for too long because that would be incredibly rude. Her parents had taught her to never stare at a stranger.

    Ayla was looking forward to making friends. She listened as the man in charge talked, but she did not really pay attention. She had never made friends with someone from the other side, and she really wanted to. She wanted to make lots of memories while she was here and have lots of stories to tell her siblings when she would be getting home eventually. She promised them she would write letters of her tales and then make up a story book for them! They loved hearing her read them stories, especially ones that Ayla wrote herself. One could say that she was a bit of a writer.

    Once the man in charge stopped talking, she looked around at each teenager once more, waiting for someone to break the ice. Someone in fact did, a boy, explaining to the Luna children whom the man talking to them was. She watched as a blush flourished on his face and so she decided that it would be a good idea for her to chip in as well.

    "Mhm he does, but as long as you all follow the rules you won't get into much trouble with him. He may seem scary but he won't bother us." She chirped happily, keeping a welcoming smile on her face.
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  3. [​IMG]

    Simon listened quietly as the mayor spoke, soaking in the information like a sponge. Schedules, rules... It made sense. He liked it when things made sense. What didn't make sense was what he was doing sharing a house with 7 other... Children. He understood it was some sort of relocation program... Or, rather, a rehabilitation program. Life on the island of Luna was quite literally going to hell,
    after all. Though he had gone along with it when given the option to leave, he hadn't expected this. This hadn't been explained.
    Simon didn't like this.

    His lips set in a frown, Simon slowly looked around the room as the mayor left. He focused on the others at first, taking in every individual detail as he looked from one to the next. His eyes paused as Hunter began to speak, shifting in his direction. The comment only caused his frown to further. It was unnecessary information. They already knew who the man was. Why would this boy feel the need to say that? Unless, perhaps, the others did not know. But, that would just be in bad taste... One must always know who is in charge. If you do not know whom you obey, how can you live freely?

    His eyes narrowing as he thought, Simon continued to look around the room they sat in. It was uncomfortably clean. Clean was nice, but very unfamiliar. He could get used to it. As he finished looking around the room and taking a few mental notes about the other tenants of the building, he stood, walking away from the couch to find the kitchen.

    He needed the comfort of rules and schedules.

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  4. FB_IMG_14088458780725662.jpg


    Fay stumbled into the building that he'd soon be living in. He nearly bumped in Mr. Reilly on his way through the door.

    "You're quite late, Mr. Gagliarrdo," Mr. Reilly told him. He wore a stern look upon his face. It wasn't quite the one that a strict father would show, but it still served as an indirect message to tell Fay to attempt to be more disciplined.

    Fay gave a slight bow, an apologetic look over his own face. "My apologies, Mr. Reilly. I know how important this is, but I couldn't come here without preparing something to show the utmost hospitality that Astra has to offer." He lifted up his slender arms, revealing a cup container in each hand. They each contained four drinks - one for each housemate.

    Mr. Reilly let out a very subtle groan and then gave a slight nod. "Very well," he said, then made his way out of the room. "Hunter has already started things off, so ask him for any information you need."

    Fay watched him off, then turned his attention to the room that everyone was to meet in. He slowly entered the room, giving a welcoming smile to each person in the room. He'd had just enough time to change into his service attire, which included a very modest blue suit and a small ribbon tied into a bow around the collar, before he left. "Welcome, everyone," he said. His voice was soft and calm, as someone might speak to a child. He made sure to give each person a short but welcoming look before he lifted his arms to display what he'd brought for them.

    "Only the finest black coffee that the Cherry Blossom Café has to offer, to show the best hospitality our humble home of Astra has to offer. I was unable to bring fixtures, so you'll need to prepare it to your liking in the kitchen," he said as he offered a cup to each person in the room, making sure to move on from anyone that didn't want one. After he'd done so, he made his way to the kitchen.

