When do You start the Christmas Season?

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  1. Some wait til Nov 12 (after Remembrance Day), some wait til December 1st, but everyone is different

    I put up decorations and 'start' Christmas on the 10th, the day after my Birthday. Being a December Baby, Christmas takes up enough of your special day WITHOUT decorations and holiday-themed gifts; mom was always careful to make sure the 9th was not Christmas time, it was Natalie time, and I've always appreciated that.

    When do you start Christmas?
  2. Usually after Thanksgiving. It's always been traditional for my family to put up the tree the night of turkey day, or the day after it we're too tired. I'd like to do the same here with my little boy and my SO. I get so eager to shop for decorations, start planning what to buy for presents, all that good stuff! My 'Christmas' is the Solstice, though. I know the holiday is commercialized, but it's supposed to be a Christian celebration. Since I am not Christian, I prefer to have my gift exchanges, awesome dinner, etc. on Winter Solstice. :3
  3. I start Christmas when it ends.

    Bah humbug.
  4. I try to wait until after the first of December to decorate, with the exception of my Advent wreath which gets set up four weeks before Christmas Eve.
  5. I set up the day after Thanksgiving! :D That's when I'd set up with my grandmother in the nonpsycho days.
  6. As
    As a Canuck , this confused me at first; our Thanksgiving has been and gone
  7. Oh, that's right, y'all's Thanksgivin' is a different day. Ours is coming up on November 28th, it's always the last Thursday of November. :3
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  8. I have a friend who keeps his tree and lights up all year long. On Thanksgiving, he moves the tree and plugs everything in. TA-DA!

    Me? It depends on what's going on, but it's safe to say that it's usually a week or two after Thanksgiving.
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  9. I forbid all decorations and Christmas music until after Santa has gone by in the Macy's parade.

    This year we're doing Yule for us and Christmas with the family, so it is going to be busy. Sadly can't afford any new decorations but maybe we'll add to the wish chain.
  10. I also am broke and without much decoration, if you want I can message you some stuff you can make from stuff around the house for $0-$5!
  11. That'd be much appreciated.
  12. I restrain myself until after thanksgiving. At least as far as decorations and music are concerned. I'm making some complicated gifts this year so I've been working on them for about a month but other than that I think it's better to let each holiday have it's time instead of trampling one for the other.
  13. In the Philippines, sometimes it feels like everyone's just skipping Halloween altogether and go straight to Christmas. ._.

    In Hong Kong, that's not the case. =w= I'd say around mid-November, it starts to feel christmas-y.
  14. I start on the 1st of December.

    And throw heavy objects at the people who don't.
  15. On 5-th of December, when getting my boots ready for Saint Nicholas' visit. With him, the winter holidays start. They end on 7-th of January, after Saint John's feast.
  16. December 25 at 12am.........

  17. No decorations, no tree, I find a log and burn it on the yule, last year I did it on my own but this year I'll be making yule tiddings with good friends.

    A merry Christmas all the same.

    Plus the fire keeps me warm in the cold air and I love being outside as much aspossible, couldn't ask for more. Thank you nature...and physics. Lol
  18. December. Somewhere in the first week after Kehv's birthday.

    We usually celebrate Yule here at the Tribs and Kehvarl household. Christmas with the family (though none of them are Christian, I think) and Yule for us though we aren't really Yule-people either. It's just sorta generic winter holiday of take your choosing.

    This year is different though. This year I'd like to do Hogswatch. If you're a Pratchett fan, you'll understand.

    I want to have the friends over and make everyone watch the movie with us and eat tasty things and in general make a day of it. It sounds fun and it's a good introduction to the Discworld movies (what few of them there are). I really need to reread the book to see if there is anything very specific I can't recall.