When fantasy comes out of your PC screen [MxF, possible group]

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  1. The setting takes place in a modern world like ours. My character Rion Lionheart is a young stud who live alone and enjoys playing RPG games. One day a stranger he met online link him to a new but unknown game. Accepting the challenge, Rion makes a character and starts playing. He almost win it, but then something happens. The final boss escape the game. Rion's female companion(s) have no choice but to follow the Demon Lord into the real world, for if he is not stopped will he destroy both worlds. While the Demon Lords location is unknown, do the girl(s) enter our world via Rion's PC screen. He will have to guide and help, if the Demon Lord is to be stopped.

    So, that's pretty much the action heavy idea. It could also be a more 'peaceful' setting where Rion's companion somehow randomly ends up in his room. I'm hoping for a story with a lot of smut, or at least 35-50% smut to keep it fun. If there is interest for it am I also open to have it a group RP, where more than one female companion is sent into the real world.

    Quick requirement:
    • I write at least a paragraph. It would be nice if you did the same.
    • If you're out of town let me know. No one likes a poofer.
    • I will mostly be taking the lead story wise, but I love sharing.

    Ideas for females (open)
    Like the idea, but not sure what to play? Here's a list of possible fantasy girls. You're welcome to change one to your own liking too.

    The proud Knight.
    This girl comes from a noble family and have defeated more monsters than she can count. However, when she meet our modern world she's thrown off her high horse. She might cling to Rion and offer more than her just her sword and protection.

    The Succubus.
    One might think our modern world would be perfect for a Succubus, but this one is not used to our modern lifestyle. She will need more than guidance from Rion to survive.

    The Neko.
    Perhaps she isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer, but what she lack in skills she make up for in cuteness.

    I am fairly open to any other kind of mythical monster girls. Even furry is welcome if that's more your thing.

    Character sheet:
    Description(Picture prefered):
    Small background:
    Any powers that might have been carried over?:
    Would you be interested in a group RP?:

    Post your sheet and/or questions here.
  2. Name: Eericka, (Ay-er-reek-a)
    Age: 19
    Description: Neko Rogue (picture to come.)
    Small background: Born in the basement of a slum she grew in a world not caring much for her kind, seen as useless or sneaky the neko kind usually end up resorting to thievery to survive. At the age of five she had already joined the thieves guild, using her cute looks to get her more places, often hiding her ears and tail to portray herself as a human child. At fifteen she was a lieutenant of the guild, commanding others despite her slightly ditzy nature. She ended up following the daemon lord, doing her best to subvert him, not for the good of the realm but for the shinies guaranteed.
    Personality: Sweet yet fickle, not the brightest candle but by far not the dimmest either.
    Powers: Nothing out of the ordinary or magical. Able to see better in the dark, unnaturally quiet, quick, and lithe.
    Group: Sure!
Thread Status:
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