    One might wonder why he was being so formal, but this was normal of him when around people he was meeting for the first time. He placed the cup containers down upon the counter and took one out. "Hello, sir." He was speaking to Simon, who was already in the kitchen. "Would you like some black coffee? It's the best that the Cherry Blossom Café has available." His eyes were closed, so that he could maintain looking towards him while avoiding the disrespect of staring.
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  5. [​IMG]

    There was a man talking. An old man compared to the other 7 people in the room. There was a home. A clean, big and soon-to-be sweet home. There were boys, more or less her own age and there were a bunch of futile females. Some from the lost land of Luna, some were Astra people. Freya was sitting on a couch, hugging her knees, her left, scarred and almost blind eye was well covered by her hair and her guitar had been brought to her room. Why was she there? Why did the C.A.T. decide to save her? There were so many rescuable people more worthy than her... but now they were no more. C.A.T. decided that she wasn't yet to join her brother. She wasn't but that bunch of bitchies could. Pain broke from her eye forcing her to cover it with a hand, after all she had yet to recover and Luna didn't really have good means of care, especially for wounds like hers.

    There was a boy talking, now, he was saying some pretty obvious things, getting red and smiling innocently. Did he want to bring up her maternal instinct? Well he was largely mistaken. Now a female started talking. that chirping voice stabbing her eye at every word. Freya raised her face just enough to look at her without being noticed: so, disgustingly Astra-like, so female. Someone near her got up he had white hair too and a bit of a strange face... well he WAS from Luna... that was the norm... thank goodness another male sit between Freya and another Luna girl. Oh yes... Luna girls were even worse than Astra ones.

    Someone else got in the room, another from Astra. he was getting coffee to everyone "Only the finest black coffee that the Cherry Blossom Café has to offer, to show the best hospitality our humble home of Astra has to offer. I was unable to bring fixtures, so you'll need to prepare it to your liking in the kitchen." he said. Was she really allowed to get something like that? No... not as long as females could assault her for being ahead of herself. When the guy got nearwith the cup she just declined with her head, not raising it. 'How much will this farce go on? I'm already tired. Brother... here I am... in the world you wanted for me. But it seems I'm too tainted to enter it'
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  6. [​IMG]
    Harriet James

    Harriet tried her hardest to shrink into the blinding white depths of the couch. She was off to a bad start she was, tearing pricked the corners of her eyes and teeth clenched in a nervous grimace.

    Never had she been in such close proximity with others. At her old workplace the people had been sparsely placed and nary a word spoken. But that had been before and now she was required to live with others and it was doing absolutely nothing for her nerves. Harriet hadn't gotten a wink of sleep in the past few days and she was so wound up that she felt about ready to faint.

    She couldn't bare the thought of having to look people in the eye every day and the withheld tears started to trickle down her flustered cheeks. She rubbed violently at her eyes with her sweater, praying to the Lord that nobody saw that. Her consciousness clock was ticking ever closer to twelve and she found herself becoming more and more anxiety ridden.

    She was trying her hardest to calm her erratic breathing and she looked for any excuse to take her mind off the track of her former job so she looked up for the first time since she had arrived. She examined the Astrians through a curtain of pink bangs.

    There was the stunning girl with the scarlet scarf and the blushing boy with the lovely chocolate hair. There was also the other Astrian boy who had appeared late but brought with him coffee and warm hospitality. Harriet's hesitant magenta eyes flickered to the Luna children and tried her hardest to not look away.

    The boy with the long white hair who had abruptly absconded to the kitchen made her nervous. Well more so than anyone else. There was the two Luna girls who, in Harriet's mind, were really quite pretty. She honestly couldn't gauge the last boy but he appeared to be kind. At least she hoped so. When the thought of all of them turning out to be deplorable crossed her mind, she began to hyperventilate again and clung to her last bit of pride by calling out softly to Hunter;

    "Would you like to come look at the schedules with me?" She squeaked on the last part and hid her face mentally berating herself for being such a failure. She picked at the threads of her long white skirt that stopped just above her ankles and floral patterned flats with thin and trembling fingers.

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  7. Ruth

    untitled_by_shilin-d5kia1c - Copy.jpg

    Ruth choose not to sit down on the sofa but has stood next to it.She didn't have plans to get acquainted with anybody anytime soon, for the idea of living with a 'group' bothered her a lot.Although she looked very unintreseted
    she listened to the man in charge as he spoke to them.

