When Dark and Light Meet

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  1. Tessa was a practiniar in Light Magic, otherwise known as Light Magic, as was her entire family line. She practiced in healing and protective spells and gained her power by age and experiance, along with more practice. As there were Light Magic, there was Dark Magic, which was far more dangerous then Light. She had made the decision to never meet a Dark Magic user or Caster for that matter, as they were evil and cunning in it. That and who knows what they would do for more power. Ligh Magic users like herself often got killed for their power or had their power stolen by a Dark Magic user. Tessa had placed many protective wards around herself and her mind for those reasons. She walked the market, looking at various goods and clothing, enjoying the warm weather.
  2. Michael had been walking through the market for some time now, he'd been trying to find some poor unsuspecting person that he could use his dark magic on. He was just bored, he'd nothing better to do and thought that pulling some wicked magic pranks would cheer him up. Normally he wouldn't bother wasting his powers on such trivial things, the only reason he bothered was so that he had something to pass the time before he would go and meet up with some of his fellow dark magic users. So until then he continued to stalk the ailses looking for that perfect target completely unaware of what was going on around him.
  3. Tessa had just finished paying for some healing herbs to make an oinment with when she turned and bumped into Micheal. "I'm sorry." She said quickly, stepping back from him. She didn't notice him, as preocuppied as she was with her purchase. Tessa had wavy black hair that went past her shoulders and sparkling blue eyes with tanned skin from spending hours out in the sun in her garden filled with healing herbs and plants.
  4. Michael stumbled backwards trying to regain his balance, he was about to yell at who ever it was that dared bump into him like that. But when he turned to them he saw that it was a girl and a beautiful one at that, she seemed to be about the same age as him. He quickly looked down trying not to stare, "No it was my fault I wasn't paying attention." he glanced back up at her she was stunning, her hair was a brilliant black, eyes a deep blue hue. He turned his head away again, but this time he watched her out of the corner of his eyes. She seemed to have bought several types of herbs....wierd, but he wasn't exactly normal himself. His hair was dyed an unnatural redish color and wore a black t-shirt with one of his favorite rock bands logo on it, he tried to introduce himself "Um...my is name Michael. What's yours?" he asked. This was just embarrasing he was a powerful magic user and yet he could barely talk to a cute girl, pathetic.
  5. She looked him over before answering, "Tessa." She said, offering him a friendly smile, knowing her protective wards would do their job. Being another magic user, she could sense he was one too, but she didn't say anything about it, not wanting to give away the fact that she was also one.
  6. "Tessa? That's a nice name." He tried thinking of something else to say but nothing came to mind, he looked over the herbs she had bought again. "That's an intresting collection of herbs you got there, anything in particular you plan on doing?" He cursed himself for not coming up with something better to talk about, he knew a lot about herbs but never really used them. It had just been another part of his training growing up he only knew of a few types, and that if mixed in the right order could make either a deadly poison or a sleeping remedy to knock out an opponent. Other than that he really had no use for them dark users mainly focused on their actual powers if they needed anything, hardly any dark user bothered with herbs after training.
  7. She looked fondly at her herbs. "Yes aren't they?" She breathed, smiling at them. She pointed at them and named each one. "I make healing remedies and ointments with them." She said proudly. The market was quite busy at this time of day, people buying goods and other things that they needed.
  8. "Healing remedies huh?" He looked over the herbs recognizing a few of them, "Can't say I've heard of too many people being able to do that." he looked around real quick, the store seemed to be getting crowded now. He turned back to Tessa "Hey you wanna continue this conversation somewhere less crowded?" he really liked the girl she seemed alright a little too innocent for him, but he could probably turned that around if he tried.
  9. "Why are you afraid someone might evesdrop on us?" She asked in a joking tone, leaving the crowd with him, holding onto her herbs carefully as if they were a child.
  10. "No no, I just don't like crowded spaces too much." They walked outside the store before continuing their conversation, only one problem....by the time they were outside he'd run out of things to talk about now. He definitely wasn't going back to herbs oh god no, maybe he should just go ahead and ask her out. he would give it a shot, "So um...I was wondering....if your not busy maybe you would like to hang out?"
  11. She smiled again, flashing her pearly whites at him. "Sure. However I must be going home tonight and take care of these herbs. Perhaps tomorrow? We could meet up here again if you'd like." She said, tucking a loose strand of black hair behind her ear.
  12. "Sure that'd be great!" he exclaimed, he thought about walking her home but decided not as it would be too wierd for both of them. "So I'll see ya tomorrow then?" he asked making sure he hadn't miss heard her.
  13. She laughed. "Yes." She nodded and started making her way down the dirt road.
    Once home, she went into her room where her workstand was, setting the dried herbs down on the table neatly and started to work, humming to herself.
  14. Michael waited till Tessa was out of sight, "Now where was I?" he tunred back towards the store going back to find someone he could terrorize for a bit while he waited for his fellow dark casters to show up. Tessa seemed nice he couldn't wait to see her again, "oh there's a nice one." he said picking out his target.
  15. The next morning she went out as she had said she would, waiting for Micheal. She wondered about him. She had recharged her protective wards around her that would stop magical attacks and oncoming objects within three feet. She was quite powerful, having worked at gaining more power. She had taken her palimino horse, Biscut with her and was sitting proudly in the sattle as she waited for him. Sure she was showing off a bit but why not? Biscut tossed her head and pawed impatiently at the ground. Tessa scratched her horses neck to calm her.
  16. "Wow" Michael said as he walked around the corner, "I can honestly say that I wasn't expecting this." he was awe struck by the sight of her and the horse, he approached the beast slowly trying not to scare it. Who ever Tessa was she was definitely something special alright, and what he'd give to make her his.
  17. She giggled when she hopped off of Biscut. "Well, that was the idea." She said, smiling. She patted Biscut's neck, holding on the reins. "Would you like to pet her?" She asked him. He didn't really seem like a horse guy, but she offered to be polite. Biscut looked at him with liquid brown eyes and nudged him, sniffing him curiously.
  18. Michael reached out with his hand hesitantly, he really didn't like animals especially large ones they creeped him out. But he didn't want to upset Tessa so he went ahead and started petting the horses snout. This was already turning out to be a memorable day indeed.
  19. Tessa smiled as she watched him pet Biscut's snout. "Have you ever rode a horse?" She asked suddenly, her blue eyes brightening.
  20. "Never" Michael said turing around to Tessa, he really hoped she wasn't trying to persuade him to give it a try. If there was one thing he could live without it would be that.