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  1. Hello! If you've seen any of my previous posts, you'll know that I really love CanonxOC. Now so far, I haven't gotten any role plays that are like that (except one that was dropped but there was no plot and it went downhill fast). Now, I'm desperate and that's because my wonderful boyfriend decided to get me hooked on Portal and the Assassin's Creed series.

    PLEASE NOTE: While this post is under "elementary", I range from elementary-intermediate. That's not to say lower levels can't role play with me, it's simply a warning for more advanced role players. This year marks 4 years that I've been role playing. If I don't sound like your cup of tea, you can move on and I apologize for not meeting your expectations.

    • While the topic of self-harm isn't bothersome to me, if it gets very very graphic and descriptive you could end up triggering me. So if you're nervous about that, don't go into detail or just stay away from it altogether. The same thing applies to suicide.
    • CanonxOC only please! (Doubling is accepted and encouraged)
    • I'm willing to talk OOC and this also means that you can absolutely ask for my Skype if you'd like it.
    • Yuri (girlxgirl) or het only! I'm just not really crazy about yaoi.
    • Please try to keep your responses to a maximum of 4 paragraphs as even 4 seems to overwhelm me
    • If I'm doing something you don't like or that you're not comfortable with, please tell me! One of my goals for role playing is for my partner to enjoy it just as much as you do.
    • If we have the same love interest, note that the ones written are just the preferred ones. If you have the same love interest, I am 100% willing to change it. Just ask me!

    Love Interests
    Portal (1 and 2)

    Assassin's Creed (I and II)
    (Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad)

    Possible Plots

    Female Rights (Assassin's Creed) (open)
    "Women cannot be assassins!" Our job is to change that sterotype and prove that women are stronger than men believe. However, this will also change the future for women and if it affects one gender, it must have affect on the other. Whether it's for the good or for the bad? We'll have to wait and see.

    She never died (Portal) (open)
    GLaDOS was believed to have been killed by Chell in the very first game. However, in an alternate universe, she never really died. She simply was shut off and transferred over to a backup android. The facility was found by someone a little too curious and when GLaDOS was spotted, she was immediately dragged away and out to the real world. She was tested by several scientists and when she finally broke free, having lost trust for most people, she was found by someone ready to return her to where she belonged...But what's the catch...? (Obviously this is a MAJOR AU type plot)

    If you have any different ideas, please let me know and we'll discuss them! Happy roleplaying!​
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.