    Even if she didn't like being grouped with others this place was the only place left for her really.The place she once called home, the people she considered family are all gone now.Its not like she had anything to miss back in luna.

    As the man in charge spoke, she listened to him attentively although she looked uninterested.She thought getting in trouble here will be quiet..troublesome and figured she should get the rules down at the very least.Plus Ruth didn't like being wrong- she didn't want to be put in a situation in which someone criticized her action or corrected them.

    After the man left, she took a quick glance at the others- she thought she should at least know how many where there.Her eyes stopped as she observed a girl with pink hair , she thought that girl behaved oddly.She then shock her head slightly as she sighted.

    'They can be as weird and mess up as they want-it has nothing to do with me' Rush thought to herself as she too headed to the kitchen after the boy with white hair.She stood besides him looking at the rules and regulations.
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  8. [​IMG]

    Hunter's ears suddenly perked up when he heard the tinkle of a feminine voice, a relief to his ears.
    He knew it was that lovely girl, Harriet, he saw around town a lot. The island wasn't too big, so it was definitely not a surprise to see a teen he knew staying here. In fact, all of the Astra teens seemed familiar in some way. His eyes followed up to the petite pink-haired girl, a 1sweet smile cascading across his face.

    "O-of course. it would be good to know what the plans are for this, uh, arrangement."
    Hunter spit out, struggling to find words that fit this entire ordeal. He steadily rose above the couch, walking towards Harriet rather quickly. He outstretched an arm to her, offering a hold so the girl could stand up.

    Hunter still felt weird. He felt like everyone was looking at him, like they were judging him for being painfully awkward. He had most definitely received the daggers the white-haired boy had sent him. And he knew that what he had said earlier had already put other people's perspectives of Hunter in to their mind's. He honestly didn't want to be here, and that could be for a number of reasons. These Luna kids could have all possibly been around at the time Hunter was born, and they had managed to survived that place. But they had lost everything just as Hunter had, only their situation was worse. They remember everything. Their whole lives had just crashed down, as apposed to Hunter's situation where he was a small child who still had a chance.

    The fact of the matter is, Hunter felt guilty. Guilty for him being the one who got saved, when in reality, there wereother kids. One's who needed it just as much as he did.
    Thoughts aside, Hunter continued to outstretch his arm. With all the right moves, he could get in and out of this easily.

    well, he at least hoped he could.
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  9. [​IMG]

    Simon ignored the voice speaking to him, at first, still engraving each of the rules into his mind. Some annoyed him, but he wasn't one to speak against. Only once he was done did he turn towards the blonde man that had spoken to him. He didn't recognize this one. He must be the 8th child who had been missing from the room during the meeting.

    "Do not call me 'sir.' I am nothing. As are you and every other child in this house."
    He spoke simply in a monotone voice, void of emotion.
    "I do not want it. Why would I accept a beverage from a stranger? As far as I am aware, it is a cup of poison."
    He added, pausing to take a few mental notes about the newcomer, looking over him a few times before moving to leave the kitchen and find where he would be sleeping.

    From his understanding, they would each have their own room. That was a good thing. He would have a place to keep to himself in his free time. He already knew he would grow to detest each one of his new 'housemates.'

    Especially the other Luna children.

    It wouldn't be right to hate the Astra children for their behaviors.
    After all, their naivety was simply a product of their growing up. Perhaps they would learn better, given proper example.

    The children of Luna had been expected to know better.
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  10. [​IMG]

    Fay watched in surprise as Simon refused his offer and referred to him in such an ill manner. His facial expression calmed itself, however, as Simon left the room. He let out a sigh and smiled to himself. 'It's to be expected...' he thought to himself, knowing full well what the Luna children gone through. 'It's not an easy thing to cope with.'

    He placed the rejected cup down on the counter and looked at the girl who was left in the kitchen. She seemed to be quite apathetic about things, as he gathered from her posture and facial expressions. He turned around towards the counter and grabbed the sugar and creamer. "Would you like some coffee? I can fix it up for you if you'd like." He looked towards her with a welcoming smile, trying his best to show that he was friendly.

    He knew it might be a bit hard for them to assimilate. This was something entirely new for them, after all. It was to be expected that they'd be a bit unsocial at their first meeting. All that the Astra children could do was to continue offering them their support and hospitality. They wouldn't be able to hold their hands forever though. They'd have to become independent in their new home sooner or later. Fay promised himself that he'd guide them through it no matter how long it took.

    After all, he wanted them to develop the positive outlook that was his facade. They didn't need to live with his thoughts in their minds. If they could learn to adapt to the culture and live happy lives... That's what he wanted for them. All of them.
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  11. Ruth watched Simon and Fay interact together.She was about to laugh seeing how Simon rejected fays offer so bluntly; but she bite her lips and held it in.She also saw how he observed fay as if scanning him- that made her think she best be careful around Simon ; he is not easy.

    Part of ruth thought people fro Astra are just way to happy go lucky which seemed pretty silly to her.Just to prove her right, Fay had turned to her offing her a drink.The welcoming smile on his face somehow made it worst for Ruth ; she felt like dealing with fay would need a lot of unnecessary effort.Nevertheless ,she did not want to leave him with a bad note about her.

    "No, thanks.I don't drink coffee" she said. That was a lie, she just did not want to reject his offer or accept it as a matter of fact.She said that answer hoping it will keep things neutral between her and fay.

    She then held her hands behind her back walking backwards out of the kitchen as she kept an eye on fays reaction.
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  12. [​IMG]

    Ayla kept quiet and smiling as everyone started to branch off from their couch meeting. The one who was late was giving out coffee, so Ayla took one out of politeness. Ayla was not a big coffee drinker herself, but her mother was and her mother used to give her the occasional sip out of her routine morning beverage. Ayla knew one thing about coffee, and that was that she did not like it black. So, after she took a sip of the warm straight coffee, a look of slight bitterness flashed across her face before she could regain composure. She wanted to ask the boy who gave it out for some sugar or something, but he had gone into another room. Ayla decided she would have to find some herself. She wanted to go to the kitchen anyways, so she decided to go there.

    There were a few other teens in the room already. They were chatting, a bit rudely to each other but still talking. This made Ayla smile. More than anything, she wanted to become friends with all of the other teens in the room. A few of the Astras she was familiar with, but none of them did she know very closely. Ayla glanced at the list of rules and the list of times for a moment. Listed there was nothing she did not already know. She took a glance at all of the people and interactions going on in the room, and then she moved to another corner of the kitchen. She opened a few drawers, looking until she found what she needed. She took out a big tub of sugar once she found it, and started pouring a scary amount into her coffee so that it would go from black to a light cream color. Speaking of cream, she thought that cream in her coffee would be nice too. She would look for that after she was done with the sugar.​
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  13. Ruth went to her room upstairs; being alone now would help her settle in faster.She read her name written on a plate on the door- opening the door slowly she looked inside.Her room design was pretty simple- which was perfect for her.She was never a fan of fancy things and would consider too much styling over doing it.

    she sat down on the bed taking a look around the room. She thought about the schedule set for her and all the others. Rush didn't exactly like the idea of someone deciding how her day goes by exactly but she couldn't complain really-after all they ARE giving her a place to stay in when she has no other.

    Ruth being a huge video games fan, thought that she would spend her first pay check on video games so they would help her coop with everything.Video games were truly her escape from reality- it was the place where she could not over think things like she always does.
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  14. Freya started to ignore the pain. She was used to do it and wanted to avoid the others as much as possible but she couldn't if some troublesome Astra-person got all emotional about helping her. That meant she was to go in her room quikly. She got up without making a sound and hoping to be ignored on the background, she went toward their schedules, even if it meant to be near some females. She looked at it 'It's pretty free... My life was so much busier in Luna' wait... was she really starting to think that could be called life? She made sure to remember everything before going back.

    There were people in the kitchen, people she had to live and bear with for an indefinite amount of time, a Luna boy was just being rude with the Coffee boy and strange stupid women were wandering in the room. 'Will I be able to get through it? Everything I touch seems to go wrong' she smiled sadly, standing before the rules and schedules 'Will it go smoothly if I just stick to this paper? Is it all it takes?'. Freya looked at the schedules again noticing the longer interval, touching with a finger "Work?" she asked before she could stop her tongue. There went her great plan of not being noticed.
  15. Fay

    Fay was caught off guard with Ayla coming into the kitchen. He was a bit amazed at how much sugar she was using. 'Someone seems to like sweet things,' he thought to himself with a slight chuckle. He grabbed the creamer container and placed it next to her with a smile. "Don't use too much. The last thing we want is for someone to get a caffeine rush on the first day." He continued smiling as he said this, before putting the rest of the fixtures away.

    He was just about to go check on the rest of them when he saw a certain short, Luna girl enter the kitchen. She was making her way over to the schedule, and seemed to be looking at it quite curiously. She mentioned something about work, and Fay since a bit of confusion in her words. Wanting to be helpful, he walked over besides and and knelt down towards the schedule in an attempt to accompany for her height.

    "Have you ever worked before?" he asked politely. He held that same smile he had on when he walked in. "It won't be anything hard. After all, it is only your first day here. I'm sure they'll find something simple for you all to do." He looked over the schedule again and held his own curious look. "I wonder if I'll still be able to aid my sister at the café... Her name is Saori. Maybe you two can be friends."

    He knew this was expecting a bit much of them, but introducing people to them would be progress towards helping them fit in more and feel more comfortable. His sister was a cheerful, young girl that loved life and living it with others. She'd try her hardest to befriend Freya when they finally met. "Anyway, as I mentioned before, the work will be simple. You can even ask Kayla here." He motioned towards Ayla. "She seems to be quite friendly and helpful with things. She reminds me of a certain someone," he said with a slight laugh, referencing his younger sister, who also liked really sweet coffee.
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  16. [​IMG]

    Soon finding the room with his name on the door, Simon gripped the doorknob, turning it and pushing it open. He paused at the doorway for a few seconds to make sure there were no sort of traps set for Luna children, then stepping into the room and looking around. It seemed simple enough. A large bed, a bookshelf, a dresser, a large window, a desk... Simon took his time walking around, looking over over everything in curiosity. He'd never actually had a room of his own, before. He grimaced a bit as he looked out the window, quickly closing the blinds. The outside was far too bright in Astra for his liking. He then continued looking around, examining each corner and surface for hidden cameras. One thing he would not deal with. Satisfied at finding none elsewhere, he knelt by the bed, looking underneath. Nothing there, either.

    Content with his own room, Simon went back for the door to leave, deciding to familiarize himself with the rooms of all the other children, while the most of them were busy chatting. It was important to know every inch of your surroundings, and he probably wouldn't have another chance soon enough. That in mind, he invited himself into the room closest to his own to begin looking around.
  17. [​IMG]

    Ayla kept on pouring the sugar until she felt it was suffice. It was an undertone to say that someone could develop diabetes after just one sip of her candy coffee. It was not finished, however. Just as Ayla was about to start looking for coffee, their cafe worker sat some cream down next to her. She smiled sweetly, glad that he kept her from the search.

    "Thank you! I'll be sure not to use to much." She said with a slight giggle. That was how she usually talked, a peppy statement with a slight giggle afterwards. Her roommates would have to get used to it if they all were to get along. She then took the cream and poured a bit, her coffee was almost white at this point. Once she was done, she set it down and took a sip of her drink. I'd call it coffee again, but really it's just coffee flavored cream at this point. Her sip is long and quiet. Then she is thoughtful, before she smiles and nods at it. It is to her liking. Ayla has always liked her coffee really sweet. Her siblings all like their coffee sweet too. Her parents always got a little mad at this, but it's not like Ayla and her siblings drank it all the time. Once in a while never hurt much. Other than coffee, Ayla liked most things sweet.

    While she was drinking and enjoying her sweet coffee, Fay gestured to her about helping Freya at work. Ayla looked over at the girl with a smile.

    "I'd love to help!" She started, cheerfully. "Helping you guys is what we Astras are here for, right? I would love to help you with your jobs!" She finished with her signature giggle.​
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  18. The blond Astra guy walked toward her and lowered to match her height, that was rather rude, did he thought she was just a child? He asked if she had ever worked 'Supposedly longer than you' she thought rising her gaze. He was smiling. Was it an Astra custom to always smile? "I'm not a child, you don't have to lower to my height." she said in a monotone voice. He added that work was to be simple for them. 'Figures. They're pitying us poor Luna children'. He then wondered if he could still work with his sister "I doubt it. The rules forbid it as you'd be with your family for more than two hours AND during work." she added in a cold tone.

    The girl turned away from him with her long bangs facing the guy as she walked toward the stairs to reach her room: had he tried to do something, she most likely wouldn't have seen it coming. "Oh..." she said stopping with a feet on a step and a hand on the handrail, glancing back with hate blazing in her red eye and disgust overflowing in her words "... if that's true, I'll make sure not to get near them. Foolishness is contagious. Giggling won't always win you everyone's favor, Missy" she stressed the last world as she spit it out as poison before giggling herself. Her giggle though was so different from Ayla's. It felt so... empty.

    Once upstairs she searched for her room. Her name plate was shining on the door opposite the one the white haired boy was about to open. She ignored it. She didn't really need to know their names. Nor she wanted to. Freya smirked and opened her door, closing it with a push from her feet. No rule compelled them to get along as best buddies. The girl found herself in a room. A real room. Not some strange looking shelter she had to fight to earn. She had an actual room where rain wouldn't pour in and didn't have to share it with rats or worse. Everything was white, including furniture which she never had, a mirror, a bed and on it waited her guitar. His brother's memento. He had sacrificed a lot to buy it to her in order to keep her hands clean in a world like Luna. He was so... Astra... well, a sort of tainted version of an Astra, who strived to bring them both toward a false light. Of course he failed. There was no light in Luna. She too tried to strive for light but every time she failed her eyes grew colder, her heart closed a bit. She wasn't meant for light. She was a monster born in Luna, she brought misfortune upon her island. And now there she was. In Astra. "What a beautiful cage Master Fate reserved me."
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  19. Fay

    Fay was taken even more aback by how sudden and rudely Freya had declined his request, and even her remarks towards Ayla. After she'd left the room, he let out a sigh. Of course. They couldn't expect people who'd just lost their families and homes to be very welcoming of the situation. Would he have reacted any differently? He couldn't tell.

    He turned towards Ayla. "Don't mind her. It takes a while to truly understand what they're going through. I'm sure there aren't truly any hard feelings towards us. It's to be expected." Seeing she was done with the sugar and cream, he picked up the containers and put them away, then looked at the schedule again.

    'There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with me checking on the café, so long as I stay within my time limits. I'd like to give one of our new housemates the experience of working there though... I'm sure they'd love it if they were able to experience the happy and cheerful nature that surrounds it.'

    He stood away from the schedule and looked at Ayla. "Would you mind helping me? I want to create a pleasant experience for them so they can have more positive feelings towards living here more quickly. I'd rather that not view it as a trap, surrounded by people that don't seem to understand their pain." He looked in the living room for a slight second, towards Hunter. "Though one of us may be able to relate to them more than anyone else."
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  20. [​IMG]

    Ayla, like Fay, was taken back a bit by Freya's response to her offer. Ayla did really want to make friends right away. She was somewhat familiar with all of the Astra children, but not with any of the Luna children. She had hoped that Freya would be Ayla's first Luna friend! She still hoped so, one comment would not scare Ayla away. Ayla was determined to make the most of her time here. Ayla pondered on Freya's comment for a moment and then listened as Fay caught her attention. She smiled sweetly as she saw that his intentions for the Luna children were like hers. They both wanted them to have a good time here in Astra land.

    "I want them to have a good time here too!" She said with a bright smile. Ayla had always been very happy and passionate. "I want to be able to become friends with all of them, and I want them to feel safe and have a good time. I know they said that this was kind of like a community service project, but I think this is more than that. I want to make lots of life time friends!" She ended with her signature giggle, but could not help but cover her mouth when she did. Freya's last comment was still in her mind.

    "But...maybe to do that I'll have to hold back on giggling. Anything to make them happy though! Not just them, but everyone! I'm determined."​
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